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5 Ways to Unlock an Automatic Car Door Without the Key

by HackerNoon DIYJune 21st, 2023
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1. Unlock your car with a smartphone 2. Use an air wedge and a pick tool or rod 3. Use a string, or plastic strap (jim rim) 4. Try the hatch or boot 5. Unlock your car door with a wiper
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How do you unlock your automatic car with the key stuck inside? It is such an annoying feeling that is mixed with panic, especially if that is your first time. You quickly search to see whether it is possible to open your car without the remote or key. Well, it is possible. Before you search for “a locksmith near me” is how to unlock you automatic car door without a key or key fob.

So, these methods are based on the assumption that you locked your key fob (a car remote that uses a transmitter to communicate short-range signals to open, lock, or start your car) in the car or that you misplaced it. This article intends to talk about effective ways that will not cause damage to your car. So, here's how to unlock your car without a key or key fob.

Question: Isn't it dangerous to teach this, as thieves can learn these methods to pop a lock?

Answer: No. A thief wants to steal and does not care what gets damaged. He or she just wants to steal and move away from the scene as quickly as possible. So, smashing the car window is their surest bet.

These methods may take between 1 and 5 minutes. So, it requires your patience because you do not want to damage anything as much as scratch your car paint. Do you?

Table of Contents

  1. Unlock your car door with a smartphone
  2. Use an air wedge and a pick tool or rod
  3. Use a string, or plastic strap (jim rim)
  4. Try the hatch or boot
  5. Unlock your car door with a wiper

Unlock an automatic car door with a smartphone

What you need:

  • Your smartphone.

There are technological solutions that offer car remote services that allow your car to be connected to your phone.

Car manufacturers have mobile apps that you can connect with your car for accessibility. It mostly works for recent car models, though. It is often common for recent car models, but there are car technology companies that can make their product work for your car regardless of the model.

To unlock an automatic car without key, your car must be already registered on the smartphone app. You will have a unique key through the app that keeps your phone connected to your car.

Once you log in, you can use the "unlock" option on the mobile app.

Note that there are many applications on the market, some of which require you to have previously connected your car to a Bluetooth or RFID bungle that remains active as long as your car battery is charged.

If you are interested in seeing a video of a sample, you can go to the bottom of the page (the writer has no connection whatsoever to the product demonstrated).

Use an air wedge and a pick tool or rod

What you need:

  • An air wedge
  • A long picker tool or a long rod

An air wedge is a small inflatable bag that you can pump air into with a hand pump, thereby causing a shift of life to whatever objects it stands between.

So, you need an air wedge and a picker, or "reach" tool, that is long enough to reach your car door buttons to pick or press the unlock button. There are vendors that sell auto kits; you can get these from them. You have to keep it at home or in the office. Imagine locking your auto kit and keys in the car (LOL).

Slide the bag and push it between the car door and the body of the car (the best position is the driver's side since that's where you often have control). Let the bag be around the window, not the lower part of the door. Once the bag is set, pump in just enough air for the reach tool to pass through. Do not overpump the bag to prevent your glass from breaking or destroying your door.

Gently put the picker in and control it to reach the door knob or buttons where you have the unlock button. There you go: your automatic car door unlocked without a key!

Here is a demonstration video

Often, the kind of door lock and its position determine what technique to use. If you have a car whose inner lock is in the car handle compartment, then a pick would work just fine. If not, using a long shoelace or string with the strength and size of a shoelace will be better.

What you need to unlock your car with a shoelace or plastic strap

  • A wedge
  • A shoelace (often, you need to tie two laces into one)
  • A plastic strap (known as a jim rim).

Here is how to use a shoelace.

Here’s how to use a plastic strap.

Unlock an automatic car door through the hatch or boot

What you need:

  • Your hands, or
  • In the worst case, you'll need a stick.

If your car has no back deck that partitions your boot or hatch from the back seat, then you can try to access your hatch, climb into the car and get your keys. If your hatch has a lever close to the driver's seat, then there is a hole right under the car around the driver's seat, it is covered by a black rubber plug. Pull the rubber, insert your finger, and you can feel the lever. Push it up. If you have tiny fingers, then you can find a stick or screwdriver that you can insert into that and push up the lever. Your hatch will open, and you can get your keys.

Watch the video below.

Unlock your car door with a wiper

What you need:

  • Your windshield's wiper
  • Your hands

First, you remove your windshield wipers without hassle. Just lift it from the windshield, undo the hook, and you can remove the wiper.

If your window is slightly open, then this is a great option. Just insert your wiper through the space through the glass. Push down to the door armrest, where you have the buttons, including locks, side mirror control buttons, and lock buttons. Try to feel your way through or look through the glass as you try to use the wiper to press the unlock button.

Once you hit the lock/unlock button, your car door will pop right open.

What if your window is all up? Try to pry the side of the door ajar from the top and wedge it to allow your wiper to go through. Once in, you can reach the door control on the armrest.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found any of the above methods helpful. Now that you have learned about the methods to unlock an automatic car door without keys, to save yourself the stress, duplicate your car key or key fob with a professional locksmith near you. That will cost you a fair amount of money, but if you think it is worth the price, then go for it. Also, you should consider the smartphone option if you are closer to your phone than your car keys.

If you are doing this for yourself ensure you have proof of ownership. If you would be helping someone to pop their car lock without keys, then let them show you proof that it is theirs. That way you won’t be charged for theft or hijacking.

Stay safe out there!

By the way, here is a demo video for a smartphone unlocking.