5 Handy Apps to Power Up Your Investments in Times of Uncertaintyby@MelvinTalk
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5 Handy Apps to Power Up Your Investments in Times of Uncertainty

by Danny WesleyJuly 4th, 2022
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In my new article I am researching the functionality of financial apps that can be used to fuel your investments and be more efficient when it comes to financial analysis and risk management.

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The ongoing turbulence in today’s global financial markets (caused by the recent pandemic and overall economic instability), has urged many seasoned players to reinvent their investment strategies. At the same time, millions of fresh investors with little to  no experience have joined the market hoping to seize the moment. According to a recent Deloitte report, US retail investors in 2021 generated nearly as much equity trading volume as they did mutual funds and hedge funds, combined. 

In a ripple effect,  technological solutions that can enable people to make the most of their investment activities took advantage of the adventurous market, and are thriving. : The amount of trading app users was estimated at over a staggering 150 million in 2021. Robo-advisors and cryptocurrencies are also conspicuous trends in this surging market —with the number of users in the robo-advisors segment expected to reach 506 million by 2026. 

I have picked a few of these services and apps that can help you propel your investments while ensuring sustainable asset management.

Streetbeat: stocks + crypto in a single platform

When devising an investment strategy for uncertain times, ​​diversification is absolutely crucial. Investors  might want their multi-asset portfolio to go beyond traditional financial instruments. Streetbeat, for example, offers a bullet-proof approach by enabling trading on stock, crypto, and DeFi markets in a single app. The startup was supported by StartX, a Stanford alumni accelerator, and funded by the top Fintech VCs. 

The app’s creators call it a “great democratizer”because it makes professional investment tools easily accessible (even for newbies). It  features ready-made investment strategies for aggressive, moderate, and conservative risk profiles. Moreover, the solution offers proprietary algo-trading strategies to automate your operations based on real-time data. Streetbeat has a user-friendly interface and was designed to bring benefits to users of all proficiency levels. As an incentive,  new users can get up to $8,000 in bonuses for their first deposit and by participating in the referral program.

Invstr: theory and practice for beginners

Invstr is a perfect choice for those who are just starting their investment activities and want to learn how to do it efficiently. Essentially a sandbox mode, the app offers a gamified interface where you can try your hand at managing an asset portfolio, all while relying on investment advice from the pros. Invstr also offers a social network and news feed with valuable information.

The game provides virtual money worth $1,000,000, which you can use to test your investment ideas and get steady feedback on your performance and progress. There’s also an opportunity for the best performers of the month to win real cash. Of course, , you can trade real stocks, crypto, and ETFs starting at a $5 minimum investment. The app's Pro Version enables you to use more sophisticated tracking tools and enjoy full personalization with the portfolio builder.

Ameritrade: a solution for seasoned investors

TD Ameritrade is a famous stockbroker that has  developed a desktop trading platform  into a web version and a dedicated app. It offers a wide range of professional tools for both passive investors and day traders, and features stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, futures, and Forex trades.

Apart from highly-customizable investment tools, Ameritrade’s ecosystem enables quick access to market news. This includes third-party analyst reports and research from sources such as the Federal Reserve Economic Database and Center for Financial Research and Analysis. The platform also includes a great deal of educational content, which makes it attractive for those who’d like to enhance their knowledge.

Betterment: social responsibility and automation

Automated investing has been gaining more and more traction lately, and Betterment is a good choice for those who prefer to turn the reins over to robots. The app offers professionally managed ETF portfolios tailored to your investment profile, goals, and term preferences. Moreover, you can combine several portfolios aimed at different goals.

What differentiates Betterment from other robo-advisors is the Socially Responsible mode, where you can create portfolios focusing on climate change or social impact. The platform is also attractive for its transparent pricing—the annual account fee is a low 0.25% of your fund balance. A Premium option also opens up access to unlimited consultations with a team of financial advisors.

I see nothing to change here!

Acorns: optimal for savings

Acorns is an easy-to-use micro-investing app that helps you to use your spare coins effectively by rounding up purchases and automatically investing the change. For example, if you purchase a $4.50 coffee with a linked credit card, an additional $0.50 will be added to your total and invested in your Acorns portfolio. 

Intelligent ETF portfolios are designed by experts and they adjust automatically as your income ebbs and flows..   With Acorns, you have the option to add a Bitcoin-linked ETF to your portfolio, and you can even set up investments in your individual retirement account (IRA) and/or Early account for kids. Acorns features the Personal and Family Plans that cost $3 and $5 a month, correspondingly.

Please be informed that this information does not imply personal investment advice, and the financial tools mentioned may not match your investment profile, objectives, or expectations.