A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for businesses (2/3)by@liamiscool
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A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for businesses (2/3)

by Liam HänelJuly 11th, 2017
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This list contains companies working on artificial intelligence and machine learning products primarily for business use, non-specific to any industry. Industry specific AI will be the final part of this series.

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The long awaited Part 2 of 3 of this series has arrived. It has taken me a significant amount of time longer to put together than I had anticipated. Now the wait is over, here it is…

This list contains companies working on artificial intelligence and machine learning products primarily for business use, non-specific to any industry. Industry specific AI will be the final part of this series.

Rise of artificial intelligence is rapidly taking over the world, especially countries like Anguilla; a small island in the Eastern Caribbean with the use of their .ai top level domain for companies within the AI and robotics industry. But in all seriousness, AI is without a doubt accelerating much faster than is probably known and much more established within our daily lives than most would realise. Conducting this research has demonstrated sheer scale of the landscape and progress of the artificial intelligence industry.

“Already humans and AI are co-evolving and no one has paid attention to this yet…”

“When we search on Google, it’s an AI deciding what we should see. When a dating site matches two people together there’s a machine learning algorithm… that is getting people together, that then have babies. And so in effect you have this machine learning algorithm that is breeding humans.”— Sam Altman, discussing AI here.

In the case of the companies listed below, business and AI are co-evolving.

With so many websites to go through and dissect there may be some descriptions or names that need changing. Please let me know if that’s the case or if you think there are companies I should add to the list. Shoutout to me here, and I’ll get on to it!

Artificial Intelligence for businesses (enterprise intelligence):

🔉 Audio

Capio— language transcription and recognition
Clover Intelligence— ?
Deepgram — transcribes insights from phone calls, video footage, and online
Gridspace— discover more customer and employee conversations**
MindMeld — advanced AI to power conversational interface
Nexidia — turns customer interactions into valuable insights
Pop Up Archive **— makes sound searchable
TalkIQ — critical insights about your customers conversations
Twilio — building blocks to add messaging, voice, and video to web+apps

📊 Business Intelligence & Analytics

Arago/HIRO — optimise and autonomously IT and business operations**
** —behavioural AI for IoT
Ayasdi — a suite of intelligent applications for enterprise
DataRobot— a range of products to improve enterprise products**
Dataminr — discovers events and breaking information before the news
Electra by Lore— helps you to answer questions about your business
Einstein— a smarter Salesforce
Fuzzy AI— adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile apps — helps you index, search, visualise and analyse your data
NXT AI— is a framework for temporal pattern recognition and prediction
Paxata — to transform raw data into useful information automatically — helps you monitor server bugs

Sundown** — automates repetitive tasks within your business
UBIX — making complex data science easy for enterprise — helps you do more with your data— a marketplace for analytics — captures, categorises, and extracts key information from all your data
AnswerRocket— fast data insights using search— solves big data better, faster and at less cost
Ecosystem.AI — find hidden value in complex human and business ecosystems
Prix — helps to optimise pricing

🍎 Core AI

Algorithmia— a common API for many algorithms, functions and models
Arya— workbench for neural networks
CognitiveScale— advanced industry specific ML for the enterprise
Digital Reasoning— advanced machine learning for enterprise
Fluid AI — advanced machine learning for enterprise— open source machine learning and deep learning platform
Loop AI Labs— advanced machine learning for enterprise
Nervana— deep learning as computational system
Petuum— advanced machine learning for enterprise
Scaled Inference — advanced machine learning for enterprise
Sentient— range of financial, ecommerce and digital marketing AI products
Skymind — open-source deep learning and ETL for enterprise on the JVM
Vicarious — advanced machine learning for enterprise
Loom Systems — log Analysis for enterprises

PipelineAI— solves the problem of production ML and AI at scale
Ogma— building AI using neuroscience

📋 Data Capture

Amazon Mechanical Turk— marketplace to automate simple processes
CrowdAI— automate the discovery of objects at scale
Datalogue— automatically prepare any data for immediate & compliant use
DataSift— helps structure data from social media and blog
Diffbot— automatically extract web pages as structured data — extract data from almost any website
Playment — training data, image annotation and more for enterprise**
WorkFusion** — tools for operations team to automate business processes

🔬 Data Science

BigML— single platform for all predictive use cases
CrowdFlower— training data, image annotation for machine learning teams
Dataiku— data science platform for prototype, deploy, and run at scale
DataScience— enterprise data science platform for R&D and production**
Domino Data Lab — platform for collaborating, building and deploying
Exploratory — makes DS accessible to analysts with OpenSource algorithms

Kaggle** — helps you learn, work, and play with machine learning models
RapidMiner — makes data science teams more productive
Seldon— helps DS teams put machine learning models into production
SherlockML— a platform to build, test, and deploy AI algorithms**
Spark **— research engine, capable of discovering complex patterns in data
Tamr — makes data unification of data silos possible
Trifacta— helps put data into useful structures for analysis
Yhat— allows data scientists to deploy and update predictive models rapidly
Yseop — automate the writing of reports, websites, emails, articles and more

💻 Development

AnOdot — detects business incidents
Bonsai— develop more adaptive, trusted and programmable AI models — helps predict project timelines — adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile apps
Gigster— connecting projects with the right team
Kite— augments your coding environment with web available knowledge
Layer 6 AI — deep learning platform for prediction and personalisation
Morph— makes developing chatbots for your business easy
Ozz— make your bot smarter, by helping it self learn
RainforestQA— rapidly web and mobile app testing
SignifAI— increase server uptime and predict downtime
Turtle — project management and chat software that’s easy for teams — automatically optimises app content, design, pricing etc. — gesture recognition for developers
Cognitive Toolkit — trains deep learning algorithms to learn like human brain
Bonsai— abstracts away the complexity of ML libraries like TensorFlow for more effective management of AI models
Tangle— helps with decision making for designers, engineers and leaders
Imandra — helps analyse algorithm

📂 Internal Data

Alation — helps you work together, improve productivity, and data indexing**
Cycorp — a range of different AI enterprise products
Databricks — takes the pain of cluster management away to focus on DS — helps predict project timelines
Gavagi— insight into online trends and other text analytics tools
IBM Watson — AI platform for business

Kyndi — helps knowledge workers process vast amounts of information
oneFactor — SaaS AI for risk management and operations
Probot — makes your business software smarter

Sapho** — helps employees with tasks and access data using micro apps
Sofia — better website analytics

eContext — structure for unstructured data
Hayley— create intelligent interactions between people, devices, and data
RelativeInsight— deep insights into customers and internal data
Rainbird —automate decision-making at scale

🤖 Machine Learning

PI.Exchange—No-code end-to-end AutoML tool that takes you from data to predictions in minutes*
Bonsai — develop more adaptive, trusted and programmable AI models__
Cycorp*__ — a range of different AI enterprise products
Datacratic— helps you focus your digital ad on people you want to target— analyse data in the form of images, speech, text and video
Geometric Intelligence— now apart of the Uber AI Labs
HyperScience — can do menial task work, saving time for employees
Nara Logics— platform to unite siloed data for better recommendations
SigOpt — improves machine learning models 100x faster

Amazon Machine Learn — ML-as-a-service, amongst other things
Providence — import predictive models and scale infinitely to answer existential questions

📡 Sensor (IoT/IIoT)

Alluvium — platform delivers real-time operational insights for industry
Black— learns about shoppers behaviour in your store
C3 IoT — helps to unify application development and data science
KONUX— sensor analytics solution for businesses
Imubit — machine learning for manufacturing process optimisation
Maana — a range of workflow optimisation products for fuel and industry
Predix — helps you develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps
Planet OS— helps renewable energy companies utilise their data better
Sight Machine— manufacturing analytics
Sentenai — automates data engineering for data science
Snips— add a voice assistant to your connected product
ThingWorx— platform to manage the development for your IoT applications
Uptake— a predictive platform for major industries
Verdigris — smart building management for commercial buildings

📚 Text Analysis/Generation

Agolo— creates summaries from your text and information in real-time
AYLIEN— extract meaning from your text and visuals
Compreno — text analytics and mining which works without any training** — advanced language processing
**—automatic knowledge acquisition from text
IntroSpect by Lore— build profile and understand your users better
Lexalytics— scaleable text analytics software
Luminoso— capture, measure, and act on customer feedback
MonkeyLearn— scalable API to automate text classification
Narrative Science— interprets your data more useful information
Qeep— helps you find errors and inaccuracies in documents
spaCy— free open-source library natural of language processing in Python
Salient— automates information extraction, management and analysis
Stride— turn text into insights
Textio— helps improve how your job ads are written
Yseop — automate the writing of reports, websites, emails, articles and more

😎 Vision

ABBYY — add instant text capture functionality to mobile apps and more!
— automated drones with vision and diagnosis capabilities
Affectiva— analyses subtle facial expressions to identify human emotions
Algocian— makes every camera in the world smart
__Angus.a__i— helps cameras to detect analyse the video feed— finds defects in wind turbines
Captricity— extracts and transforms data from handwritten and typed forms
Clarifai— helps you to organise media libraries
Cortica— visual analysis for medical and transport industry
Deepomatic— image detection for a range of uses and industries
DeepVision— brand and face recognition
Descartes Labs — makes satellite imagery useful
Flixsense — the first intelligent cloud video platform**
** — computer vision for automative and human detection
GrokStyle— matches similar products and helps to suggests combinations
Haystack— facial recognition
HireVue— uses facial recognition to help you decided on job candidates
Lunit Inc.— medical data analysis and interpretation
Matroid— recognises different objects and things
Netra— dedicated brand recognition for social networks
Orbital Insight— satellite image analysis
Pilot AI Labs— deep-learning based computer vision platform
Planet— planet monitoring and analysis using satellite imagery
Spaceknow— satellite image analysis— is an eye and emotion tracking platform
Valossa— understands and describes video content
Vidi — image analysis primarily for industrial purposes

CloudSight — high quality understanding of images within seconds
Irvine Sensors — detects foreign and intentionally placed objects for security — a range of intelligent computer vision techniques

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