React Native eCommerce Templates - 2019 Edition [My Top 5 Picks] by@krissanawat101

React Native eCommerce Templates - 2019 Edition [My Top 5 Picks]

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Establishing online store, e-commerce websites and applications have been a growing trend in the modern world. Due to the utmost feasibility and efficiency of customer attraction from digital or online marketing, online stores and e-commerce sites are growing rapidly. In the near future, there is a high possibility that every real-world store will set up its own on online store application or website. There is speedy growth of published e-commerce application in app stores. Mobile e-commerce application has been a growing trend nowadays. As more customers switch from PC to mobile platforms, pretty much any online store needs to have its own mobile application. This is where the React Native eCommerce template come in extremely handy.

In addition, they help save time in development and enables us to create and publish our own e-commerce application fast and efficiently. On top of that React Native provides the feature of cross-platform application development. This means the same application with ready-made high-end React Native template will be available for both iOS and Android without the need for separate development.

Here, we provide you with a list of five best React Native e-commerce templates to choose from which will encourage you to choose the suitable one for your next e-commerce application.

StoreX Pro – Complete React Native Ecommerce Template


StoreX Pro takes the top spot in our best React Native eCommerce application templates for numerous reasons. The code in this template is well-structured and optimized highly. Using this template you can save 1000+ hours of development and design and just concentrate on your product as a whole. This template supports multi-language interface which makes it usable all over the world. It has integrated WooCommerce which works with RestAPI. It allows you to develop powerful Android and iOS applications. The template provides push notification service powered by OneSignal. The modules provided by the template are re-usable and feasible, easy to customize and use. The most useful and important feature is the integration of multiple payment gateways.

In addition, this template is build using multiple dynamic and popular React Native plugins packages. Some of the noteworthy React Native Technology used are React Native Navigations, React Native Animatable, Redux, Modal, Image Picker, Sliders, etc. The structure and coding environment are amazing with separate views, code file, and style file. The template comes with Tab, Drawer and Stack navigation. Hence, this well-build template is highly modular and customizable. Thus, it helps you develop a dynamic and powerful eCommerce application.

React Native Ecommerce Template


React Native Ecommerce  Template is popular eCommerce template which will help you launch your shopping mobile apps for iOS and Android in minutes. This well-build template features full backend integration (Firebase). Provided with the scalable, clean and comprehensive source code, this shopping app template is a great starter kit for everyone, regardless of whether they’re looking to learn React Native or to build a complete production shopping app. The most noteworthy features include a Home screen with carousels and grid view of products, Products screen with the product detail, photo gallery, size and color picker, social media share button, Search screen to search based on categories, Shopping cart with full-fledged history and re-order function, etc. For the payment gateway, there is stripe integration as well as Apple pay for iOS and Google pay for Android.

Moreover, the integration of dynamic database system with Firebase (Firestore), user management feature, photo storage will make things a hell of a lot easier for React Native developers. On top of that, the code base is highly modular and optimized for Android and iOS platforms. There is an integration of Facebook SDK as well. The clean interface and dynamic navigation through integration of popular React Native plugin packages is plus point. Hence, this template delivers all the requirements to develop an e-commerce app easily and efficiently.

React Native Grocery Shopping Starter


Grocery Shopping Starter template is built using React Native has provided 5-star customer satisfaction along the course of its development. This template facilitates 20+ screens equipped with full functionality that an eCommerce app requires. This app template was developed by expert UI developers to provide a great app UI for your own Grocery app. This is a great starting point for app development since all the screens and components are preset. But, backend API integration is required to feed the data. Then, you can start your app development easily.

Moreover, the most useful and noteworthy features provided by this app template are the user authentication with OTP verification, tab configured swipe-enabled product pages with easy transitions, cart functionality with payment gateways from Credit/Debit card, User profile which a user can modify and add card information. The code is highly modular and customizable which saves +2000 of hours of development and design for any developer looking to kick start a grocery eCommerce application. Hence, this template may be one for you in order to develop a simple but dynamic eCommerce application using React Native.

React Native E-Commerce Starter 9.1.0


This E-Commerce Starter template can serve as a well-structured React Native starter project to build your iOS and Android e-commerce app. This starter template is a pure React Native application and also available with Expo client. It provides fully customizable screens along-with a rich collection of UI elements specifically for an ideal e-commerce app. This template is only a UI theme. There is no backend integration and no connection to any APIs.

This template features a bold and flexible React Native theme best suited for developing high-quality mobile apps that makes use of ready-made tools. The template is dynamic and has Redux integrated along with NativeBase and React Navigation. So, it features high optimization which helps you to develop world-class application experiences on native platforms. There is an integration of CRNA and Expo. It facilitates enormous set of UI elements and highly customizable widgets. Moreover, the routing is pretty easy just like on the web. It uses ESlint for code quality and Prettier for pretty, formatted JavaScript code. It provides perfectly native look and feels for you eCommerce application available both in iOS and Android. Numerous popular React Native plugin packages are already installed and initialized in making various components so that it will be simple and easy for us to develop a beautiful eCommerce application.



CeStore is a full-fledged e-commerce solution from the store’s mobile-friendly website to a mobile application. It helps you to build your online sale shop from scratch. This template provides support for both ReactJS and React Native which makes it viable for both web and mobile applications. The coding languages used in this template are ReactJS and React Native frameworks, which are 2 most popular and optimized frameworks for your today launch store. It has all the requirements to develop a super-fast eCommerce website and mobile app. There is an integration of backend tools like NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB. The application developed using this template runs smoothly and already well testing on both iOS & Android. It supplies free regular version update & coming new features.

It has the built-in push notification and Stripes integrated for payment option. This template provides 2-way sync between the website and the application. This means the application connects to Node Backend through RestAPI. So, whenever there is an update in website, it will not have an impact on the application.  Moreover, the theme supplies smooth transitions between screens with Lotties animations. It also facilitates the Native and Social share functionality. One of the noteworthy features is that this template provides offline access as well.  The features like login, user profile, registration, checkout, etc. are worth a mention. Hence, this template is easily installable and is a great boilerplate to kick off your next eCommerce project.


Above are the exciting and informative collection of the best React Native e-commerce templates that one can find today. You can play around with concepts and learn that could be turned into financially feasible ideas and published eCommerce application. With the number of UI theme elements, components, screens, and backend features that you are going to get from these e-commerce templates, you can get a ready-made app with option to customize it as you want. Hence, these templates not only helps you develop full-fledged, powerful and dynamic eCommerce application but also helps you learn the dynamism of React Native.


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