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100 People to Watch in The Blockchain and Crypto Space

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This is my top 100 for people to watch in the blockchain and cryptofinance. I’d be happy to hear about who else should be included and what I’m missing.

Now let’s get straight to the point!

1. Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum co-founder)

2. Marc Andreessen (investor, author of “Why Bitcoins Matters”)

3. Don Tapscott (CEO of The Tapscott Group, “Blockchain Revolution” author)

4. Alex Tapscott (CEO of Northwest Passage Ventures)

5–6. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (first bitcoin billionaires)

7. Andreas Antonopoulos (author of Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money)

8. Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin)

9. Brian Armstrong (co-founder and CEO at @Coinbase)

10. Anthony Di Iorio (CEO and founder Decentral & Jaxx, co-founder of Ethereum)

11. Tony Gallippi (co-founder and Executive Chairman of BitPay, Inc.)

12. Jihan Wu (co-founder of BITMAIN)

13. Joseph Lubin (co-founder of Ethereum, founder of ConsenSys)

14. Tim Draper (venture and blockchain investor)

15. Nicolas Cary (president and co-founder Blockchain)

16. Roger Ver (world’s first Investor in Bitcoin startups including)

17. Brock Pierce (managing Partner at #Blockchain Capital and Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation)

18. Valery Vavilov (co-founder and CEO at Bitfury Group)

19. Derin Cag (founder of Richtopia)

20. Sasha Ivanov (CEO of Waves platform)

21. Fred Ehrsam (co-founder at Coinbase)

22. Sunny Ray (co-founder of Unocoin)

23. Daniel Roberts (senior writer at YahooFinance)

24. Bobby Lee (CEO of BTCChina)

25. Patrick Byrne (CEO of Overstock.com)

26. Laura Shin (Forbes senior editor)

27. Camila Russo (varkets reporter and blogger for Bloomberg News)

28. Adam Ludwin (investor, Chain project)

29. Jeff Garzik (founder of BloqInc)

30. Richard Gendal Brown (chief technology officer for R3)

31. Alejandro De La Torre (VP Business Development at BTC.com)

32. Nathaniel Popper (author for NY Times, author of “Digital Gold: A History of Bitcoin”)

33. Jose Pagliery (CNN reporter, author of “Bitcoin and the Future of Money”)

34. Bill Sullivan (Global Head of Financial Services at Capgemini)

35. Wences Casares (CEO at Xapo)

36. Alexander Lashkov, (blockchain marketer, Smile Bright Media Inc. founder)

37. Perianne Boring (founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce)

38. Emin Gun Sirer (system builder, crypto space contributor)

39. Barry Silbert (founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group)

40. Fred Wilson (venture investor)

41. Pieter Wuille (bitcoin developer)

42. Brett King (host of the BREAKING BANK$ radio show on Voice America)

43. Dan Morehead (founder and CEO of Pantera Capital)

44. Brian Forde (launched the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab)

45. Jim Marous (owner Digital Banking Report)

46. Erik Voorhees (CEO of ShapeShift)

47. Jackson Palmer (creator of Dogecoin)

48. Dan Podolan (founder of LiveMarketCap)

49. Andrew Chapin (Benja.co founder, expert at ICO Governance Foundation)

50. Samantha Radocchia (co-Founder at Chronicled)

51. Nick Szabo (computer scientist and cryptographer)

52. Chris DeRose (blockchain enthusiast and podcaster)

53. Joshua Unseth (cryptocurrencies expert and podcast host)

54. Gavin Andresen (bitcoin programmer)

55. Christine Lu (investor, founder of America innovates)

56. Adam Back (cryptographer, Blockstream founder)

57. Dinis Guarda (founder and CEO of BlockchainAge)

58. Joey Zhou (cryptography and security expert)

59. Gilles Babinet (France European Commission)

60. Elizabeth Stark (co-founder of Lightning)

61. Julian Hosp (blockchain expert, founder Ten-X)

62. Igor Barinov (Oracles POA Network creator)

63. Jimmy Song (bitcoin developer)

64. Nigel Walsh (partner at Deloitte)

65. Sally Eaves (CTO at TeamBlockchain)

66. Tuur Demeester (editor-in-chief at Adamant Research)

67. Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn (security expert)

68. Vinny Lingham (CEO at CivicKey)

69. Michael Kitces (writer of The Nerd’s Eye View blog)

70. Oliver Bussman (ex-UBS’s Chief Information Officer, advisor)

71. Rob Gill (economist and blockchain Enthusiast)

72. Micha Benoliel (founder FireChat and OpenGarden)

73. Michael Flaxman (coinsafe co-founder)

74. Daniel Jeffrie (author and futurist)

75. Knut Svanholm (bitcoin expert and blogger)

76. Greg Osuri (founder & CEO at Overclock Labs)

77. Carlos Domingo (co-founder and managing partner at SPiCE VC)

78. Justin Mitchell (founder of a# capital, blogger)

79. Jesse Williams (enterprise startup growth specialist, director at ExecVision, blogger)

80. Anton Telitsyn (CEO of Lordmancer)

81. Chris Herd (ICO Consultant, Entrepreneur, Investor. )

82. Danny Ryan (blockchain engineer)

83. Nick Soman (EIR at Foundation Capital)

84. Elian D. Alvarez (venture investor, founder of 54Ventures)

85. Paul Walsh (MetaCert founder, blockchain and crypto blogger)

86. Stefan Cheplick (blogger, marketer at StockTwits)

87. Matt Ward (angel Investor, The Syndicate podcast host)

88. Alexey Arkhipov (CTO of QIWI payment service provider)

89. Warren Whitlock (futurist, startup growth advisor)

90. Michael Mainelli (finance expert)

91. Ross Gerber (investment advisor at Gerber Kawasaki)

92. Meltem Demirors (lecturer at MIT)

93. Simon Taylor (co-founder of 11FSTeam)

94. Gary Nuttall (founder at Distlytics)

95. Anne Connelly (CEO of the ixo foundation)

96. Kristian T. Sorensen (co-founder Norfico)

97. Anti Danilevsky (CEO of KICKICO)

98. Marie Wieck (engineer, leader of IBMBlockchain)

99. Melanie Swan (author of “Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy”, Institute for Blockchain Studies founder)

100. Neira Jones (non-executive director Cognosec, advisor and ambassador for the Emerging Payments Association)

Please note, that this list is made based on my preferences. These 100 people are really great and worth following, feel free to contact me to propose any changes and suggestions!

While curating this list I not only conducted own research but analized some current lists like the ones from Richtopia, Cryptocompare, Influencive and Onalytica.

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