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4 Website Design Hacks

How ALDO nailed it with its Instagram campaign

From your long day’s routine, you probably have spent several hours online looking for the next distraction. Statistically, the more visited websites by employees during work hours are Facebook, BuzzFeed, and YouTube.

No doubt that these give an immediate escape from the regimes that boggles our mind constantly.

Now, for the benefit of marketers, designers and all others who care about their website and their business need to clearly understand what stimulates an addiction to those websites.

Perhaps, knowing the reason behind what keeps us coming back to them can give valuable insights that helps us imitate the best of the best while building our own website.

Users are players — Gamification

Do you appreciate good games as much as kids do? In recent years, the hottest trend to hit the internet space for business means, more and more companies are waking up to the importance of an addictive website. This way(with attractive designs) the customer engagement on a website can be increased.

Besides the business, the customers are entertained as the result of making a tough part of their life little fun. By gamification, you can drive, measure and reward the behavior of customers. By creating an amazing experience for your clients and prospects, you can reach your conversion target as set.

Tactic 1: Don’t forget to reward
Tactic 2: Avoid too much of gaming
Ex: Like ALDO did, associating the color of products to the personality of its customer. A game on Facebook, after logging in, the users are taken to the ‘mood board’ where they can pick images from Instagram and link it indicating their personality.



Choice of audience matters

First, focus on your target audience. Safely assume who could be your website visitors so that you create attractive and high-quality images for them. The site should be well organized that helps the users to easily browse for things they love or search within the specific category without leaving your website.

It is too important for any online store to keep the purchase of the products just a click away. In general, by understanding your target audience, you can deliver a seamless user experience. If you are on the verge of creating a website, do consider to sketch the flow first. Be clear in what you want to include in your website and how well it matches your web visitors.

With this, make sure all the texts on your website are not just well written but are legible enough. There is nothing more annoying than visiting a website with irrelevant color tone.

The same applies while penning headers, menu, and others. A website must fully make sense as a cohesive brand. Question yourself about the connectivity of your website to the brand that you’re promoting. The answer should always be a resonating YES.

Tactic 1: Stop trapping the visitors [ex: “sign up” popup must have “Show me later” or “Back to homepage” button]
Tactic 2: Make it mobile friendly
Pinterest knows its visitors very well and 70% of its users are female.

I am a woman and I know how addictive it is!

Make an offer that they can’t refuse

What was so unique this time? That Microsoft hit 70 million downloads for its new Windows 10 edition. By offering its new edition for free, Microsoft was able to capitalize on millions of its users by triggering early interest in the developers.

Comparably, by offering free service to the users a company can build user base easily also raise the count of customer acquisition rapidly. We know there are several factors that stop the visitors from purchasing our product, price plays the major role.

You take an upper hand by selling your product for free by completely eliminating the usual question from the users while buying a product, “Do I have to pay for this?”. Offering some part of your product for free is an amazing way to improve client’s honesty also they learn about your business without any second thought upon money needed.

It isn’t necessary to have a freemium business model, instead, you can utilize small services that are free of charges or a free consult.

Personal suggestion: To go a long way with your prospects, offer free trials or samples.


Video is an essential part

When it comes to creating an attractive website, the role of videos are huge.

More than ever, every company now understand that video plays a key role in creating a successful website. While capturing customers’ attention, it delivers a broad brand message in a simple and meaningful way.

Looking further, the data proves that the average number of internet users who watch videos has crossed 100 million. It also plays an important role in purchasing decisions. Irrespective of the length of the video, you just have 10 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention.

Much deeper, around 20% of visitors leave the website within 10 seconds that apparently makes 60% of the visitors leaving a website in 2 minutes. In order to create a truly effective website, it is too important to pay attention to the video analytics.


What we generally refer as the best design is in respect to the subject. Study dictates that human prefer good looking and more likely a trustworthy website always.

But, creating an aesthetically good looking website cannot win all the time. It is important to work towards creating a website with better user experience as a whole for a consistent stand.

With web analytics software that is there in the market can give you all needful information which in turn gets you better conversation rate on your website.

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