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331 Stories To Learn About Iot

by Learn RepoAugust 13th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Iot via these 331 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Iot via these 331 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Where we can read how startups are attempting to make our experiences with IoT look more like what we imagined when we were sci-fi loving kids.

1. Connecting to Schlage's New WiFi Locks Is Not Easy

I like Schlage’s smartlocks, and have used them for years. Built by a company with a long history of making reasonably secure, reliable locks, I’ve used several of their Z-Wave locks over the years, but Z-Wave is…Z-Wave. Proprietary until recently, a PIA to troubleshoot, and while the technology held a lot of promise on paper, in reality it’s been the cause for many a swear word to erupt from my mouth (I realize this is partially due to the controllers I’ve used over the years).

2. Your $1000 Smartphone Can Finally Pay For Itself

Written by Chris Kalaboukis, Chief Philosopher, Engineer, and Futurist at hellofuture written for Nodle and Hackernoon.

3. IOTA vs. IoTeX: The Battle of the IoT Blockchains

The blockchain that connects the internet of things will be worth $1 trillion. The top two contenders? IoTeX and IOTA. Read on to find out which will end on top

4. A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for businesses (2/3)

A detailed list of useful artificial intelligence tools you can use for company purposes, such as business analytics, data capture, data science, ML and more

5. IoT in Manufacturing: What you Need to Know

Discover IoT applications in manufacturing and the challenges you could expect if you set your mind on giving your manufacturing facilities an IoT upgrade.

6. A Guide to Understanding Blockchain Oracles

Oracles are third-party services that provide blockchain platforms with information about external real-world events as well as external digital events.

7. How to Build a Mini Air Quality Monitoring System using ESP32

Build a DIY air quality monitoring system: How to face the problem of impure air quality due to the increase in pollutants and impurities mixed with the air.

8. Cloud Home Automation Series Part 1 : Connect ESP32 to AWS IoT with Arduino code

Welcome to SIMPLE LEARNING AWS Cloud Home Automation, Zero to Hero Series, where the readership, essentially Embedded System Engineer & Cloud Engineer will able to learn to create Automated IoT Solutions using ESP32 Module (Hardware), AWS IoT portfolio services (MQTT & Integration assistance) & Arduino sketch (Code). The entire series mainly focuses on the Hardware integration with AWS Cloud to make a system of interrelated computing devices. The following series split into four parts (refer below) with very simple and clear instructions to provision a home automation system to control house appliances through the web. Everything covered from scratch you won't face any difficulty understanding. In case of any clarification, drop me a note on LinkedIn. Feel free to explore them with ease, skip to the one which is relevant to you.

9. Did You Realize That You Paid Twice When You Bought An Alexa?

In January 2019 Dave Limp, a senior vice president at Amazon, reported that more than 100 million Alexa powered devices had been sold to date. The 3rd gen Amazon Echo retails for $75 on (where else) and the Echo dot comes in at a very affordable $29.99.


IoT is not a term which has eased down the daily work schedule of our routine, but it is more of the creativity which would help us to experience the technology through the hands of IoT.

11. 4 Tech Trends That Are Accelerating The Miniaturization of PCBs

Image: UnsplashOne of the biggest and current trends in the PCB industry is the growing demand and need for smaller, lighter and higher performing PCBs. In other words the miniaturization of PCBs.

12. IoT Matters in 2021: IoT-Enabled Smart Office Automation to Work and Collect Data Human-Free

An engineering approach to building IoT software like smart office ecosystem and IoT security concerns for smart office applications.

13. Human Detection System Using RaspberryPi, Thermal Camera and Machine Learning

Triggering reliable events based on the presence of people has been the dream of many geeks and DIY automators for a while. Having your house to turn the lights on or off when you enter or exit your living room is an interesting application, for instance. Most of the solutions out there to solve these kinds of problems, even more high-end solutions like the Philips Hue sensors, detect motion, not actual people presence — which means that the lights will switch off once you lay on your couch like a sloth.

14. How to Configure a Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

I picked up the new Raspberry Pi High Quality camera last week. It’s pretty impressive. In this article, I’ll show you some ways to interact with this camera and do some cool stuff with it.

15. How I started my IoT Company

A biological marvel, the human itself known as homo sapiens. In the Latin language, it stands for a wise man. A wise man that survived about 200,000 years of evolution and extinction. There are many perspectives towards its survival and today I would like to share my perspective, slightly vague but different. There is a concept of what drives you that has become popular within the last decade. Certain presumptions about the driving force are based upon raw emotional aspects such as passion and rage. I find to myself that these aspects are reactions to our stubbornness to keep on going on but the negative aspect is that these reactions are short-lived and eventually man settles with peace. I would like to share a certain experience in a short period of my life that has produced results beyond my expectations. It is a small story of how I created my IoT Device converted into a product and made a company out of it.

16. How to Transform a RaspberryPi Into a Universal Zigbee and Z-Wave Bridge

Home automation comes with plenty of potential to make our lives easier. But in order to succeed in its task, it often requires you to fill your house with bridges that can connect your smart devices to your Wi-Fi network. Unless you buy a smart device that communicates directly over Wi-Fi (like a TP-Link or Belkin smart plug), odds are that many of your favourite smart devices use either Bluetooth, Zigbee or Z-Wave to communicate. These protocols solve some of the issues of Wi-Fi when it comes to smart devices — like latency, centralised topology and relatively high power requirements — but they do require some physical hardware in between to do the smart protocol <-> Wi-Fi translation and make the devices actually controllable from a Wi-Fi-connected client.

17. Building a Cellular-Connected IoT Electric Scooter w/ Soracom + Raspberry Pi in One Hour [Part 1]

18. Kubernetes Could Be The One To Make the Internet of Things (IoT) Reach Its Potential

The arrival of 5G wireless technology is often touted for the orders-of-magnitude boost in bandwidth it will bring to smartphone users and how it will make their lives wonderful, but the more immediate—and foreseeable—the impact will be on the Internet of Things (IoT).

19. What Does Blockchain & The Fourth Industrial Revolution Mean for Us?

The magic wand of blockchain technology has touched our lives in multiple ways over the last decade. It has made cryptocurrency traders out of ordinary investors who would even shy away from the traditional stock markets. It has provided us with an easy way of transferring money across borders, without the interference of banks.

20. IoT Projects: Build a Robust IoT Prototype In Less Than a Day (Part 1)

The IoT world is powerful, but also quite complex. There are many protocols and vendors and the landscape is fragmented. [As Matt Turck has already shown in 2018.]

21. 5 IoT Blockchain Projects That You Should Look Out for in 2022

With so much buzz around web3 and the metaverse, it is creating a spotlight on the future of tech. Here are the top 5 IoT blockchain projects of 2022.

22. Innovation in The Yachting Industry: What to Build in a Not-So-Known Industry

What's the main digitalization trends in the yachting industry and points to specific areas of improvement where AI-based solutions should be applied?

23. CES 2022: Trends and Related Courses at UAT

At this year's CES Show, the groundwork has been laid for what's to come in 2022 and beyond. The future tech is becoming more mainstream, and we're here for it.

24. How to Use Guerilla IoT for End-to-end Encrypted Messaging

Encrypted messaging apps are great, but taking it another step, we look at how to create an end-to-end encrypted messaging device.

25. ‘Data Science Is Not a Math Skill but a Life Skill’: Noonies Nominee Kirk Borne

From astrophysics to data science, here's a story of a lifetime journey with modeling the Universe and other dynamic things that move through space and time.

26. 28 Topics and Dev Boards Giveaways at the 2022 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference

The virtual conference will feature 28 trending topics, starting from June 1 to June 3.

27. Why and When it’s Better to connect Your IoT devices With Help of a Mesh Network

The non-mesh network enables the devices to communicate directly with a base station, while a mesh network provides a device-to-device connection.

28. Make Arduino Voice-Controlled Appliances with HC-05 Bluetooth Module

29. RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference is Open for Free Registration

RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference is where developers exchange ideas, showcase projects, identify solutions, discuss future strategies.

30. How IoT May Be Applied to the Healthcare Industry

This article explores some use cases for IoT in the Healthcare Industry.

31. How to Build An Alexa Home Automation System

How to make an IoT-based Smart Home with Arduino IoT Cloud & Alexa using NodeMCU ESP8266 to control 4 home appliances with voice commands.

32. An Internet of Banks; The Future of Defi

Internet of Banks - the future of DeFi

33. Getting Started With Digital Forensics Using the Sleuth Kit

Based on an Interpol review due to the popularity of IoT devices and an increase in cyber attacks, the digital forensics market is expected to grow to USD 9.68 billion by 2022

34. Cloud Home Automation Series Part 4 : Connected Light Bulb using AWS, ESP32 & Arduino

[Updated - 1st March, 2020] : Course updated, now you can control your connected light either using Google Assistant or Alexa. Kindly check out the Bonus section at the end of the course.

35. Top Electronic Design Service Companies You Should Consider in 2020

As I can see, electronic design companies are far more undervalued by the media than the software ones. But the fact remains that the market is fairly large and continues to snowball in growth. According to the Grand View Research comprehensive report, the size of the electronic design services, combined with contract manufacturing, has reached almost $400 bln in 2018 and will grow by up to more than $650 bln by 2025.

36. Top 7 Security Techniques for Internet of Things

Security is a big concern when it comes to the Internet of Things. That's why it's vital that you take some time to plan ahead and make sure your devices.

37. The Data Revolution: Green, Accessible, and Fully-Decentralized

it's time to make data sexy again. Let's revive the dream of a truly neutral Internet, from the people for the people with wide accessibility and no censorship

38. A Whirlwind Tour of Evolving Technologies and Their Mind-Blowing Capabilities

Evolving tech is taking over, from smart homes to VR education, AI automation to secure blockchain transactions! Time to relax and let the robots do the work

39. Top Trends in Fleet Management Coming in 2022

Flotilla IoT provides a diverse range of management solutions ranging from a fleet management system to a facility management system based on 5g technology

40. Enabling Smart Communication for IoT Devices With Smart Contracts and NFTs

Smart Contracts and NFTs can allow IoT devices to negotiate prices and transact with eachother.

41. How IoT Can Help Solve the Most Critical Global Waste Problems

Even though recycling and other waste management methods such as waste-to-energy systems and commercial composting have been rising in popularity since the 1960s, still most of the waste ends up in a landfill. Most countries often do not deal with waste management as effectively as needed. According to, in 2017, the United States alone produced approximately 267.8 million tons of solid waste. Of that, some 139 million tons went to landfills, and only 67 million tons were recycled. However, in the future, cities are expected to achieve zero waste, reduce municipalities’ operational costs, and improve services to citizens, thanks to more efficient and smarter waste collection systems.

42. A detailed guide to the world of MQTT

MQTT (formerly known as MQ Telemetry Transport) was created in 1991 by Andy Stanford-Clark (IBM) and Arlen Nipper (Eurotech) in order to connect oil pipelines over unreliable, satellite networks. It is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/”Internet of Things” connectivity protocol.

43. Choosing the Best I2C chips: The Hidden Software Problem of Choosing Hardware Modules

How to choose the right I2C chips for your IoT, DIY electronics projects. Or the hidden software problem of choosing right hardware modules

44. This IoT Expert Built a Smart Home in 3 Months

I interviewed an IoT expert whose forte is synergy between IoT and real estate. He built a fully functional smart home in 3 months

45. Industry 5.0 and the Future of Manufacturing

Industry 5.0 will center around a tailored and customized approach for the consumer while pushing more towards sustainability.

46. How IoT is Powering Remote Work in 2021

The interest in IoT applications is set to explode as more organisations look to solutions to enable remote work.

47. IoT: Beyond Alexa

The Internet of Things is a new world.

48. How Blockchain Technology Is Improving IoT: Interview with Kalima Blockchain

An exclusive interview by Léo Maurice from Kalima Blockchain on Internet of Things and blockchain. Adam Stieb exclusively for Hackernoon.

49. How to Improve IoT Security in the Classroom

IoT devices are widely used in classrooms, but security can be lax. Here are the best techniques for improving IoT security in classrooms.

50. A Path to a Successful IoT Startup

There are so many industries that are flourishing today, but we’d say the most promising area is anything connected with the IoT — the Internet of Things. Why? Because IoT is taking over more and more areas of our lives, starting from the simple act of connecting your phone to your TV set. For this reason, let’s take a look at:

51. Introducing Embedded Dev 2021 Event

We’re thrilled to Launch EmbeddedDev 2021! Develop a project running Opensource RT-Thread Real-time Operating System.

52. Are Smart Cities a Threat to Data Privacy?

For smart cities to function, they must collect data. But is that good for citizens? Is true data privacy achievable for smart cities?

53. "You don't Need to Rush Through Stages in Life" Hattrick IT Co-Founder Martin Zuniga

A Good Company with the mobile app development boutique Hattrick IT's Co-founder about the origins of the startup, its goals and his personal life.

54. A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for personal use (1/3)

Artificial Intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution has made some considerable progress over the last couple of years. Most of this current progress that is usable has been developed for industry and business purposes, as you’ll see in coming posts. Research institutes and dedicated, specialised companies are working toward the ultimate goal of AI (cracking artificial general intelligence), developing open platforms and the looking into the ethics that follow suit. There are also a good handful of companies working on AI products for consumers, which is what we’ll be kicking this series of posts off with.

55. 6 Keys to Data Center Planning

Data centers require plenty of space, advanced cooling systems and reliable security. Here are six steps designers can take to create successful data centers.

56. Benefits of Using IoT and AI Together

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the operations of various industries and businesses. IoT coupled with AI is used to make intellectual machines that imitate smart actions and supports in decision making with minimal human intervention. Used together, these two potent technologies enable enterprises to attain true digital transformation.

57. How "Democratization" Became A Buzzword

You've probably read about companies democratizing AI, democratizing finance, democratizing IoT, or even more broadly democratizing technology. Seriously, just go on Google News and type in "democratizing."

58. The Convergence of AI + IOT is Imminent & Your Competitor is Already Preparing for It

With the emergence of ever-cheaper and robust hardware, 5G connectivity around the corner, and most importantly, a growing list of real world use cases, we can all agree that IOT projects are here to stay. But is that where it ends ?

59. Vecna and Ants Have a Lot in Common With the Internet of Things

Vecna and ants have a lot in common with the Internet of Things. Find out how as well as how organizations can drive digital transformation with IoT.

60. How to Stream Real-Time Heart Rate with WebSockets

How to use Websockets, to stream heart rate data in real-time.

61. Detecting Humans in Smart Homes with Computer Vision

Learn more about OpenCV, how you can use it to identify and track people in real-time, and what challenges you can meet.

62. Why Choose Python for Your Next IoT Development Project

In recent decades, programmers have been preoccupied with mastering new information, creating algorithms and unique solutions. According to the Stack Overflow Survey, Python is the fastest-growing programming language, which is actively used by software development companies in creating both simple and complex applications.

63. IoT, Big Data and the Era of the Zettabyte

Have you heard about the Internet of Things and Big Data? They are two very trending technologies that have evolved independently for a long time.

64. 3 Ways to Create Static IP for AWS IoT Core

Learn how to create static IP address for AWS IoT Core solutions. Explore three different workarounds in creating a static endpoint for added security.

65. A Dive into Education Tech Trends: Embracing Innovations to Get Smarter

The latest trends that can redefine education, educational establishments and study approaches.

66. A Rudimentary Introduction to the Internet of Things

This is a breakdown of the Internet of Things for beginners. It includes definitions, use cases, and basic concerns.

67. Our Industrial Infrastructure Is A Ticking Time Bomb

It took one aquarium thermometer to steal 10GB of data from a Las Vegas casino. The adapter, which lacked basic security policies, was simply not on the security staff’s priority list. It was, however, on the hackers’.

68. The Impending Digital Dystopia

The growing influence of the internet on our lives may have serious consequences that could pull us into a digital dystopia should we fail to be vigilant.

69. The Role of AI in the IoT Revolution

It is true that IoT or Internet of Things revolution is going on, and AI or Artificial Intelligence can play a vital role in it. Let’s know how the amalgamation of both technologies can change the scenario of the future in the current post.

70. Nodle Cash For iOS Devices Has Arrived

Nodle Cash app is now available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

71. Publish-Subscribe Design Pattern: Introduction to Scalable Messaging

The publish-subscribe (or pub/sub) messaging pattern is a design pattern that provides a framework for exchanging messages that allows for loose coupling and scaling between the sender of messages (publishers) and receivers (subscribers) on topics they subscribe to.

72. Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About the IoT Ecosystem in One Blog Post

“Everything is related to everything else.”

73. Building Business Ecosystems Through an Open Edge (Part One)

In the rapidly-evolving technology landscape, competitive advantage is based on the ability to innovate rapidly and continuously improve an offering through software- and, increasingly, hardware-defined experiences, not to mention better services.

74. No Safety Nets in the Real World

The Dark Side of the Smart Revolution

75. Newest Malware from China

“I think malware is a significant threat because the mitigation, like antivirus software, hasn’t evolved to a point to mitigate the risk to a reasonable degree.” Kevin Mitnick

76. Why Businesses Need to Take Full Advantage of IIOT and Data Analytics

Modern business is driven by digital technology, and yet many business leaders remain hesitant to adopt them.

77. Google Making Fuchsia OS Open For Contributions

Google is like the charm that Princess of Wales Diana used to carry with her every time she interacted with the public. The platform that Google offers lets its users expand the horizon ever imagined. Google uses open platforms to let the users collaborate with the project to develop something unique.

78. Building Inclusive Tech: Interview with HackerNoon Contributor of the Year IOT 2021

79. IoT Development and Edge Computing: Why Do We Need It?

Are you wondering how IoT development services and edge computing could be beneficial in your life or business? Learn more about how IoT services work in this guide.

80. Smart Home Technologies that Will Raise the Value of your Home

Smart homes are rapidly becoming popular across different demographics, and all for good reasons. For starters, smart security systems can detect break-in attempts and alert the authorities even in your absence. Some smart detectors can detect smoke, moisture level, carbon monoxide among other factors that can harm the home. Smart devices save money and allow convenience and efficiency in a huge way. In addition, smart home devices are easy to install. You only need the right tools and instructions to get started.

81. IoT in Smart Buildings – A Behind-The-Scenes Picture on Data Utilization

IoT and smart buildings are all about data, but how is all this data used and what kind of data can you get? Read Haltian's article about smart buildings & data

82. What the New CHIP Standard Means for Smart Home Startups

When most people hear the word “chip” in the context of a smart home, they immediately imagine the microchips at the heart of their smart devices. But whereas chips power the brains of an individual smart device, CHIP will power the brains of an entire smart home. CHIP will offer huge conveniences to consumers, but its openness may make it harder for hardware startups to build ecosystems and defend against inexpensive knock-offs.

83. Integrating System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for Wireless IoT: Prerequisites

The IoT market wouldn't be the same without system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology. IoT devices can be expensive and face compatibility issues, making them unfit for commercial applications, but these everything-in-one chips address that. If you're going to build a product consumers can use, you need to consider your SoC.

84. How to Build a Robust IoT Prototype In Less Than a Day (Part 2)

Welcome back to our second article about creating a robust, bidirectional IoT prototype in less than a day using Arduino, Heroku, and Node-RED. If you missed the first part, we covered setting up Node-RED, adding security, and deploying to Heroku. In this article we'll look at creating our embedded system on the Arduino boards, connecting them to our Node-RED instance, customizing Sketches, and creating a flow that allows our devices to talk to each other. Let's get started.

85. Impact of IoT from Recruiting to the Final Product

(Source: Image by methodshop from Pixabay)

86. After-Hours IoT Hacker John Kinsella has Been Coding Since the 80s

2020 Noonie Nominee, John Kinsella is from the US and has some some simple yet profound advice for makers and writers who might be feeling stuck. Scroll down for a 10-question interview with a veteran computer security industry expert, right after the ad-break.

87. Enterprise Blockchain for SmartCities

What is SmartCity?

88. The Rise of Robots: Insights Into the Global Robotics Market

2020 marks one hundred years since the word “robot” was first coined by science fiction playwright, Karel Capek. Forty years later, in 1961, General Motors installed the worlds first industrial robot, paving the way for automated manufacturing and the era of programmable machines.

89. 5 Tips to Apply IoT to Your Business

You're probably already using IoT devices in your home and even experiencing their benefits on a daily basis. But what about your business?

90. How to Leverage IoT and Mobile App Development ?

Most of the businesses today are looking to leverage on Internet of Things and in due progress achieve Mobile App Development effortlessly. Internet of Things are a befitting technologies especially for the corporate world with emergence of various modern IT Systems. It is a good news for IoT based mobile app developers who have the ability to answer to the current demands in mobile app developments.

91. IIOT – Receiving Data From Mercury Meters Via RS-485 Over TCP/IP

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a technology that is used in manufacturing, warehouses, factories, and laboratories.

92. 10 Strategic Technology Trends Businesses Should Plan for in 2021

Information technology is an ever-evolving field where organizations are exploring specific technology trends, and CxOs are striving to adopt the changing scenarios to compose a better future for the business. Gartner's research president Brian Burke has grouped organizational strategic technology trends into three different categories- people centricity, location independence, and resilient delivery. He also suggests organizational plasticity is the key to strategic tech trends.

93. Not All Encryption Is Created Equal [Analyzed]

Encryption makes the digital world work. It consists of a few elegant math equations that scramble data before being sent over the internet where prying eyes could otherwise intercept it, read it, and manipulate it. Encryption is the reason everything from financial transactions to state secrets get passed around the internet nearly instantaneously, unlocking massive amounts of innovation, wealth, and prosperity as a result.

94. Deciphering the impact of IoT on Smart Lighting

Technology is a compelling resource when it comes to minimizing the chances of covid-19 transmission. While the usefulness in the medical realm is evident and would require a separate discussion, the main focus of our current discussion will be IoT-empowered lighting solutions. Most of the manufacturers dealing in lighting solutions are opting for smart accessibility to minimize human contact.

95. The Nvidia Jetson Nano Is The Biggest Industrial IoT Revolution

It feels like yesterday when the Raspberry Pi foundation released the first-in-line Single Board Computer (SBC) to the market. Back in 2012, Raspberry Pi wasn't alone in the SBC growing market, however, it was the first to make a community-based product that brings the hardware and the software eco-system to a beautiful harmony on the internet.

96. "Ignore those who want to stop your progress," says Noonie Nominee Jeremy Morgan

Among the incredible writers in our diverse community, we discovered Jeremy Morgan from the United States. Jeremy has been nominated for five different Noonie awards, including IoT Writer of the Year. Learn more about Jeremy below and don't forget to vote for him at NOONIES.TECH.

97. What do we expect in innovation and technology by 2020

With the beginning of a new decade, many users set expectations for the new year. But what are the novelties that will be in technology and innovation

98. What is Smart Metering? - Safe and Responsible Consumption

In this article, you can learn more about smart metering and its applications, among which are water and electricity conservation.

99. How to Defend Your Smart Home Against Hackers

Of course, we love hackers here at Hacker Noon. It’s right there in the name.

100. Introducing the Embedded GUI Contest

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Embedded GUI Contest, a contest sponsored by open source RT-Thread IoT OS, LVGL, STMicroelectronics, Nuvoton Technology Corporation, and NXP Semiconductors.

101. Introducing Free-To-Use IDE For Embedded Developers

RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1 is released with 7 New Features.

What is RT-Thread Studio IDE:

RT-Thread Studio is a one-stop development tool that has an easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, which is built to make the IoT development more simple and efficient.

102. MachineFi: Unlocking The Machine Economy

The Internet of Things could be as important to household wealth as homeownership by 2030. MachineFi makes sure this new wealth is distributed fairly.

103. 7 BFSI Trends in 2022: Big Data, Blockchain, and More

BFSI sector is anticipated to witness major trend changes in the technology segment. The article will present details regarding the upcoming transformations.

104. RT-Thread Studio IoT IDE v2.1.0 Update: Fresh Boards, NXP, and MicroChip

RT-Thread Studio V2.1.0 offers a tool associated with tutorials, which helps developers create the BSP visually. Developers can now easily make a board support

105. Building Business Ecosystems Through an Open Edge (Part Two)

Why an Open, Trusted Edge is Key to Realizing the True Potential of Digital Transformation

106. IoT as a Multi-Faceted Game Changer in 2021 and Beyond

There is no second-guessing the predominance of the IT industry, despite the catastrophic effects of the pandemic felt across diverse verticals.

107. Startup Interview with Muhammad Bilal, BreatheIO - CEO/Founder

My startup is called BreatheIO which is a Smart Air Purifier, that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to reduce and control the Air Pollution

108. Does RTOS for Mass Manufacturing Make Sense? [Analyzed]

First thing you should know is that unless you're a highly-skilled firmware developer, it is not easy to program a microcontroller to perform at its full potential. An RTOS can help you with that.

109. 5 Reasons Why Your Website's Visitors Do NOT Convert as Much As You'd Like

As all aspects of life continue to evolve fully into the digital age, businesses have come to the realization that owning an online presence is a prerequisite for their brands to remain relevant. However, some businesspersons, while trying to adopt this online approach, they make critical mistakes that backfire on their brands, both online and offline.

[110. The Internet of Money:

Lubricant for the Internet of Things]( The history, condition, and direction of communication, media, civilization, and the whole of humankind is not complete without discussing the essence and history of money. The history of human civilization can be explained by the constant struggle between two tendencies--centralization vs. decentralization—exemplified by what has unfolded in the development and evolution of communication media technologies. The same is true for money; or what we should more accurately refer to as currency. You might ask, what does money have to do with communication, marketing, and media? Everything. Money is what makes the world go ‘round.  Contrary to the popular song, money CAN buy you love and unfortunately, as we will soon see, money hasn’t exactly made the world go ‘round lately.

111. Everyday Use of Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-connectivity of computing devices that are embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It is simply defined as an extension of internet connectivity introduced into physical devices and everyday objects. These physical devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.

112. Consumer Identity Management is an important security tool for an IoT ecosystem

The industry is just getting started with IoT design and deployment. Now is a good time to think about how CIAM fits with other security services you require.

113. The Convergence of IT and OT in Cybersecurity

Once separate systems, IT and OT are converging as technology continues to develop. With everything connected, how can you keep operational technology secure?

114. How IoT Technology Helps Cities to Focus on People

As cities are concentrating the largest part of the world’s population, they face challenges that have never existed before. Evolution of smart cities from basic infrastructure elements to a comfortable urban ecosystem supports citizens throughout their lives and raises new concerns.

115. How Predictive Maintenance Can Quietly Transform Factory Operations

Predictive maintenance is one of the most funded uses of AI across all heavy industry sectors, from transportation to manufacturing and beyond. This is due to both its potential to improve budgeting and strategizing and reduce costs by providing an overview of the machinery that needs to be replaced.

116. ESP32 connecting Public Cloud with Internet of Things (IoT)

Post Digital Era a new buzzword of 2020. This term can easily scare people, happily working in their current role and start wondering Do we need to upskill again 🤔? But the real fact is that a lot is remaining in the digital transformation space, half of the world population haven't seen the transformation yet. Thus I am on my mission to educate and familiarize people in the world of digitization & I strongly believe that IoT (Internet of Things) has a lot of potentialities to solve real-life problems and complexities of the present World. Thus, I am quite passionate about IoT & exploring it to the fullest.

117. Hacking Humanity: Can We Record and Decode Human Brainwaves?

Thanks to AI and the Internet of Bodies (IoB), decoding the human brain is already well underway, according to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) presentation.

118. AI Deployments To The Embedded Platform

This series of articles teach you step-by-step, how to deploy an AI model on the embedded platform, and here we take opensource RT-Thread IoTOS as an example.

119. Harnessing Metaverse Technology to Build Your Brand Application

Let’s talk about what technologies are used in metaverse development and how businesses can create their own metaverse applications.

120. What is Fluid Computing: Apps and The Future Ahead

Today's buzzword 'fluid computing' is one of the most underrated terms in the architecture world. Fluid computing is the master set of fog computing, edge computing, mist computing, and cloud computing, which is one of the most versatile architectures that can help in radically changing the way businesses function for good. In essence, the flow of computing resources, including the CPUs, storage, and memory into the functionalities such as routers and servers through virtual devices, is known as fluid computing.

121. Driving Change: 5 Automotive Trends and Innovations

During the Coronavirus pandemic, people’s attitudes towards public transportation and carsharing have changed. They are not safe enough. Precisely because of that, most users are now finding comfort in owning a private vehicle.

122. A Guide to Making a BLE-Enabled Smart Bulb with STM32

The aim of this project is to control different home appliances using a web browser or smartphone.

123. AI-enabled Smart Cities: What to Get Right

Data is the foundation of smart cities. However, to deliver the right solutions, planners must establish sustainable data and AI technology policies.

124. Apple Watch Series 6 Review

As technology is updating day by day, many new products are introduced in the market. Today, the device we will discuss is one of the most trendy from 2019 to 2020. A smartwatch, yes, we are going to review ​the Apple Watch Series 6​.

125. The Burgeoning Global Surveillance State - What's Going On?

What is a surveillance state? Privacy International defines it as one which “collects information on everyone without regard to innocence or guilt” and “deputizes the private sector by compelling access to their data”.

126. How to Make Arduino Work with a $4.90 RISC-V Board

Longan Nano with GD32V series MCU costs only $4.9. You then got an Arduino board with 128KB Flash, 32KB RAM, LCD, and even an acrylic case.


127. How Do I Best Secure My IoT Devices?

One of the biggest concerns of IoT is managing the risks associated with a growing number of IoT devices.

128. Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Business Strategy

Companies of all sizes and industries increasingly prioritize technological development in their business strategies.

129. How Wearables Benefit Seniors

Despite societal views on older generations' relationship with technology, seniors are the generation that could benefit the most from wearables.

130. Former CEO of Joins Nodle’s Board

Stefan Rust to Help Grow Nodle Cash, a Cryptocurrency for IoT Built on Polkadot

131. Building Robots for Smarter Cities: How the Manufacturing Process is Everything

Hardware is seeing a resurgence and exponential innovation similar to the software boom a decade ago. And as a robotic delivery company founded in 2017, we have been navigating the manufacturing world and hardware revolution, picking up product design and smart tips along the way.

132. Patient Care Technology and its Impact on the Post-pandemic Healthcare Sector

To battle challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare industry leaders turned to healthcare software development and patient care technology.

133. AI & IOT: Transforming the Future of Website Design

Artificial intelligence, AI, learns, identifies, and implements using machines to design websites consistent with the present trends of the market by generating a customized website design. AI is exploring various platforms, such as the grid, Wix, bookmark, Adobe Sensei, fire drop, GoDaddy, etc. It takes the brain of the designer and formulates it into a machine by creating various programs by understanding all the principles of design according to the present observation of website action.

134. The Complex Systems of Internet of Things Devices Explained

The rise of IoT in networking is sparking key innovations in the field, including complex systems of Internet of Things devices (SIoTD). This guide will cover the basics of this emerging concept and its applications.

135. We Need To Build A Human-Centered Future Because Regulations Alone Aren't Enough

Emerging data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the USA, have sparked global discussion around:

136. IoT Integration: A New Era of Digital Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) integration market size was USD 1.29 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 8.21 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 27.4% .

137. “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below." Metaphors and Analogies in Technological Writing

Significance of using metaphors and analogies in tech writing.

138. IoT as Part of Evolution of Gaming Industry

Before the internet assimilation into the gaming industry, mobile games were trivial — they had basic graphics, were feature-poor and generally bland. Game-boy games were the most popular forms of entertainment, and they were not any good in terms of playability.

139. Discover How IoT is Transforming the Retail Industry

IoT enables data sharing among all the devices in the network, irrespective of their medium of connectivity.

140. How IoT Can Help You Grow Your Business

Internet of Things has become quite a buzzword these days. But what exactly is IoT, and how can it help you grow your business to new heights?

141. An Introduction to 5G Networks and IoT

What is IoT? IoT stands for “Internet of Things”, which describes a system of physical devices that are connected through the Internet. These devices can ...

142. How to Build an IoT Application Using an HTTP API

In this walkthrough, we'll build an IoT application that uses Python to call an HTTP API, and then we'll deploy that application to an M5Stack IoT device.

143. Embedded Systems & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Embedded systems play an important role in the Internet of Things ecosystem due to their specific purposes and the internet-connected networks they create.

144. Storage Options for Serverless on AWS

Serverless computing enables you to run functions without provisioning resources. Most of the top cloud providers offer good serverless options, but this article offers a review of storage options for serverless on AWS. First, you will learn about the core principles of storage and data persistence in serverless computing, and then you'll discover what serverless options are available on AWS for databases, microservices, IoT, and storage synchronization.

145. Information systems play a significant role in the accounting industry

Information systems playing an important role in the pandemic for accountants. Read how IoT is important for accountants in today's world

146. Smart Cities: Cybersecurity in the Era of IoT

A smart city is representative of urbanization in the digital world. The infrastructure of smart cities is built on embedded Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The smart city promises new opportunities and growth in the urban world. These opportunities include better connectivity, productivity, agility, and innovation. However, it is a known fact that with opportunities come challenges.

147. Building Cool IoT Lamp That Can Be Controlled via Google Assistant

You can also refer to my video tutorial:

148. Are we Able to put Internet of Behaviour (IoB) to Good Use?

Internet-connected technologies that gather, integrate, and analyze data about people's behavior in an area are referred to as IoB.

149. How IoT Platforms can Control Digital Transformation 2.1

IoT platform technologies enable traditional businesses to transition to become digital-based businesses.

150. Embedded System Cross-Development With Ubuntu Core

There are fundamental differences between developing general-purpose software applications and making software for embedded systems. Embedded systems software generally runs on resource-constrained hardware, in contrast to general-purpose server or client applications that run on more capable hardware.

151. Artificial Intelligence in 2030: Through The Looking Glass

Today is November 8, 2030, and on this 47th birthday, my entire life seems to be controlled by artificial intelligence, driving my peak performance in everything.

152. Regulators are Just Starting to Understand Crypto and the Impact it can Have on our Society

This article talks about how blockchain can be applied to the IoT industry to protect and leverage security and token economy.

153. Tales From The Blockchain: Our Mainnet Stalled; This is How We Rescued It

Early morning CEST on Monday, October 19, 2020, we detected an issue on Nodle’s main network. It appeared that all our validators were offline and block production had stopped.

154. Why Retail Stores Are More Vulnerable Than Ever to Cybercrime

As more security features rely on the internet, the potential for cyber exploits increases, though this isn't the only reason retail stores are susceptible.

155. These Three Tech Trends Will Shape 2023

Technologies that shaped the last decade will soon be obsolete as new entrants join the scene.

[156. Research and Experimentation of

LoRa in Heavy Multipath]( Recently, we came across this great paper (link, free PDF) about modeling the impact of multipath on Semtech's LoRa modulation.  Specifically, it models Rayleigh flat fading, which is observed in urban and indoor use-cases.  We had just finished testing LoRaWAN vs. Haystack’s LoRa XR2 in an environment with heavy multipath interference (an airport parking garage).  The results were so one-sided that we wanted to find any research that might either validate our results or, potentially, shed light on something we were doing wrong in the experiment.  Fortunately, we found just the paper, and it corroborates perfectly with the experimental results we achieved.

157. The 23rd Century: Enter the Smart City

While it is easy to visualize a smartphone, a smart TV, or even a smart car — the quintessential 23rd Century smart city might largely elicit confusion from the public.

158. Where You Can Go In The Aftermath Of The LoRaWAN Hack

By JP Norair

159. How Blockchain Networks Plan To Interact With The Global Economy

Global GDP rose by 2.2% in 2019, the slowest since the financial crisis of 2008 - 2009. Despite the impact of Covid-19, the global economy is expected to expand by 2.4% in 2020.

160. Eclipse 2020 IoT Developer Survey

On May 12, the Eclipse Foundation launched the sixth edition of the IoT Developer Survey. We encourage developers in the IoT open source ecosystem to add your voice to the IoT Developer Survey to help the industry gain the broadest possible view of the state of IoT technologies in the context of commercial IoT!

161. 4 Future-Proof IT Specialties for IT Workers of Today and Tomorrow

For more than thirty years now, the global IT sector has been growing. Rapid developments in a variety of technology fields have created whole new industries and revolutionized others. For those that became a part of the swelling ranks of IT workers, it's been a time of unprecedented career opportunities.

162. Eco-Big Data Applications in the City: Cleaning Up with IoT and ML

Digitalization is possible not only in enterprises. Digital transformation is catching up even with cities to make them more convenient for residents and less harmful to the planet. How to quickly monitor garbage cans, the state of forest parks, cycling and air purity with the help of big data, machine learning and the Internet of things?

163. Background BLE scan in DOZE mode on Android devices

Hi there! We are the Navigine team. For 8 years we have been providing integrated positioning mobile technologies that enable advanced indoor navigation and proximity solutions. Today we decided to open the doors to our technology and talk about how to scan BLE devices when the Android application is killed and in background mode.

164. Using IoT to Solve Housing Problems and Improve Safety

IoT can help manage air quality and emissions at industrial sites, improve control over electricity, water, and heat meters, and more.

165. DIY Wi-Fi Sensor — No Programming or Soldering Required

This project combines two ideas: no-code/low-code software platform and a quick, robust prototyping system that requires no soldering.

166. Why we Gave Up on the Traditional Firmware Update Process

In this article, I share my experience with making a traditional firmware update and how it slowed down business and describe how to design the IoT platform.

167. Latest IT Technologies and Trends in 2022

Technology has impacted our daily lives in the same way as "bread n butter". Every day begins with technology and concludes with technology.

168. IoIT, or Internet of Intelligent Things

The world is continuously moving towards intelligence, digitalization, and robotics. But what are the factors that are making these things possible?

169. Top 7 European IoT Platforms to Consider in 2021

The European market for IoT solutions is flourishing, with the Nordics catching up closely. In this article we will introduce the best IoT platforms.

170. Blockchain Technology a Natural Progression for Supply Chain Companies

We estimate that the application of Blockchain to global supply-chain alone could result in more than $100 billion in efficiencies. Add improvements in provenance and traceability of pharmaceuticals and food.

171. The Intersection of Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence

We have been living in the digital era of the internet, that is evolving with each passing day and with the advancement in technology, the inhibiting issues of the modern age internet have been liberated with the amalgamation of Blockchain, AI and IoT.

172. Why Software Development Is A Lot Like Building With Unlimited Legos

"After work is where the real fun begins, because I do a lot more dabbling with DevOps, DevOps and applications to automate simple tasks."

173. Why Choose Python for Your Next IoT Development Project

In recent decades, programmers have been preoccupied with mastering new information, creating algorithms and unique solutions. According to the Stack Overflow Survey, Python is the fastest-growing programming language, which is actively used by software development companies in creating both simple and complex applications.

174. Introducing the Embedded GUI Webinar and Design Contest

 RT-Thread IoT OS has partnered with LVGL, Nuvoton, WCH, and NXP to bring the Embedded GUI webinar

175. Cyber Threat From Electric Vehicles Cannot Be Ignored

Reduce EV cyber threats by taking care at public charging stations, installing two-factor authentication, getting repairs from authorized mechanics, and more.

176. Using Web3 to Detangle the World’s Supply Chain

The global supply chain is in a gridlock. Let's fix that.

177. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” Style Location Services Are Finally Here

Supposedly, 300 years in the future, we'll still be using sound to locate people.

178. Jackware: Malware That Controls Machines

Jackware is a form of malware designed purely to cause chaos and destruction. Here's how it works.

179. RT-Thread Studio IDE Upgrades into v2.0 to Support More Kinds of Projects!

WE ARE IN DECEMBER and 2021 is just around the corner. We are so thrilled to release RT-Thread Studio v2.0 before the end of Dec 2020. First things first, we want to thank RT-Thread community developers who contributed their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread Studio progress by giving us feedback, great suggestions, and 100% supports.

RT-Thread Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was launched in 2019, with a powerful graphic configuration system and 270+ out-of-box software packages and a wide range of components resources. All of this offers a way for developers to simplify the complexity of software development. Now let’s head to New Features of RT-Thread Studio v2.0!

180. Industrial IoT and DevOps: How To Get Started

As the Industrial IoT segment is facing many challenges, DevOps for Industrial IoT is helping companies become more efficient. Here's how.

181. 5 Global Domains That Will Transform Blockchain in Aviation by 2025

After a decade of the launch of Bitcoin Blockchain whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, I start my journey in blockchain technology. From the past couple of months, I have been following up with the developments from the smart contract hacks to the recent launch of Facebook Libra Blockchain whitepaper. I am intrigued by the growth of this industry in over a decade; but even now, most people focus on the negative impact of this technology. As humans, undoubtedly, we are prone to criticism of a new idea rather than looking at its positive implications for a better and trustless world.

182. IoT Electric Scooter Cloud Data Collection and Visualization with Soracom + Raspberry Pi [Part 2]

183. From IoT to AI: how digitisation keeps laboratories running during the pandemic

Take a look at the software solutions helping scientists continue research outside of the lab

184. How IoT is Transforming Transportation, Supply Chain, and Logistics

In today’s connected world IoT can speed up the rate of delivery actions of vehicles used for logistics and transportation purposes.

185. All You Need to Know About the Life-Changing Digital Twin Technology

“Digital twin is a digital representation of a physical entity that helps in tracking and modifying the activities of the object real-time”.

186. NexOS, Internet of Things (IoT), And Beyond: Part I

Understanding the inspiration and history behind Nexus helps convey the current vision. This is the first of three articles covering pertinent aspects of Nexus’ history in which the context is set for the burgeoning NexOS (Nexus Operating System), and its innovative security principles are introduced.

187. How the Quantum Computer will Change our Lives

The countdown has now begun. For some it will take 15 years, for others it will only take 10, but the quantum computer is a near reality and is likely to bring about a huge change in the history of mankind.

188. How To Build a GPS Tracker From Scratch Using Arduino

Combining 3 Arduino boards to create a GPS tracker & data logger.

189. A Battle for Earth: 5 Ways IoT Can Help Save Our Planet

Smart ways to save our planet: IoT solutions to eliminate food waste, smart waste management, vertical farming, energy-efficient city lighting, and more.

190. Comparing Different Time-Series Databases

A comparison of data models used in open-source SQL and NoSQL time-series databases for IoT.

191. The Importance of IoT Security

Let's look at why security is very important for IoT devices

192. On RT-Thread Studio IDE

The integrated development environment (IDE) software plays an important role in embedded development, it can reduce repetitive work, minimize the difficulty of project development, improve work efficiency both in speed and quality, and accelerate the overall product development process.

193. The Emerging Techs That Will Drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution

From bespoke conveyor systems that enabled Henry Ford to build the first automobiles to the steam power that powered trains for trade, the first two industrial revolutions sparked a new era of prosperity and economic progress for humankind. More recently, the third revolution ushered in a new era of globalization with instantaneous communication, trade, and commerce over the Internet.

194. How I Learned To Stop Judging People for Falling Into Cybersecurity Traps

It’s all too easy to feel superior to the rest of the world when you work in IT day in and day out. And it’s easy to judge “the common people” for falling victim to cybersecurity scams that your highly trained BS radars would flag in a hot second.

195. Building Business Ecosystems Through an Open Edge (Part Three)

Getting to “Advanced Class”, Including Focusing on Compounding Value with the Right Partners

196. Top Emerging Cybersecurity Threats and How to Prevent Them From Happening to You

The fact is cybercrime is exponentially increasing. For all security threats, technical literacy and awareness are essential to protect yourself from such crime

197. The Internet of Things will Transform these 7 Industries

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, including vehicles, medical devices and home appliances, that use sensors and APIs to connect to one another and exchange data over the internet.

198. I Built The One Browser Extension To Rule Them All

How the Platypush web extension makes it easy to customize your browser and connect things together

199. How We Added Surge Pricing Capabilities to our IoT eScooter with AWS Lambda and SORACOM Funk

This article also comes in video form!

200. Technologies That Are Transforming Logistics Industry

How Big is the Number Game?

201. IoT App Development Companies Collection

Global market for IoT will grow 457 billion by 2020. Here we look at the Top 7 IoT app development companies based on several metrics like customer reviews, usage of the best IoT technological stack, providing the Enterprises increased scalability, cost, and connectivity.

202. Industry 4.0’s Ultimate Impact on Manufacturing Business

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, more popularly coined as Industry 4.0, is brought upon us by restlessly growing volumes of data and all-consuming automation. These are the major modern IT tendencies that cover absolutely any type of business. The ultimate impact of Industry 4.0 is especially focused on the manufacturing sector.

203. The Tactile Internet: A New Internet of Things

The progress is constantly speeding up and the future is at our door — it is something that everyone keeps repeating even not thinking much of this future. But if you start thinking, you find evidence to this in every tool, in every method and technique present in all spheres of life.

204. Tutorial: Build AdonisJS API to store your Raspberry Pi Temperature

In this tutorial we will use AdonisJS to build a simple API that will collect the data from the sensors and store it in a Postgres database

205. New Business Models That IoT Opens Up For Your Company

The Internet of Things opens up opportunities for amazing ideas. ✅ This article will help you choose the IoT business model for market success.

206. IoT Performance Load Testing with Locust and Azure

Test the performance of an IoT system using Locust and Azure.

207. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the HVAC Industry

The term “Internet of things (IoT)” is often used in tech-savvy conversations, and its prevalence in society is increasing exponentially. It is here to stay by making our lives ever more productive. The days of standalone appliances are long gone, and interconnected ‘smart’ devices are the way forward. Even though IoT is already making its presence felt in the fields of consumer electronics, household appliances, power utility distribution, and financial services, there are still some obstacles to cross and mountains to climb before we truly live in an interconnected world.

208. How I Converted My Manual Hand Crank Desk Into An IoT Desk (Part 1)

In this article, I will show you how I converted my manual hand crank desk into an automated IoT connected desk. I’ll be talking about how to size and pick motors, and how to connect your custom IoT devices to Google using Heroku as a public interface.

209. Future of Edge Computing with the Fusion of AI + IoT

Edge Computing is bringing the cloud closer to the edge and the fusion of AIoT innovations is boosting businesses and leading to a more connected future.

210. Is a ZeroTime/Zero-Trust Approach the Perfect Cybersecurity Model?

Many people are familiar with zero-trust network security, which is the assumption of a default state suspicion until authenticated access is granted to network resources. Much less know about zero-time security.

211. IoT Home Irrigation System Using Losant and Particle Photon

Water your plants, get alarms, and analyze the data

212. Things COVID-19 Taught Us About IoT Edge

As we watch various industries react to movement restrictions and new work-from-home environments, it has also caused us to reflect on the future of IoT and the role edge computing will play. We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few observations on how the current situation exemplifies the benefits of edge computing and having remote orchestration capabilities for critical systems through IoT solutions. While we hope that we’ll see a return to a more normal way of life soon, we believe that remotely-orchestrated IoT edge solutions will be an integral part of businesses’ digital strategies well into the future.

213. Interview with David Beberman, Prasaga CTO

Last year, blockchain technology proved its mettle against the backdrop of a failing financial order and a thinly stretched health sector. The growing allure of this technology stems from its innovative approach to recurring issues in a broad range of industries. Recently, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, reiterated his commitment towards utilizing blockchain technology to engineer a privacy-focused and fully decentralized social media platform. In the financial scene, we have witnessed the fusing of digital assets and legacy systems, which gave birth to the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and other blockchain-enabled banking operations. As such, there is no doubt that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

214. Edge Computing Is So Fun - Part 1: Outdoor Edge Computing

Cloud computing has been very boring for a long time. Everything is inside the data center and you don’t even see the systems that you are working on.

215. The Complete Guide to IoT Update Management

Updating your Internet of Things (IoT) Devices can get very challenging, especially with networks of dozens of devices. Managing those updates is difficult.

216. A Brief Guide to Rust for Embedded Development

Rust can be used for embedded development on RT-Thread operating system.

217. The RT-Thread Open-Source Developer Contest

OpenSource RT-Thread IoT OS is teaming up with Programming For Beginners to hold a developer event. We are looking for developers who are ambitious with open-source projects.

218. How Will Laboratories Look and Operate After COVID-19?

The disruptive tech that characterises Lab 4.0 includes basic connectivity of documentation, to automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI)

219. The Easiest Way To Build Your IoT Dashboard

How to use the data Internet of Things generates? Why we need to analyze it? And finally, what tools to use to build an information system?

220. A Guide to Enhancing Security at the IoT Edge (Part 2)

The computing landscape has long observed a swing between centralized and distributed architectures, from the mainframe to client-server to the cloud. The next generation of computing is now upon us, representing both a return to the familiar distributed model and a breakthrough in rethinking how we handle data.

221. How IoT Solutions Helps in Healthcare Industry

Ever since technology was introduced into the business world, there has been a massive change in the fortunes of business sectors. So much so, that every established business sectors and upcoming sector, look to technology to either scale them up or maintain equilibrium, or in case of emerging companies, give them that initial push so that they can get to the autopilot mode.

222. How To Stop Monsters With Truth

E.M. Forster’s 1909 classic “The Machine Stops,” describes a future where humanity lives underground, separated from the natural world, eliminating all impediments to the growth and final hegemony of “The Machine.” Everyone lives in private rooms, and physical interaction is made obsolete by video-calling courtesy of The Machine. All bodily needs — food, clothing, medical assistance — are taken care of by, you guessed it, The Machine.

223. A Beginner's Guide to Home Automation with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Home automation can be achieved using IoT/Smart devices. IoT is a network of devices, devices that are embedded with sensors, software and other tech.

224. IoT Security Challenges and Risk Mitigation Strategies

The Internet of Things plays a key role in digital transformation. However, in many cases, organizations realize that they already have a large fleet of legacy

225. Securing the IoT Edge (Part 1)

IoT adoption in enterprises is on the rise. Yet despite interest in the space accelerating, organizations of varying sizes and verticals have run into several roadblocks in implementation.

226. Fabio Manganiello on Home-Made Computer Vision, IoT, Automation, AI

Fabio Manganiello writes about solutions he's discovered while building a platform, library of plugins and an API to connect/manage any device and service through any backend, allowing users to easily set up any kind of automation. Fabio is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has been nominated for a 2020 #Noonie for exceptional contributions to the IoT tag category on Hacker Noon.

227. Anthos on Bare Metal: How to Manage a Private Cluster From the Cloud

The millions of devices that currently make up the Internet of Things (IoT) reside not in the cloud but on-premises: from retail stores to factory floors.

228. 8 Important Criteria to Follow Before Selecting the Right RPA Tool

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that allows businesses to configure computer software, or a “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. RPA robots utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications mimicking human actions. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive and mundane tasks. What acts in the favor of an RPA software is that unlike humans, robots never sleep, make zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.

229. IoT Use Trends Among SMBs: Survey-Based Insights

What is the current state of the IoT software development market, and what are the major IoT challenges businesses and entrepreneurs go through?

230. Here's Your Best Bet at Setting Up a Secure Home IoT System

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a growing number of products that can help you have a smarter home.

231. Why 5G Security Will Suffer From 4G Vulnerabilities

The fifth generation of mobile communication networks isn’t on its way; it's already here. You’ve probably heard plenty about 5G in the past few years, as this promising new generation of wireless technology is what’s enabling the continued spread of the internet of things and a host of other digital innovations. Virtually all tech experts agree that 5G technology is a good thing, given that it will lead to faster connectivity and more secure networks. However, there are good reasons to believe that the staggered deployment of 5G technology will mean that it remains vulnerable to a number of security woes currently plaguing 4G technology.

232. How to Control your IoT Electric Scooter Fleet Remotely with SORACOM Napter [Part 3]

233. How IoT Data Can Help Accelerate Digital Transformation

Every business is dreaming about how digital transformation will push productivity and profits to the max. The buzzword (or rather the phrase) of the last couple of years is known for “driving efficiencies and innovation”.

234. The Way to Building Integrated Data Platforms with IoT Edge Devices and AI Algorithms "At the Edge"

There is growing demand in various industries, such as energy, agriculture, transportation, and also in scientific research fields, particularly environmental studies, for not only more intelligent and efficient data collection, but also for distributed and localised manipulation of the data being collected, in real-time.

235. Why Engineering Can't Be The Only Team Responsible for Keeping IoT Devices Online

You're a scooter-sharing start-up who just raised $100 million from Seq-reessen-losa Ventures. Cool. It's time to drop those 50,000 scooters you just unloaded from container ships fresh from Shenzhen. You have 100 cities on your todo list. What's your plan to keep track of them once you've unleashed them on millions of unsuspecting citizens?

236. Anomaly Detection Strategies for IoT Sensors

Motivation - Algorithms for IoT sensors

237. Top 7 Leading Industrial IoT Solution Providers


238. The Internet of Dogs: How to Build a $50 IoT Dog Collar That Locates Your Pet

I love side projects. They give me the opportunity to flex my creative muscles and tinker with tech like the Internet of Things (IoT) in new ways. Fortunately, I didn't have to look far for my next one; a common conundrum for pet owners fueled this concept for an IoT dog collar.

239. Is COVID-19 A Blessing In Disguise For The Manufacturing Sector?

Before COVID-19 stopped us dead on our tracks, businesses all around the globe already had enough problems to deal with.

240. How Does Triple-A Approach to IoT Security Work [An Overview]

With billions of connected devices already deployed worldwide and companies resorting to IoT development services more frequently, IoT security issues remain a matter of concern.

241. Using IoT Sensors in Healthcare to Stop COVID-19

Currently, many problems are arising in healthcare because healthcare workers cannot reach all their patients, but now IoT can help solve this problem.

242. Home Cooling Fan Made Smart with JavaScript [Tutorial]

(This article is co-authored by Chinedu Imoh)

243. Blockchain Technology Will Unleash The Power of IoT - And We're Ready to Prove it

Our solution is to provide businesses with a service registry infrastructure that allows them to write their networks' configuration data onto the blockchain.

244. This Swiss Company is Building a Constellation of Nano-Satellites

Astrocast is a company working to provide 100% of global coverage for IoT with an innovative constellation of nano-satellites.

245. Biometrics And The Future Of Tracking

Almost any organization experiences one of the main problems with the personnel policy - personnel discipline. It is particularly relevant for large companies. Here are several unpleasant consequences that this problem leads to. First of all, these are quite tangible hidden costs due to insufficient production of goods and services, foregone turnover, loss of important customers, and other losses from the irrational use of working time by employees. Let's say an employee takes 15-20 extra minutes every day to be late, protract a lunch break, have smoke breaks, go home early, and other things. Shouldn't be too hard to calculate that eventually it all takes an entire working day from one working month. In reality, people spend much more working time on personal needs: up to 35%.

246. Crack Open the IoT Vulnerabilities of Realtek

Taiwanese chip designer Realtek has warned of four recent vulnerabilities in three SDKs in its WiFi modules.

247. Reinventing Consumer Relationships In IoB

While technological dependency increases for people in personal and professional aspects, IoT has now started to enhance the way humans perceive themselves.

248. How To Build an IoT Revenue Model?

Over the past couple of years, many enterprise IoT applications have produced disappointing financial results. Several high-profile industrial IoT projects (which I will not mention here) got bogged down in implementation and were pared back substantially.

249. 14 IoT Adoption Challenges That Enterprises Need To Overcome

Tech-enabled industries are never short of buzzwords and the latest to join the bandwagon is the Internet of Things. Though this Industry 4.0 solution is available for long, the need for adding smart technology has increased presently among industry leaders.

250. ECOLAB3D: A Poem

I found myself formless, waking up near the Asset Tree with this predicting platform

251. Indoor Positioning and Predicting the Most Suitable Boutiques in Shopping Malls for Customers

Indoor navigation and machine learning combination both for helping users to find the most suitable stores and for helping stores to advertise their products.

252. How to Use MDK-ARM to Simulate a Hardware Module That Runs the RT-Thread RTOS


253. 10 Ways IoT Can Help Environmental Sustainability

Care to live in a sustainable and environmentally safe future? These 10 IoT use cases can help

254. IoT Trends And Insights That Can Guide Your Business Decisions: 2020 Edition

Internet of Things is literally changing our world. The global number of IoT devices is predicted to grow from 30.7 to 35.8 billion in a single year (2020-2021). Both industrial and consumer niches get transformed by diverse IoT applications.

255. Technological Advancements In The Semiconductor and Electronics Industry

Many semiconductor companies have benefited from the emerging spectrum of applications of IoT-enabled electronics and AI-driven chips in a variety of areas.

256. The Best Practices for Web3 Security Risk Mitigation

This article highlights the risks and vulnerabilities within the Web3 ecosystem and the best practices for Web3 security risk mitigation. Read on.

257. WTF is Network Slicing?

The recent progress in communications and sensors have paved the path for the ever-growing development of Internet of Things (IoT) services, where a tremendous number of devices demand access to the transport network, using commonly deployed fixed or wireless access technologies or even mobile Radio Access Network (RAN).

258. The Challenges of Running Computer Vision on the Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the field of making computers able to act intelligently, to make decisions in real environments that will have favorable outcomes.

259. The Growth of Internet of Things: Effective Technology Opportunities

Objectives of IoT: understand the strategy, regulate processes, correct device management protocols, collect & analyze information, protecting it, and store.

260. Machine Learning, 5G and Data Science Will be Critical to the Future of the Internet of Things

By 2020, the total number of Internet-connected devices will be between 25-50 billion.

261. An Intro to HVAC IoT System Development

Homeowners and enterprises waste a great deal of money on inefficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVACs) systems. Unnecessary energy consumption is a problem for both large corporations and small businesses.

262. IoT Product Development Guide for Startups

This IoT product development guide will help you keep your IoT project on the right track, save budget, and keep your customers happy.

263. Smart Tattoos: A Deep Dive

I recently wrote an article titled “The “Next Big Thing” in Technology : 20 Inventions That Will Change the World”, which was read more than 21,000 times in August. Interestingly, out of the 20 innovations described, “Smart Tattoos” is the one that generated the most excitement.

264. Edge Computing is So Fun Part 5. CDN Is The Magic Inside Disney’s Streaming Services

Without the CDN infrastructure, Disney+'s 100 million subscribers will not be able to enjoy the movies at home during the pandemic.

265. Is "Society 5.0" Supplementing AI as Technology's Latest and Greatest Snake Oil?

Photo Credit, Jeremy Weate

266. Monetization Models, Use Cases, and Business Opportunities of IoT Solutions

New IoT applications appear daily. Learn how to ensure your IoT solutions bring revenue and leverage all the benefits of IoT products’ ever-growing demand.

267. Compact Blockchain Protocols can Disrupt IoT Devices

If designed in a compact manner, blockchain applications can disrupt the IoT industry.

268. Why SigFox is Not a Good Option for Connected Street-Lighting

SigFox has notable data size limitations; while it can be good for several IoT applications, it limits the smart street lighting E2E capabilities.

269. How IoT Context Awareness & The Catapult Blockchain Solve the menace of ATM Skimming

About a week ago, I stopped by my local bank’s ATM machine. As I lined up behind a couple of other customers, I felt an air of tension and unease. The woman at the ATM machine was glancing cautiously at people behind her through the mirrors placed on the machine. Although I understood her caution, I wondered if she knew that a more threatening thief might not be directly behind her. Rather, the thief could be sitting comfortably at home reading the sensitive data off of her ATM card through a magnetic strip skimmer while obtaining her PIN number with a tiny, thermal camera placed on the ATM machine.

270. Will Our Appliances Think Someday? Maybe.

Every “thing” in our world will soon have a face, a voice, a personality, a purpose, a mission, and even values.

271. Using IIoT to Streamline Business Processes

As the world of technology expands, one innovation experiencing an explosion in adoption is the industrial internet of things, commonly abbreviated as IIoT.

272. Understanding Healthcare Internet of Things: Top 6 Use Cases

The future of IoT-enabled smart health shows no sign of slowing down.

273. Understanding How UUIDs Save Time and Storage

Learn more about the universally unique identifier (UUID) and how using UUID in your QuestDB instance can help reduce query time as well as save storage space.

274. Why Should Businesses Collaborate With an IoT App Development Company?

Considering IoT a true digital transformation enabler, businesses collaborate with IoT app development services providers to gain competitive advantages.

275. IoT Trends in 2021: Driving Innovation in Businesses

Here are the latest IoT trends and key predictions of how the Internet of Things will drive digital transformation of business in 2021.

276. How To Build A Profitable IoT Product in 4 Simple Steps

Over the last decade, there has been a substantial amount of hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it can be a strategic game changer for businesses. However, it is important to establish that simply investing in IoT is not a winning strategy. Building an IoT product that provides continuous, recurring value requires strategic planning and a focus on solving the right problems in your business.

277. Gas Pump Skimmer Fraudsters Want Your Credit Card Number - NEM Catapult To The Rescue!

Authors: Bassem Youssef & Bader Youssef

278. Top IoT Security Issues That Every Business Owner Should Know About

As a business owner, it's important to be aware of the top IoT security issues. Explore the most common threats and how to protect your company against them.

279. Interview with CEO of BreatheIO, Startup of the Year in Lahore Nominee

BreatheIO is nominated in HackerNoon's Startups of the Year Awards for Best Startup in Lahore.

280. IoT Tutorial: Room Temperature Sensors From A Raspberry Pi, Using Go

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to grab temperature from a Raspberry Pi and build an endpoint to store the data, with Go.

281. Smart Warehousing Helps Businesses Achieve Operational Excellence

A smart warehouse uses IoT and warehouse management software to automate workflows and drive efficiency. It can increase the efficiency of operating actions.

282. Data Is Now a Luxury Good: Here’s Why (It Shouldn’t Be)

When was the last time you read a privacy policy?

283. A Look at Anomaly Detection and Why It's Important in the AI Space

A Look at Anomaly Detection and Why It's Important in the AI Space

284. Important Considerations for Pushing AI to the Edge

AI at the edge means that we’re simply moving at least portions of the process out of centralized data centers closer to where the data originates and where decisions are made in the physical world.

285. Zero Trust Strategies To Combat Breaches Like Mirai, Stuxnet, Verkada and Beyond

A zero trust security model at the end would prevent breaches from happening.

286. Top Ways Organizations Can Secure Their IoT Devices

With the internet of things, which has been around for a while, IoT, sensors, or whatever we call them, the contentedness we have been enjoying, at the same time has resulted in the expansion of the threat landscape exponentially in the past few years.

287. 10 Companies Building IoT Devices in 2022

Our life today is comfortable to a large extent due to smart devices. These things are the world of the Internet of things (IoT).

288. How Components Can Help to Speed Up the Development Process using the RTOS

Do you need components when you're working on a real-time operating system? The components such as FinSH console, virtual file system, utest framework, dynamic module, socket abstraction layer, AT commands, POSIX interface, Ulog log, power management, or network framework. If you have these demands, this article may be of interest.

289. Making My IoT Security Camera System on Render

How To Create Your Own Security Camera System With Raspberry Pi, Picamera2, Flask, and Render

290. How Integrated GPS Works With Smart EV Routing

Accurate GPS built into electric vehicles enables intelligent and smart EV routing with access to nearby charging stations, available charge data, and distance

291. IoT Security Threats in Retail: How Do We Eliminate Them?

The number of smart connected devices on the Internet, including cameras, machines, and sensors, has grown exponentially. According to the premier market research firm, International Data Corporation, by 2025, it’s estimated that we will have approximately 41.6 billion connected devices.

292. Facial Recognition On Drone

A facial recognition demonstration using Keras, Tensorflow, python and the drone Tello, from DJI.

293. What Can IoT Tech do for the Automobile Industry?

The (IoT) is a setup that takes all the physical computing devices and connects them to the Internet, providing them with UID and the ability to transfer data.

294. How to Use IoT in Supply Chains

What is IoT and is it really a technology of the future? and more importantly, how can it be used in optimising supply chains?

295. Nodle's Arcadia Blockchain TestNet Brings You a More Secure and Faster Blockchain [Announcement]

Having launched our network one year ago on the Stellar Blockchain to support Nodle Cash micro-transactions, we have now to-date processed approximately 1.3 million transactions per day (more on that here). Bitcoin by comparison is realizing around 300,000 transactions per day.

296. Cannabis tech: some people love it, some hate it, some make money out of it

If you are interested in capitalizing on your state’s legalization, this article will help you better understand the peculiarities of the cannabis business.

297. IoT Can Help Control The COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021

The Internet of Things is a paradoxical technology: despite its simplicity, it can dramatically improve people’s daily lives and make businesses more profitable and less risky. Yet the majority of companies still hesitate when it comes to the implementation of IoT in business operations.

298. "Develop the Habit of Upgrading Yourself," Advises Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal (Pakistan) is a 5x 2020 Noonie Nominee for contributions to the Entrepreneurship, Founders, IoT, Life, and Life Lessons tag categories on Hacker Noon. In this interview, Muhammad shares personal perspectives regarding self-awareness, problem solving, and stagnation.

299. IoT Innovation From The COVID-19 Global Pandemic in 2021

Here's a look ahead to 2021 and some of how we can expect this megatrend to take shape and play an increasingly important role in how we live, play, and work.

300. How Hot Does it Get Inside a Car During a Heat Wave?

Using a Raspberry Pi to measure the temperature inside a Ford Focus during a record-breaking heatwave.

301. The Promise Of Edge Computing

Edge Computing uses local devices to compute, store and communicate data. Edge computing can therefore be thought of as an extension of cloud services (which allow compute, storage, analytics, and other functions to be executed remotely) to the user’s local devices, speeding up computation and making it more secure.

302. How IoT And Edge Computing Influence Various Industries

From healthcare to lifestyle, everything is being influenced by emerging technologies like IoT and edge computing. Moreover, as data remains the foundation of today’s economy, businesses can use these emerging technologies to offer a more personalized experience to their customers.

303. What Will be the Next Home Gadget to Drive Every Adult Insane?

The HN team discusses the next big thing in smart home gadgets and what new technology they'd like to see available for purchase.

304. How New Tech Will Help Avoid Delivery Delays This Holiday Season

If every cloud has a silver lining, eCommerce has found one in COVID-19. Due to the fear over risks of infection, consumers, in general, are avoiding in-person shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and choosing to shop online instead. In the first eight months of 2020, online sales generated $497 billion in revenue. Adobe estimates that COVID-19 has lifted eCommerce sales by $107 billion since March.

305. What You Need to Consider When Hiring a Data Scientist

Dubbed “the sexiest job of the 21st century” by the Harvard Business Review, the demand for data scientists has grown dramatically. The number of job postings for this career increased by 31% from December 2017 to December 2018. And over the course of the last 6½ years, postings have surged by a staggering 256%.

306. Healthcare Technology Trends, Digital Innovations in 2022

Explore the main tech innovations that have the potential to transform your healthcare organization in 2022.

307. An Introduction to WebRTC App Development

WebRTC is easy in implementation, but сhallenging on the backend! Read about how to overcome challenges of WebRTC app development.

308. Why Choose the MQTT Protocol for your IoT Devices (with some caveats)

Reasons and Peculiarities of Choosing MQTT Protocol for Your IoT Devices

309. IoT Devices, Lighting Solutions And Their Adoption After Pandemic

Technology is a compelling resource when it comes to minimizing the chances of covid-19 transmission. While the usefulness in the medical realm is evident and would require a separate discussion, the main focus of our current discussion will be IoT-empowered lighting solutions. Most of the manufacturers dealing in lighting solutions are opting for smart accessibility to minimize human contact.

310. Technology Boosts Supply Chain Management During The Pandemic

Here are several technologies that help companies build an agile supply chain during COVID-19 pandemic including blockchain tech, cloud MRP solutions, and more.

311. Pushing AI to the Edge: Use Cases and What is Next [Part 2]

In Part One of this two-part Q&A series we highlighted some key considerations for edge AI deployments. In this installment, our questions turn to emerging use cases and key trends for the future.

312. Future DeFi : Better Transparency, Efficiency, and Control

The DeFi will appear in a more advanced and refined form in the future. The quantum computing and AI will be integrated to solve so many issues.

313. Big Tech Is Acquiring Access to Your Health & Home


314. Opportunities for IoT Development with MQTT v5.0

Read about when to use MQTT 5 protocol for IoT networks; what features differ it from v3.1.1. Find out how to install and configure an MQTT 5 broker for IoT

315. A Data-Backed Look At the Post-Coronavirus Cybersecurity Landscape

Not so long ago, the buzz in cybersecurity circles was all about COVID-19 and how malicious actors were exploiting the panic via a wave of targeted phishing attempts. Well, much to everyone's relief, the trend didn't last long. Some of that is due to security firms getting the word out so quickly, and some of it is due to the general public becoming more aware of potential threats and behaving with more care as they encounter suspicious situations.

316. A Guide to Network Gadgets that Contain Ping, NTP, TFTP, and Iperf

In network-related product development and debugging, useful gadgets can often achieve more. Based on the network development scenario, RT-Thread developed the RT-Thread NetUtils component that collecting lots of easy-to-use network development tools for developers.

317. How I Hacked the Lenovo Carme HW25P Smartwatch

In this tutorial I am going to tell you how I hacked Lenovo Carme smart watch using Python3 in less than 100 lines of code and with basic knowledge of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). This code has been tested on Ubuntu 18.04. It will not work on Windows. You can find the source code for the same in my Github repository here.

318. The Cost of Implementing IoT Solutions

In this article, you’ll find a detailed overview of the key factors affecting IoT price, as well as estimates of custom IoT systems from the ITRex portfolio.

319. Technology has Brought New Innovations to How Art is Made, Displayed, and Sold

The pandemic with its subsequent lockdowns is forcing artists to search for innovative ways to display and sell their work. And while many people welcome technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT) in art distribution, they are skeptical about its ability to generate art. They think such pieces will lack creativity and will generally be out of place. Here is one example to challenge this belief.

320. IoT in Healthcare: Benefits And Examples

Clinics and medical centers have significantly evolved thanks to the implementation of IoT solutions. In this article, we’ll discuss which healthcare problems IoT can solve, how the clinics and hospitals can benefit from using IoT, and why IoT development in healthcare is worth investing in.

321. Creating Our Own Custom Messaging Solution for IoT Devices

The Internet of Things relies on the interoperation of network nodes. Integra created a custom technology that improved client-server interaction.

322. Improving IoT Device Security Prevention from Zero-Day Attacks

Security for the “Internet of Things” (or IoT) is still relatively new to a majority of organizations.

323. Something About The Six Core Technologies In The Metaverse

In this article, we will disscuss about the 6 core technologies in the Metaverse that will enable it to exist and live up to the hype in the near future.

324. Comparison of IPFS and EdgeFS for Secure Edge/IoT Computing use cases

Data security presents a major challenge of Edge/Fog computing growth. Learn how to overcome issues with the introduction of modern decentralized data layer EdgeFS.

325. Investing in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a fast-growing area of technology that will one day have virtually the entire world connected. For now, it's still in the relatively early stages, so there may be opportunities to invest early in companies that will benefit from the IoT.

326. Smart Hospitals: A Market Overview and Prevailing Trends

The pandemic has uncovered and amplified the struggles the healthcare sector is facing. From huge doctor workloads to unsatisfied patients to unorganized facilities where employees waste hours searching for critical equipment. Another influential factor is the emergence of “informed patients” who refuse to receive care passively. They ask for more information and demand a say in their treatment choices. Many medical facilities have already turned to healthcare technology companies for a smart hospital makeover, which will help them cope with the pandemic and build their services around the patient. This article provides the market overview of smart hospital technology and highlights some aspects that you can consider before digging into implementation.

327. Staring into the Black Mirror with The Most Connected Man on Earth

All throughout his day, Chris is connected to numerous sensors that collect the data that make up his life.

328. Adding IoT To My Home Office Desk (Part 2)

In part one I discussed the first version/Bluetooth version of my desk upgrade.

329. Smart Manufacturing: Why Lamborghini, Adidas & Amazon are Adopting It

The manufacturing industry enjoys a rich history of technological evolution. It is also one of the top industries with the highest investment in technology and specifically IoT. As per a Marketsandmarkets report, the global IoT in manufacturing market size is expected to grow from USD 33.2 billion in 2020 to USD 53.8 billion in 2025, at a CAGR of 10.1% in the given period. Technological innovations have transformed various industries, sectors, and companies right from accelerating production, product development, software integrations, improving CX, and more.

330. How Does A Remote Control Work?

For the last 3 years we have been working with IR signals every day. And all this time we learn something new. Let's find out how it works!

331. The Evolution of Smart-Cities With AI and Blockchain Technology

This article grants a comprehensive understanding of the applications and prospects of AI Blockchain technology in smart cities.

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