DIY Quick Fixes for Samsung TV Black Screen of Deathby@diy
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DIY Quick Fixes for Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

by HackerNoon DIYMay 22nd, 2023
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A loose or faulty HDMI connection may cause a black screen of death. Faulty RCA cables often occur if the cables are old or stressed, such as by removing them and fixing them elsewhere.
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Imagine putting on your Samsung TV only to meet a black screen, but you can tell it is on because the power indicator is on. So, if your TV power is on but the screen is blank, there are ways to fix it.

You're sure your television screen is not cracked, right? Good! A Samsung TV black screen can be fixed by checking all connections, choosing the right display mode, updating the TV firmware, or the streaming source signal.

Causes of Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Often, a blank, black, and empty Samsung smart TV isn't so much of a concern. It may happen because the television isn't connecting to a signal from a source device, which may be a cable box or a satellite receiver. There may be cable connection problems due to damage or slack, or some power display mode settings.

9 Ways to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen for Smart TVs

These basic causes of an empty, blank TV screen, as shared above, are the first things that you may want to check in a "how to fix my Samsung TV" dilemma.

  1. Check Your HDMI Cable
  2. Faulty RCA Cables
  3. Check input of the TV
  4. Firmware Update
  5. Check TV Signal
  6. Sleep Settings
  7. Streaming Device Check
  8. Dead batteries
  9. Factory Reset

1. Check Your HDMI Cable Connection:

If you use an HDMI cable connection, check to see that the cable box or satellite receiver is in the proper port meant for the cable. See if they are securely plugged into the port and not shaking. A loose or faulty HDMI connection may cause a TV black screen of death. So, if you have spare cables, you may also want to try them out.

Faulty cables often occur if the cables are old or stressed, such as by removing them and fixing them elsewhere, such as on your laptop or a monitor screen. Or...if you have kids! You never know what children do with electronics when you're not supervising. So, try out a new cable. Or check another HDMI port, since Samsung's recent smart TVs have multiple ports.

Try to connect the TV to an external monitor using an HDMI cable. If the external monitor shows an active screen, there may be a serious problem with the TV. However, if nothing comes up by trying the HDMI ports elsewhere, some of the following fixes will help awaken your Samsung TV black screen.

2. It May be Faulty RCA Cables (also known as AV cables)

If you use RCA cables, also, confirm that you are putting them in the right ports on your television. If you are not sure of where the cables ought to be, especially for those with just 2 heads, you can find out how and where to connect RCA cables (link).

If that is not the issue, don't give up. There are still goodies in this bag; check the next fix.

3. Check the Input of the TV

Your TV may not be at home. Not literally, of course!

Say you last watched something from a USB flash drive connected to your TV, that would be the default mode it would start in when you next turn on your TV. So, change the source!

Pick up your TV remote, press "source/input" and choose what input you prefer to watch from, AV 1, AV2, HDMI 1, HDMI 2.

If your remote is no more: dead or indisposed, you can scroll down to see how to use your phone as a remote for your Samsung smart TV.

4. Firmware Update

It is possible that your TV just won't respond anymore, even in the middle of a show, and you have no clue what's going on. In that case, unplug your TV and wait some 30-45 seconds. Plug it back to the power source, and you will be prompted to update your firmware. You're gonna need a WiFi connection for this.

On the remote control, press

Menu > Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now

When the installation is complete, your TV automatically restarts. That should fix the problem, debug the software, and strengthen security. So, a blackout from a likely bug should be fixed that way.

You're welcome! Oh, or that doesn't fix it yet? Well, there is more magic you can work here.

5. Check the TV Signal Strength

A TV without a signal connection will stare at you with a blank screen like a ghost. (Are you afraid of ghosts? Sorry, didn't mean to scare you).

Check the strength meter on your TV to see the connection level (strength) with your internet source. A weak cable strength may be due to a bad cable connection, either to the TV or the one coming from the antenna, cable box, or satellite dish for your cable TV.

6. Perhaps your TV is Sleeping?

No, not to mock you.

You probably woke up on the couch trying to binge a midnight show, and your TV won't just flicker hope (or light).

Your TV may be in power saving mode, which may have slept due to a set timer or an accidental press of the sleep/power button on the remote.

Here's how to fix that.

Sleep Timer:

Menu > Settings > Timer > Sleep Timer > On/Off

When that is done, turn off your TV and wait for 30 seconds. Turn on the TV afterward.

Power Saving Mode: Menu > Settings > Power Saving Mode >Off/On

Switch off your TV and wait for 30 seconds. Turn on the TV afterward. If you are not able to do any of these things because the remote is not controlling the TV, scroll down the article to see how to use your phone as a smart TV remote.

If that's the problem, then it's solved.

Or... is your TV still stubborn? There is another Hogwarts treat for that.

7. Replace your Streaming Device

If you are getting a black screen only when using a certain device, like your streaming device, then it’s likely that the issue is with the device and not your TV.

Perhaps the evil finger you have to pull out is that streaming device of yours. Try another streaming device just to check it out. If you can see the previous menu and power settings from the remote on the TV, then the screen is not the issue. Perhaps try your friend's Amazon fire stick, or move it to your neighbor's apartment to try their cable TV.

8. Dead Batteries! Dead Batteries!

"What is dead may never die" That is never true for batteries! They stay dead.

Again, if the TV power is on (with an indicator) and it looks like all the stunts you try to do with the remote control aren't working, try replacing the batteries.

Is it too late, and you can't go out? Do you have the patience to wait until the morning or not? Never mind, whatever your answer is, if you use an Android or iOS phone, you can use it as a smart remote (check how to, below).

9. Factory Reset for Samsung TV Black Screen

This option should be the last thing to consider if you are having trouble troubleshooting your TV's black screen of death. That is because it clears off all your settings and the preferences you might have set for your TV. So, here is what to do if you need to reset your TV.

Via your remote, go to:

Settings > General > Reset > input your PIN here to confirm reset > Ok

How to Use Your Phone as Samsung TV Remote: iPhone and Android

Download the "SmartThings" app. It should come preinstalled on a Samsung phone, but you might need to update it if you don't use it regularly.

In the SmartThings App

If you have previously connected your TV to your phone, that's great. Click “Devices”

Pick the drop-down option at the top of the screen to see a list of your devices, especially if you categorized them.

Click the category where you have your TV; by default, it should be in the "living room" category. Then choose the TV.

Some versions of the app may have a "TV/Projector" option.

An on-screen remote will appear, and you can manage all of the options we have discussed. (Embed YouTube link)

Pairing Your Samsung TV with the Samsung App

If you have never paired your TV with your phone, here is what to do:

Open SmartThings > Pick the drop-down option at the top of the screen to see a list of your devices, especially if you categorized them >

Click the category where you have your TV; by default, it should be in the "Living Room" category.

You will see the "Add Device" option:

And you can either scan a QR code (which may not be applicable in this scenario) or scan for nearby devices.

Once discovered, connect, and eureka!

From here, go back to the previous step (resetting your Samsung TV black screen).

If you use an iPhone, you can also get the Samsung TV remote app on the App Store.

It's not likely that all of these won't help! Where are my flowers?

Oops. Did you say it isn't working yet? Okay, time to call for backup!

Contact Samsung

If it all seems like an empty shell, do not see it as a waste of time or effort. You did the right thing by seeking help. At this point, you just have to contact Samsung support. They will ask you about the troubleshooting tricks we have already talked about, and if that is the case, they may have this manufacturer's secret that may fix the problem.

If you have to ship the product to them, however, it may cost you some money. Fortunately, if you still have a warranty, then you are covered.

You don't want to reach Samsung? For every Merlin, there is a Gaius!

Reach a Professional Technician

If you think it may take too long to wait for Samsung's services, you should reach out to a PROFESSIONAL TV technician near you. Go for the best. They may be able to fix TV problems like broken back lights or motherboard chip issues.

This option should only be considered if you cannot wait for Samsung's professional support because once the product has been tampered with, your warranty no longer counts. But if you do not care about the warranty anyway, then no hassles.


Samsung TVs are some of the best smart TVs available in the market. This article contains some DIY quick fixes for a black screen TV that may have happened from control options or settings.

If your TV is not powering up at all, try another power outlet. Check if the TV plug is burnt or not. You can smell it to see if it's toast. Not toast bread! If your Samsung TV won't come on at all with no power indicator, you should saddle up; it's time to visit a technician with some money in your pocket or purse. Or whatever! Just get it fixed and continue enjoying your show!