5 Roblox Avatar Ideas to Help You Play in Style by@nicolasng

5 Roblox Avatar Ideas to Help You Play in Style

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Roblox is great; you can use the platform to make any kind of game, visit all kinds of places and even customise your very own avatar. The catalogue of items is so vast that navigating the store is a game in and of itself. Naturally, being so incredibly spoiled for choice is a great way to get overwhelmed. After all, with all those options, it’s hard to figure out what look to go for. So, if you’re struggling, here are some Roblox Avatar Ideas. 

Not all of these Roblox avatar ideas are possible without using Robux, but there will be some free options from the store to make use of, if spending money on virtual clothes isn’t really your thing. 

Avatar Ideas for Roblox:

  1. Anime-Inspired
  2. Military
  3. Emo
  4. Pink and Cutesy
  5. The Free Stuff

1. Anime-Inspired

We know that anime is really, really popular on Roblox. When we went through some of the best anime games on Roblox, it was hard to ignore the potential of having a well-designed avatar to take part in these games. After all, it would be a huge missed opportunity to look like a grey Lego minifigure when you’ve got Star Platinum over your shoulder or if you’re channeling One-For-All. 

There are two kinds of Roblox Avatar Ideas that play to the general anime aesthetic. The animal hoodie girl and the shounen protagonist. 

Straight-up cosplay


u/hyperzetflix on Reddit

Directly imitating a character’s look is a fairly easy way to go about things and is quite achievable without throwing too much Robux at the items. Just type in the character’s name into the search bar to find one to use.


Got this just from searching “Deku”

Animal Hoodie Girl


Ninagames041o’s profile on Roblox, found on Pinterest

This sort of avatar is easy to pull off by using one of the many animal hoods on the store. These are usually released alongside matching shirts and pants, which makes coordinating the outfit easy to do. 


The White Kawaii Cat Hood by @Junozy is a good, if paid, option

There are plenty of crazy anime hairs and thigh-high socks in the store as well, to complete the look. 

2. Military

With plenty of shooters and other combat-related games up on Roblox, it only makes sense to incorporate military fatigues to your Roblox Avatar ideas. While there aren’t too many uniforms to choose from, the subtleties between different kinds of camouflage would be lost on Roblox clothes anyway. 


Desert Camo Top By Saikou

Most uniforms need to be paired with an appropriate headdress. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from, between helmets from all across human history and berets for when you need to look good.


This helmet, made by John Drinkin, is one of the most detailed headdress options available. 

3. Emo

The Emo look is relatively simple to pull off. Lots of black clothes, black makeup and the occasional shiny chain. This sort of Roblox Avatar idea is really common in the game. Lots of players fit the mould and it wouldn’t look out of place in the majority of Roblox’s games. 


Vxrtzyy on Roblox, found on Pintrest

Something pink and cutesy

Cute pastel colours and flowery dresses are easy to mix and match and can be a lot of fun to put together. As always, the Roblox Avatar store has more than enough options to suit whatever look you’re going for. Some players have gone so far as to make some inventive avatars



Keyff28’s profile, found on Pintrest

Keyff28’s design mixes modern clothing trends with mushrooms and wings to create a modern, cutesy look that can easily be imitated by most people.

Something simple


Sa_phh’s profile, found on Pintrest

Finding pink clothes for a pastel-coloured avatar won’t take long at all. It’s an easy look to imitate

5. The Free Stuff

You might think that spending your Robux on your Avatar might be a waste of something that could be going to some extra privileges in games and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Robux can be used for all sorts of useful things like hosting private servers or unlocking content quicker in games. 

If you want to look good without spending Robux, there’s always the option of using the free content from the Avatar store. These aren’t Roblox Avatar Ideas as much as they are just free skins to use but hey, at least you don’t look like you just started the game. 


These options are what you get from searching for “free” in the store, so there’s plenty to see here. 

Final thoughts on these Roblox Avatar Ideas

Finding the perfect look for your Roblox avatar might not be the most straightforward but these Roblox Avatar Ideas might be enough to give you the inspiration you need to decide what you need to get from the store for your own avatar-if you have the Robux, that is. If you would rather take the free route, there is something there for you too, fortunately. 

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