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Apple Watch Series 6 Review

by Get review ItOctober 20th, 2020
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The Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the most trendy smartwatches from 2019 to 2020. The device has an oxygen sensor that would help you check the quantity of oxygen in your blood. Apple has added many more features that would impress you to buy it. There is no competition between an Apple smartwatch and a China-made copy of the watches. The new model has an upgraded processor and an improved wifi antenna with 5GHZ band support. It also has a sleep tracker, emoji sender, fitness tracker, and step counter.

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As technology is updating day by day, many new products are introduced in the market. Today, the device we will discuss is one of the most trendy from 2019 to 2020. A smartwatch, yes, we are going to review ​the Apple Watch Series 6​.

We all know that every year Apple has updated many features in its products. Like if we discuss iPads or Macs, then many new features are found in these devices. Same in Apple smartwatch, which is now going to be in the 6th generation of series of smartwatches.

Some people said that there are no changes except for one oxygen sensor. But how could you judge without getting users' reviews about that device?

This article would be based on user reviews, and personal experiences with ​Apple watch series 6​.

Newly updated oxygen sensor

As we started from, it's the most significant new feature, an oxygen sensor. Then I want to tell you that this fantastic feature would help you check the quantity of oxygen in your blood. It has led lights on its bottom side. When you start scanning, it's LED lights cross your skin and move into veins to check the quantity of glucose and oxygen.

These ultra rays are not harmful to your body, so you didn't need to be worried while using this ​apple smartwatch series 6.

Apple manufacturer has given a name to this device as a health checker. Because you can check at any time and any moment without going to the pharmacy, this apple smartwatch would let you know your standard measurements between 90 to 100.

If we talk about its accuracy, it is not insured, but more than 90% of your results would be precise and accurate. Most people use some local watches with sensors, but they are not made up of such quality that this apple smartwatch has.

Technical new updates in Apple smartwatch series 6

That is the only point which usually people ignore and say that there is nothing updated in the new model. Major hardware like touch screen and size of watch straps are the same as in previous models. But some technical updates had happened in this product. Its processor is now improved and upgraded from the S5 model So that it could perform faster.

Another significant development in its technical features is its wifi antenna. Wifi antenna now supports the 5ghz band, which is not a common up-gradation. Apple smartwatch series 6 also has a U1 chip, which is integrated into iPhone 11. So, connectivity is not a more significant problem now.

System upgrading

Users who have been using series 5 or series 4 smartwatches wouldn't notice too profoundly that some changes as battery timings in previous models were not enjoyable. Also, it's brightness in the day time was less, and challenging to see notifications. In this model, all these system upgradations have happened. Now you can enjoy extended battery performance and improved daylight to have a better user experience.

Some software updates like sleep tracker, emoji sender, and many others are also updated in this model. If you sleep while wearing this watch, it would record your sleep time and quality and suggest you according to standard time. Apple has added many more features that would impress you to buy it. Major new updated features like GPS tracking and waterproof technology. Now you can wear it without worrying about its death.

Apple's primary focus is to provide you with proper health, and fitness checkers as more than 70 % of the population in America and other western countries are getting ill. So this one could help you to maintain your health while also balancing your needs in a smartwatch.


  • A new upgraded software system with os7.
  • Improved wifi antenna with 5GHZ band support.
  • Sleep tracker, oxygen sensor, fitness tracker, and step counter.
  • Extended battery performance with an upgraded processor.
  • New elegant design in blue color also.
  • Increase in sizes of strips of the watch.


In general, I believe this device has no cons, as many users enjoy their smartwatch without any fault. Maybe after some time, requirements may increase, and you may need to update your watch toward series 7.


Wearing a smartwatch adds a look to your personality. When you have the most updated Apple smartwatch series 6, then there is no competition.

People also offer some alternatives to the Apple Watch that are lesscostly. But believe me, this device is trustworthy and is not too expensive to fit your budget.

If you are an apple lover, you would surely know there is no competition between an Apple smartwatch and China-made copy watches. These features couldn't be found in that model and an OS system, making Apple unique from other devices.