5 Cryptocurrencies With the Most Long-Term Potentialby@elnazsarraf
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5 Cryptocurrencies With the Most Long-Term Potential

by Elnaz SarrafJune 2nd, 2022
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Trying to figure out how to make money with cryptocurrency isn’t all that easy, but there’s one thing for sure: it’s definitely worth it. With all the hype surrounding crypto in recent years, it’s natural to wonder which among the numerous options really deserves your time and investment.

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Trying to figure out how to make money with cryptocurrency isn’t all that easy, but there’s one thing for sure: it’s definitely worth it. With all the hype surrounding crypto in recent years, it’s natural to wonder which among the numerous options really deserves your time and investment.

Lucky Block

This is a relatively new option, so it’s normal for you to be a bit cautious, but after bursting onto the scene in early 2022, Lucky Block’s unique use case and high growth potential have resulted in an exciting combination for investors. It’s probably the most talked-about crypto this year, owing partly to the hype from mainstream media and social networks.

L Block’s value has taken a bit of a dip after some impressive increases earlier this year, but as we progress further into 2023, I expect this crypto to be fully functional again while providing the regular lotto draws noted in the platform’s white paper.

One thing I find to be particularly interesting about Lucky Block is that over the coming years, it is expected that its team will likely begin to tackle other elements noted on the platform’s roadmap, including metaverse integration and crypto-education platform. If you were looking for a reason to hold L Block, this is it!


This is one of the pioneers of the early cryptocurrency market, gaining particular attention back in 2017 mostly because of its crazy price increase. Unfortunately, though, its growth hasn’t been all that smooth since then, with several regulatory issues halting progress over time.

But the good news is that these could all be put in the past now, and there’s a high chance that XRP will follow a path towards sustained upward momentum from this point onwards.

The volatility of XRP’s price can be mostly attributed to macroeconomic factors. But due to the slight reversal since the turn of the year, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to expect XRP to reach around $2 by the end of this year! Currently, XRP sits around $0.60, so for it to reach an estimated $1.90 would be huge.

Keep in mind that its prize took a tip the last time XRP reached this value, but if the currency can close past this resistance level, we might even see its price reach up to $3 by the end of next year. This would only be just below its all-time-high value back in 2017, so it’s definitely worth the wait.

The Sandbox

It is a decentralized blockchain game that combines NFTs, virtual land ownership, and community-designed mini-games, gaining attention from some prominent names like Snoop Dogg. They own virtual land in the space, but that’s not it — The Sandbox continues to see impressive capital inflows from other major players as well.

The real question is: does it really have potential in the long run?

Firstly, you have to remember that cryptocurrency gaming has the power to overrun the electronic gaming industry. There’s a lot to appreciate about these blockchain-based metaverse tokens, and the functionality that platforms like The Sandbox provide is just the tip of the iceberg. Despite its slight dip from its all-time high set last November, experts are adamant that The Sandbox can regain its former glory in no time. It’s a unique product in a highly competitive market, which is evident from the fact that even celebrities are interested in this name.

Lastly, The Sandbox has gathered major investment, with Atari being one of the most notable corporate names to have purchased land here. Yes, cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile and risky investments, but with concrete planning and research, they can serve as part of a pretty well-balanced portfolio!


Not every blockchain out there supports smart contracts, which gives Solana a bit of an edge. There’s a reason why this crypto in particular is attracting more developers than probably any other currency. In Solana, transactions are much more affordable and easier. For perspective, compare Solana to Ethereum.

The latter is the world’s largest blockchain for smart contracts, but transactions on Ethereum can cost up to $100, taking several minutes to complete. Due to low development costs, developers can also create disruptive products thanks to Solana.

Solana Pay was announced recently, which allows customers to pay merchants on the Solana blockchain using Solana or another stable coin. The fees are pretty negligible, posing a threat to expensive alternatives like Visa and Mastercard, which charge like 2 to 3% on every single transaction.

What’s more, NFTs are also thriving on Solana, which means developers are able to fund projects through a variety of means, such as games or decentralized finance products. The possibilities of what developers can potentially build on top of the Solana blockchain are exciting, which is why many, including myself, are quite hopeful about the potential of Solana in the long run.

Cosmos (ATOM)

This is a cryptocurrency that you cannot dismiss if you’re an investor interested in long-term potential!

Cosmos, the internet of blockchains, and its coin ATOM experienced an all-time high in the last quarter of 2021, with each token being valued at $44.70. Since then, it has grown in strength with the potential to develop even further and being in a position to stand the test of time.

There are over 250 apps and services already running on the Cosmos network, with over $112 billion in digital assets under management. There are several factors that have driven Cosmos’ price increase, including the launch of its first decentralized financial interface, its integration with Ethereum, and its interoperability with Bitcoin.

Cosmos is essentially a project that aims to solve some of the most challenging problems faced by the blockchain industry. To put it simply, Cosmos is intended to offer an ecosystem of connected blockchains while trying to reduce the complexity of this technology. Thanks to a modular framework that explains decentralized apps, there’s also increased ease for developers.

Owing to these reasons, and the fact that this token has delivered multi-bagger returns of more than 630 percent to investors in the preceding year, Cosmos is a crypto that definitely promises long-term results.

BNB (Binance)

Binance is the world’s largest exchange of cryptocurrency that offers its users a range of amazing utilities like staking, farming, and a fully-fledged NFT marketplace.

Binance’s native token is $BNB, a currency whose price rose by a staggering 1700% to $690 in 2021! This incredible increase cemented BNB’s place as the third biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

BNB has an edge over its main rival, Ethereum, in terms of having a network that can process transactions a lot cheaper. BNB chain is also generally faster and more efficient at facilitating these transactions, which makes it a more appealing network for developers as well as NFT creators.

What’s more, BNB has tons of other features that make it unique with the potential for mass adoption. It has the advantage of inter-tradability for other digital assets. Another huge advantage of BNB is that it can be used in other specific ICO investments via Binance’s Launchpad program.

Binance offers a spectacular framework where various other virtual tokens can also be traded. Not only that, but a number of credit, as well as debit cards, can be supported on this platform. With an estimated value of $631.96 by the end of 2022, the reasons to invest in BNB for long-term yields are never-ending!


Over the past year, we’ve seen Bitcoin, which is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment, hit multiple new all-time highs. But as everyone knows, the world of cryptocurrency is extremely volatile if nothing else, and all the highs were also followed by significant drops.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have observed that the general public’s interest in crypto has skyrocketed in recent years. Not only is it a popular topic worth debating among investors, but we see multiple references in pop culture too. Of course, thanks to long-standing investors like Elon Musk, the interest has doubled!

But regardless of everything, it’s worth remembering that the industry is still only in its infancy with a long way to go before we really see what it is worth. Although the start of this year has been a bit rocky for Bitcoin, you’d be amazed to know that experts still maintain its value, and will eventually hit $100,000! In fact, according to many, it is now a matter of when instead of if.

So, although investing in crypto assets is very risky and certainly not for the weak, it can prove to be extremely profitable especially if you go for a big name like Bitcoin itself!

What’s a crypto that you’re personally interested in investing in? Do you think it’s worth the risk? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor. You should always consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. This article is for educational purposes only.