What Software Development Stack to Build on in 2022?by@eugenia-kuzmenko
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What Software Development Stack to Build on in 2022?

by Evgenia KuzmenkoJanuary 16th, 2022
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It’s impossible for teams to make the most out of their development effort without the right tools. Here is the best software development stack for 2022.

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App development needs the application of a number of different technologies or stacks. And with the web and mobile app market expanding every day, the question of which stack is best for app development is constantly a topic of discussion.

While there is no available data showing the number of development stacks available, a Wikipedia entry estimates the total number of programming languages to be above 700; another source claims that there are over 8000 coding languages. With this, developers would have a hard time deciding on which tech stack to adopt.

When developing a new application, it's fundamental to use a uniform, defined software stack. Using a set of tools that are meant to operate together to build your backend cuts down on development time and simplifies resources. And as a developer, you are responsible for selecting the best stack for stability, efficiency, and adaptability.

Importantly, no development stack is outrightly better than the other; some are older but more experienced, while others are more recent yet equally capable. The final decision should be based on your needs, available resources, and which you find more convenient.

We have made a list of the top software development technologies in 2021, and it would help guide you to make the right choice.


MEAN is a term that refers to a group of JavaScript elements that are used to create web programs. The MEAN stack comprises four important architectures. They are as follows:

1.    MongoDB: serves as the database

2.    Express.js: backend architecture

3.    Angular.js: frontend architecture

4.    NodeJS: Cross-platform server

Collaboratively, these four elements represent a full-stack development toolset for building fast, dependable web apps.

In recent times MEAN is increasingly becoming a developers' favorite because of the numerous benefits and, particularly, its affiliation to JavaScript. JavaScript has always been a widely-used frontend web development language because it is adaptable, dynamic, and simple to use. So having a complete development stack that is based on the JavaScript language would attract wide adoption.

Why you should consider MEAN

  • All the components operate in the same language eliminating the need to engage many professionals across different tech languages.
  • The uniformity of language also eliminates the tedious task of reinventing or writing new lines of code.
  • The stack comes with its own web server, making it easy to set up and a great choice for cloud hosting.
  • MEAN stack is open-source, and its development is supported by a large and active community of expert engineers.


MERN is a commonly Used JavaScript stack that is utilized in the development process. MERN Stack is a collection of cutting-edge technologies for building high-end web apps. These apps are built with a variety of architectures, databases, libraries, and other tools. MERN is essentially identical to MEAN, with the exception that Angular.js is replaced with React. The MEAN stack utilizes Angular to create frontend web apps, whereas the MERN stack employs React.

Like MEAN, the MERN stack comprises four important architecture; they are as follows:

1.    MongoDB: serves as the database

2.    Express.js: backend architecture

3.    REACT: a library or creating frontend interface

4.    NodeJS: Cross-platform server

The inclusion of React, its robust library resource, and its ability to employ codes concurrently on servers and browsers and its full-stack development (frontend and backend) capabilities are the most significant advantages of utilizing MERN.

Why you should consider MERN

  • An expert community backs MERN
  • The four components are interoperable and operate using the JavaScript language.
  • React provides a robust and resourceful library that makes full-stack development easy.

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

RoR is a development framework or stack that is based on the Ruby programming language.

Its primary goal is to make the development of web applications easier. It accomplishes this by establishing a preset architecture for your program, database and pages.

The Ruby on Rails development stack facilitates the creation of lightweight, flexible apps. Ruby on Rails uses HTML, CSS, and JS to create dynamic user interfaces and XML or JSON for data transport.

Some developers prefer the RoR stack because it presents a comprehensive error report, allowing developers to construct bug-free programs. It also has the advantage of allowing each object to achieve its own distinct attributes while working collaboratively with third-party apps.

Why you should consider Ruby on Rails

  • The availability of comprehensive and resourceful libraries
  • RoR libraries are easy to access and implement
  • Helps to reduce development time by allowing developers access to the work of other experts that are accessible. With this, you may not need to build from scratch to replicate or modify other codes that you find useful.


LAMP is notable for its accessibility and free backend development methodology. It includes the Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP. Collaboratively, they provide an established development stack for creating efficient web programs. Every component adds value to the stack by providing the following functionalities:

1.    Linux: an open-source operating system that has greater customizable options and flexibility than most other alternatives.

2.    Apache webserver: executes requests allowing anyone in the public domain to access the program using a simple web URL.

3.    MySQL database: stores and manages application data.

4.    PHP: the programming language used. It works well with Apache. Developers can also utilize Python and Perl as alternatives to PHP.

Why you should consider LAMP

·    LAMP is freely accessible and has a great collection of tools and resources

·    It is supported by a large community of expert engineers.

·    It is one of the oldest tech stacks and, as such, has proven to be efficient

·    It is adaptable, and it works well with active web pages that need to be refreshed regularly.


Flutter is an open-source app development platform for Android, iOS, and Windows. Flutter allows you to build apps using a single codebase. It is used with the Dart development language. It makes it easier to create cross-platform apps.

Although Flutter is still quite new with limited resources, its features make the development process seamless and fast.

Why you should consider Flutter

  • Flutter-based apps are compatible with both Android and iOS, which means less time and effort are required to develop.
  • The Flutter stack addresses most of the flaws of previous stacks, making it a great alternative.


MEVN is an open-source JavaScript framework that has emerged as a new technique to create sophisticated and advanced web programs. MEVN also has similarities to the MEAN tech stack, with the exception of Angular.js. Vue.js. Replaces Angular in MEVN.

MEVN can be used to create a wide range of applications. Vue.js also has a lot of useful features that you may leverage with third-party apps.

MEVN comprises of other components like:

1.    MongoDB

2.    Express.js

3.    Vue.js.

4.    NodeJS.

Other notable mentions that have been used in 2021 include

·    Meteor.js

·    Django


Still reading this article? It’s mean that u are really a tech geek in a good sense. So I think u will be interesting in an article I wrote recently “Business Innovation and Tech Tools That Will Be Popular in 2022” It can be difficult to choose a suitable technology stack for your development project. You might have a better concept of choosing the right tools and technology for your project based on your objectives. Every development project has its unique requirements, which may be addressed better by a particular stack. In the end, you decide which suits your project better based on what you intend to design.