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5 Things To Know Before Developing a Business Android App

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A mobile app has become the primary tool for businesses to achieve success in this competitive business world. Due to the constant rise in the usage of android apps, app developers are focused on building applications of all types of processes. It will help businesses to grab the attention of the maximum customers and thus give them a high ROI.

According to Statista, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.6 million apps in March 2018, after surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013.

Whether you are a big business or a startup, there are several aspects which should be kept in the mind before developing an android application for your business. In this blog, we have discussed top 5 things to know before developing android applications.

The list is given below:

1) Focus on the UI/UX

In order to make your developed android app gain a strong place among millions of other apps, it is important for you to focus on its UI(User Interface). The user interface allows you to use it easily and bring a unique brand recognition to the market.

Clarity and simplicity should guide the design of the interface of your application. The sole purpose of your application is to facilitate user interaction. This can be achieved when the UX is easy to use with a minimum of clicks to reach an item.

2) Know the target audience


To get success for your developed Android app, it is important to identify your end users and focus on their expectations for that application. There are several factors that influence the definition of your target audience: profession, age group, location, etc. All the functions of the application depend on the preferences of the target users.

For example, when you are targeting the age group between 10 to 18 years old, the application focuses mainly on content information and graphic representation. While the elderly people seek information relevant to the product or service. This criterion allows Android app developers to design and develop the application accordingly.

3) Select the right platform

The next major step is to select the most feasible app development platform for your business. There are many options available for the development of your application. It could be an android app, web app, native app or hybrid app that you want to build for your business.

So, do not skip the task of choosing the correct operating system: Android, iOS or Windows, to reach your target audience. Today, with cross-platform, it can support a wide range of devices and deliver applications without problems. But Android as always ready to win the race in near future and will give a strong boost to your business too.

4) Embed the latest technologies

Application development has evolved over time and many new technologies have simplified the application development process and have also brought the desired results with ease. From the customization of the application to the Augmented Reality (AR), these technologies have allowed SMEs to gain high visibility and help them fight in the applications market to hold a strong position. However, integrating all the latest technologies can complicate the developed android application. So, it is better to choose one or two of them to help you meet your goals.

5) Check the performance


The last thing you need to do is to inspect the developed application whether it has met the standards decided or not. It is important that you try the app before launching. Track the response time of the application too. Try not to make your users wait too long to receive the required information.

Remove any errors that impede the effective performance of the application to improve the user experience. In addition to the testing process, be your own critic and re-verify the application to offer a high quality. Always stay tuned to receive comments on your application.


So we have seen the top 5 things which every business should be aware of before developing any android application. We know this very well that in today’s time, it is very cost-effective and relatively easy to develop an android app if you use latest and advanced technologies. However, the popularity of the developed business android app completely depends on its utility to the users. You can develop amazing android app application if you follow all the points listed above.


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