Using IIoT to Streamline Business Processesby@ryanayers
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Using IIoT to Streamline Business Processes

by Ryan AyersNovember 6th, 2022
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The industrial internet of things, commonly abbreviated as IIoT, is a network of devices, typically used in industrial settings. The devices are smart devices that work together to collect and analyze data and analyze it. Given its wide array of applications, IoT is quickly becoming a staple across industrial and manufacturing industries. Here is how the technology can streamline business processes and help businesses become more efficient and productive with the help of IIo T technology.IIoT technology offers businesses the opportunity to closely monitor all important pieces of machinery used in an operation.

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As we move deeper into an age of technological advancement, business processes continue to grow and evolve with the help of new innovations. One such innovation that is experiencing an explosion in adoption is the industrial internet of things, commonly abbreviated as IIoT.

Any business looking to improve its operations and become more efficient and productive can do so with the help of IIoT. Understanding the wide array of benefits that IIoT offers can make it easier to take the leap and incorporate this technological innovation into one’s business.

Here is how organizations can use IIoT as a means of streamlining business processes.

What Is IIoT?

For those unfamiliar with the newest technological innovations in business, it’s natural to be wondering “What is IIoT?” Before understanding how IIoT can improve business processes, it’s important to understand IIoT itself.

IIoT is a network of devices, typically used in industrial settings. The devices utilized are smart devices, which work together to collect information and analyze it. What makes IIoT so profound is its many use cases. IIoT networks can monitor machines and analyze data in real time.

In addition, it can allow different businesses to communicate and add
transparency between business partners.

Another aspect of IIoT that makes it special is the fact that it can pick up on things that humans can’t, such as subtle operational patterns. Given its wide array of applications, IIoT is quickly becoming a staple across industrial and manufacturing industries.

How IIoT Can Streamline Business Processes

To gain a deeper understanding of why IIoT is rapidly gaining in popularity, it can help to understand the way it is benefitting organizations. Here is how IIoT can streamline business processes.

IIoT Improves Operational Efficiency

In any manufacturing or industrial setting, improving efficiency is always an important goal to strive for. IIoT offers businesses a chance to improve their operational efficiency easily and effectively.

Given that IIoT is able to collect and analyze data from a multitude of devices, it is able to detect where processes can be more efficient — sometimes in ways that a human eye couldn’t detect.

Accordingly, businesses that utilize IIoT can immediately be provided with
suggestions for improving efficiency when utilizing an IIoT network of devices.

IIoT Offers Businesses the Chance to Monitor the Condition of Machinery

Large machinery is an integral part of almost every industrial and manufacturing operation. Given the importance of having these machines running smoothly at all times, being able to monitor their condition is a luxury that most businesses would love to have.

IIoT technology offers businesses the opportunity to closely monitor all important pieces of machinery used in an operation. This means that businesses are notified of problems before a machine stops working.

In the realm of manufacturing, an unforeseen breakdown could have profound implications across supply chains. IIoT offers businesses a chance to avoid this and preemptively fix any problems with their significant machinery before it interferes with their business or operation.

IIoT Makes Gathering and Sharing Data Easier

In the past, gathering and sharing information could be a long and labor-intensive process for industrial businesses. IIoT offers businesses the chance to streamline these processes and do both without the need for an exorbitant amount of manhours to make it possible.

IIoT has the ability to gather data in real time and share it with different people and devices. For businesses that are part of the supply chain, being able to clearly, quickly, and transparently communicate this type of data with other partners is an amazing innovation and advancement in the space.

Given the ease with which businesses can now gather pertinent data and share it instantaneously, it is clear why IIoT has become extremely popular among organizations involved in supply chains.

In addition, having this type of information shared in real-time can help
organizations avoid losses of money and transportation mishaps.

IIoT Can Help Inform Decision Making

IIoT technology has advanced data analysis capabilities that can uncover key insights for businesses. These insights can range from determining which products are better to stop producing to determining which trends will become more popular in the near future.

Making decisions with the help of insights gleaned from IIoT can help businesses find greater success and avoid unforeseen problems. Without the insights from data analytics, businesses must take more risks when making significant business decisions.

While organizations used to have to rely on the management skills and business acumen of organizational leaders to determine the success of a company, IIoT makes the process of business decision-making less complicated and more accessible.

IIoT Can Automate More Processes

There are typically a plethora of repetitive tasks required in almost any industrial or manufacturing operation. In the past, businesses have had to hire workers to perform these tasks, which has the potential to greatly increase operational costs.

IIoT technology has the ability to determine which processes can be automated and can help facilitate the automation of many of these processes. This means that IIoT offers businesses the chance to both
streamline their processes and decrease operational costs with the help of

While some are worried about people losing jobs due to automation, others are more hopeful because of the fact that an increase in automation will increase the need for individuals with specialized

Regardless of one’s opinion, it’s undeniable that IIoT has the power to effectively streamline industrial operations through automation.

IIoT Has the Power to Optimize Inventory

Inventory optimization is a collection of ideas that businesses can implement to spend less money while housing a sizeable amount of inventory. IIoT offers businesses the chance to easily engage in inventory optimization, which can save them money and space.

With the help of IIoT, organizations can predict which products are worth producing and housing in their warehouses. If one fails to do this, it can result in missing out on trends due to a lack of space along with having inventory that is no longer desirable and can’t be sold.

Clearly, businesses in the industrial and manufacturing industries value saving money, making good decisions, and being smart with their inventory. IIoT offers them the ability to do so without painstaking analysis and engaging in the long process of having individuals itemize inventory.

IIoT Is the Future of Industrial Businesses

IIoT has presented itself as an incredibly powerful tool in a range of industries. From making operations more efficient to helping businesses automate processes, IIoT is proving itself to be an inextricable part of business operations in industrial and manufacturing organizations.

While not every factory and warehouse has implemented a network of IIoT devices, it is more than likely that this will change in the near future. As we continue to evolve technologically, IIoT technology is sure to become a normalized part of any business operation.