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209 Stories To Learn About Website Development

by Learn RepoJune 17th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Website Development via these 209 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Website Development via these 209 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

We're well into the 21st century, it's crucial for your business to have a website. Here are guides and explanations on how to develop your own.

1. What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Do You Need it for SEO?

Your website can still rank very first on Google SERP even without AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages is not a ranking factor on Google and other search engines...

2. 5 Caching Mechanisms to Speed Up Your Application

In this article, we will discuss the various Caching strategies available and how to choose the right one for your use case.

3. The Best Way to Create a Web Admin Dashboard for Your Projects

A simple solution at first glance is to opt for a CMS: there are indeed many of them, the most popular being for example Wordpress

4. How to Update Your Website Without Loosing Your Google Rankings

Congratulations you worked on a new website to replace your dated website and need to launch the update without tanking your search results.

5. Why you should use a CSS framework!

6. How to Hack Bootstrap CSS for Better Looking Websites

A tutorial of actionable design tips to achieve satisfaction with the look of your bootstrap themed site.

7. How to Block Traffic to Your Website from Russia and Belarus

I want to invite you all to block your website traffic from Russia and Belarus to show support for the Ukrainian people. Let me show you how to do just that.

8. HTML, CSS and JavaScript Explained Simply

Learning web development includes understanding & dealing with terms like CSS, Javascript, & HTML. This article aims to bring you up to speed with this concept.

9. A TCP Flow and HTTP Flow Guide: Changing HTTP Messages

Let’s take a closer look under the hood at what the process of changing HTTP messages is.

10. React useRef Hook Explained with Examples

Well, we all know that ref helps us to get access to the DOM. But let's consider next situation, we have some React component and we want to know how many times this component was rendered. How can we achieve that? Well, maybe we can use React useEffect and useState hooks to determine that the component was re-rendered. Something like this:

11. 5 Ways to Personalize Your Website Content in 2022

Giving tailored experiences to the people visiting the company website has become a game-changer. Here are 5 ways to personalize your website content in 2022.

12. Building an uNFT Marketplace Using Next.js, Cosmic and Stripe

Build a uNFT marketplace using React.js Next.js Cosmic CMS and Stripe. You could build your own projects using these powerful tools

13. 4 Steps to Build a Web Analytics Measurement Plan

If you have been using web analytics for a long time, then you know that it can hugely impact how you do digital marketing.

14. 6 Best WebGL Libraries for Perfect 3D Web Graphics

Modern frontend, game, and web development are the things that WebGL can transform into 3D web masterpieces. It leads to an interactive user experience.

15. Disabling My Favicon: How and Why

It turns out that disabling a Favicon is surprisingly easy and eve a good idea when you don't really want to deal with the hassle of another part of a website

16. 👀 From 0 to 81 Signups in a Day with Product Hunt

As a developer I've always had a problem : Find new concepts to learn. 👨‍💻

17. Course Review - The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery

Are you someone who would like to learn Web Development, but don’t know where to start? Well, you are in the right place.

18. 5 Benefits of Having a Personal Website

Not long ago, the internet was a luxury, reserved for the select few. Today, anyone can establish an online presence with under $10 USD. And nowadays, with tools like WordPress and Wix, you don’t even have to know how to code. But do you really need your own website?

19. How to Use Velo Rendering API for Improved Performance of Website Pages: Tips to Take into Account

When a visitor browses to one of your site's pages, that page needs to be set up before it is displayed. Setting up a page includes adding and positioning all of its elements as well as running code that might retrieve the page's data or perform other setup operations. This process is known as rendering.

20. How Much to Build a Learning Management System With WordPress?

How much would it cost to build a Learning Management System with Wordpress? Spoiler, it can get pretty expensive.

[21. 5 Useful Tips to Become a

Successful Software Developer]( Want to know some foolproof tips to become a software developer? In this guide, we have covered everything for you to know.

[22. How To Improve React App Performance with SSR and Rust

[Part I: SSR]]( Server-side rendering (SSR) is technique when content for a web page is rendered on the server using JavaScript.

23. The Great Comeback Of HTML Widgets

Do you remind those web widgets all websites have been using in the 90s? Guess what, they're coming back.

24. How to Make an Animated Card Using CSS Animation

Easy-to-understand HTML and CSS tutorials with lots of examples, learn How to create Animated Card in HTML and CSS with CSS Animations.

25. The Future of Web Development: 5 Things to Expect in the Next Decade

We'll address web development's future and detail companies' development trends to cope with changes. You'll also find how to position yourself

26. Noonies Interview: Meet Juni Nguyen, a Self-taught Web Developer

2021 Noonies Nominee General Interview with Juni Nguyen.

27. Avoid Knowledge Hoarding in Software Development Teams

A familiar character in the dysfunctional dev team is the knowledge hoarder.

28. How to Pass Optional Parameters in Typescript

If you try to run a function with a different number of parameters than the function actually has, you'll get an error in TypeScript. Here's how to get past it.

29. Proximity Events Specification: How To Receive Events From Device Proximity Sensors

This is an experimental technology Check the Browser compatibility table carefully before using this in production.

30. Navigation Timing API: How to Track Your Website Loading Performance

The Navigation Timing API provides data that can be used to measure the performance of a web site. Unlike JavaScript-based libraries that have historically been used to collect similar information, the Navigation Timing API can be much more accurate and reliable.

31. Pixels vs REM vs EM: Breaking down CSS Sizes

Should you use px or rem or em? In this post we'll try to get the answer of this question and we'll see which unit to use when

32. Front-End or Back-End: What Should You Learn First?

As someone who’s held both front-end and back-end positions, and even been a hiring manager, read on and I’ll give you my thoughts.

33. Why localStorage Still Crashes Your Website in 2023

How to deal with the Browser SecurityError: The operation is insecure or localStorage is not defined.

34. Should You Choose A Custom-Built Website Or A WordPress Theme?

Many people look forward to creating their own websites or look for opportunities to change it completely. They are often posed with a common question- which site should they choose for their website? Should they opt for a personalized website or select an existing WordPress theme?

35. How to Build, Launch & Grow a Profitable Classified Website Like OLX - From Start to Profit

The online marketplace platform offers a great opportunity for buyers and sellers to get in contact and sell and buy products through the platform. Classified marketplace platforms are much more comfortable as the user can be both a seller and a buyer.

36. F is for Fendi: How Luxury Brands Cater to Gen Z via Social Media

Italian fashion house Fendi has seen major success over the past few years launching innovative digital campaigns.

37. Why You Don’t Want to Pay Your Web Developer for Updating your Website

Most companies prefer to update their own websites using built-in Content Management Systems. However, once in a while, we meet customers who are resilient to this idea and prefer a web developer handling it for them.

38. Why ENV Variables are no Good Anymore

In this article, we’ll discuss the threats that using .env files poses for secret management while application development and uncover the ways to combat them.

39. An Introductory Guide to Building a Website with Good Quality Code

Guaranteeing code quality when your website is in the development stage is a colossal task. However, even with a steady number of programming designers, keeping up code quality can be daunting. Without code quality tools and a reliable framework, the entire task can amount to enormous technical debt, doing more harm than good in the long haul.

40. Fundamental Concepts of Angular

Fundamental Concepts of Angular for beginners to advanced level developers.

41. PurgeCSS 2.0 Introduction: Remove Unused CSS From Your Project

When you are building a website, you might decide to use a CSS framework like TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS, Foundation, etc… But you will only use a small set of the framework, and a lot of unused CSS styles will be included.

42. How to a Make Flutter Screen in 2 Minutes

I want to show you, how to generate a Flutter screen in a couple of minutes using Codis.

43. Recreate Windows 98 With CSS

I decided to try and recreate Windows 98 using nothing else apart from CSS and HTML.

44. How To Make A Great Looking Website Even If You Can't Design

Making websites work and making websites look great are two different skills. Even so, here are some basic guidelines that ensure that your website looks great.

45. 10 Design Tips For E-commerce Sites

Using up-to-date technologies people are able to buy goods and pay for services sitting at home. No need to go out and walk for hours and hours hunting a thing you want.

46. 3 Ways You Can Build and Update Websites Using Data Pushes

Data is getting more and more accessible and is increasingly being used to inform the way businesses operate.

47. The Clone Wars of HTML/CSS

Honestly, it is quite common to see people push hard and push through just to move on.  But at what cost? I mean one thing is to be too hung up on reading everything that MDN has to offer (the countless and countless pages of documentation) yet another thing is to mindlessly type things until they semi work.

48. How I Migrated My WordPress Site to GitHub Pages

A short article about how I migrated my WordPress site to GitHub Pages

49. Using Next.js to Effectively Format a Page and Structure Its SEO

Organizing your Next.js application and using its components.

50. Removing 'Powered by WordPress' in 2023: A Guide

WordPress changed how to remove Powered by WordPress. Everyone creating WordPress websites should remove Powered by WordPress from their website.

51. Top 10 Tips for Choosing a CMS Platform for Your Website

The most effective and dynamic Top 10 Tips that you might want to work on and choose in order to choose the right CMS platform for your business website.

52. 5 Ways to Load Less Imagery to Increase Ranking and Client Happiness

Improve your ranking by both search engines and humans by not forcing the client to download unnecessary imagery.

53. Automatically Redirecting Users to a Country-Specific Site

By automatically redirecting your users to their country-specific sites, you can boost your website and ensure a great user experience.

54. Finding the Best Chat API: Should You Develop Your Own or Use a Third-Party Solution?

When searching for the best chat API, there are pros and cons to building your own or paying for a third-party solution, and we'll help you decide what is best.

55. What Is a CDN and Why You Should Use One

CDN is a group of spatially distributed servers that increase the rate at which web content is delivered by making it more accessible to users.

56. Understanding Empathetic Design Thinking

Empathy is the core of design thinking and problem solving and it allows designers to understand their audience's perspective and create solutions aptly.

57. Is it worth it to pay for a premium CDN?

Short answer: Absolutely! Premium CDNs are easily 3 times faster. It doesn't usually cost that much, unless you run a very high traffic site.

58. Why the Security of Websites and Web Applications Is Vital

Security of websites and web applications is becoming more and more vital because hackers evolve and methods of hacking too. Here website security is discussed.

59. How to Prevent ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits

In the wave of a recent Supreme Court judgment, we take a look at how companies can prevent ADA website accessibility lawsuits. From catching them unawares and potentially even bringing them down as a result of it. Here's everything you need to know about making your website ADA compliant.

60. Creating a New Website? I Have Nuttertools for You

With this website, you get to run performance, lighthouse, core web vitals, visual comparison, and traceroute tests on your website.

61. Thinking of Joining Your First Startup? 5 Reasons to Make the Leap Today

How many times have you heard someone talking about their startup recently? Chances are, quite a few. According to statistics, there are a whopping 100 million startups launched every year, and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying down.

62. How WordPress Helps you Make Great Websites in 2020

Many sites are powered by a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. WordPress is an Open Source Software that offers free use of the product.

63. Setting Up WooCommerce on Your WordPress Site

WooCommerce is required if you want to create an excellent e-commerce website on WordPress. It is an open-source, completely customizable e-commerce platform that allows you to create fully functional online stores.

64. 9 Web Apps You Won't Believe Were Made with Webflow

9 web apps made with Webflow is a no-code tool suitable not only for classic websites but also for advanced web apps.

65. Reasons Why CSS Grids Are Ideal for Enhancing Responsiveness

When asked about their favorite layout system, front-end devs often discards "CSS grids" and consider it as non-effective since it achieves the same goals of other systems with many more code lines. Especially if responsiveness is required. I've been using css grids for a long time (it's my favorite) and I learned about a case where it's better to opt for css grids rather than other layout systems.

66. How to Integrate a GitHub Repo With Google Sheets Using Ballerina

A beginner's guide to integrating a Github repo with Google Sheets using Ballerina.

67. Boosting Website Performance with Server-Side Rendering

Enhance website speed and performance with server-side rendering. Learn implementation tips in this guide for improved user experience and SEO.

68. Dealing With ICANN: My Experience

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi talks about his experience dealing with ICANN.

69. Effortlessly Transfer Your Website to a New Host in 6 Simple Steps

If you want to transfer your website to a new host, this how-to article outlines the step-by-step process for a smooth migration.

70. A Quick Introduction to Jamstack

This approach is not a framework but is actually an architectural guideline using many of the tools and skills developers were already familiar with.

71. The 5 Best ASP.Net-Based Shopping Carts

This article will look at five of the most popular ASP.Net-based shopping carts that you can use for your online store.

72. How to Build a GatsbyJS Blog (Part 4): Layout and Featured Images

In part 4 of our "Building a Gatsby Blog" series, we will promote engagement and design cohesion by adding images to our pages and blog posts.

73. How To Work with External Database

When you enable Velo you also automatically get Wix Data, which lets you work with our built-in databases on your site. You may also want to work with data that you maintain in an external database. Velo lets you connect your site to an external database and then work with that database collection in your site just as you would with our built-in collections.

74. Implementing a Web Service With Go and Fiber

Let’s learn the basics of web development with the help of Go programming language and Fiber framework and write the most uncomplicated web service.

75. How to Choose the Perfect Font for Your Website and Advertisements

Finding the perfect font for a project can be a challenge. It can take a long time to select the correct font. To make the right choice, there are a few things

76. A Very Early Introduction to Building your Own Web App With Code

Here is a brief guide to getting started with coding and building your website online.

77. eCommerce Platform Review: What is WooCommerce?

What is WooCommerce? It's a plugin built upon the WordPress platform that allows you to create a web store.

78. How to Create a Personal Blog With Hugo and Netlify

Blog website using a static site generator Hugo and deploying it to Netlify

79. How Website Personalization Makes Account-Based Marketing More Effective

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of account-based marketing personalization and discuss some of the benefits you can expect from using it.

80. 5 Best Affiliate Programs for Website Developers to Earn Extra Income

Here are some legit passive income ideas that can help website developers earn from $40 to $3,000 commission!

81. How to Get the Fastest Browser Image Loads

Use of the Picture Element allows the browser to select a single optimum image to download and display from among a list of images

82. Creating a Chart JS Scatter Diagram Using 2 Datasets

Creating a Chart JS Scatter Diagram Using 2 Datasets

83. A Custom Chart by Using the HTML Component Plainly Explained

This example demonstrates how to use the HTML component to embed a chart on a page. This is just one of the many things you can embed in your site using the HTM

84. How to Use jQuery: An Introduction to the JavaScript Library

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is used on your websites. jQuery is open source material that is used to make Javascript programming easier.

85. Javascript Methods from Performance Timeline API

The Performance Timeline API defines extensions to the Performance interface to support client-side latency measurements within applications. The extensions provide interfaces to retrieve performance entry metrics based on specific filter criteria. The standard also includes interfaces that allow an application to define performance observer callbacks that are notified when specific performance events are added to the browser's performance timeline.

86. Tips for Creating an Excellent E-Commerce Website

A growing number of top quality designers are turning away from contract work and towards their own personal projects (such as selling WordPress premium themes, for example).

87. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs are a Gamechanger, Blurring the Line Between Client & Server

Full-Stack development just reached a whole new level of productivity. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs, as I call them, blur the lines between client and server.

88. How To Use The Enhanced Search Feature To Drive Higher eCommerce Conversions

In this article, I discuss keys techniques to building enhanced search functionality into your website. This includes designing the search bar and more.

89. 7 Ways to Achieve a Faster Core Web Vitals Score

Core Web Vitals is one of the ranking factors and learning how to achieve a faster core web vitals score is a good way to get your website to rank higher.

90. 7 Surprisingly Powerful Tips To Skyrocket Your Business With Progressive Web Apps

We all love mobile apps. They are easy to use owing to their great design; they are fast and provide a level of accessibility that neither the business nor the consumer can have with a conventional website.

91. Editing a Simple Contact Us Form Using the Velo Web Editor

Creating a contact form with Velo is easy as pie! Wix’s website templates give an absolutely usable and extremely competent contact form.

92. How to Make an Online Timer via Velo's GUI or JavaScript Editor

If you have JavaScript knowledge and want to build an online timer yourself with custom code, you can use Velo's built-in coding editor.

93. Product Matching with ML Transforms the Retail Industry

The rise of various technologies has brought data-driven businesses into the limelight.

94. Websites Censored In Venezuela And How to Access Them

Venezuela's government has been clamping down on the internet in an attempt to control what Venezuelans know and understand about the world, including websites.

95. Creating and Debugging Website Routers

Creating a router allows you to take complete control when handling certain incoming requests to your site.

96. Top 10 E-commerce Website Designs for 2020

What pulls customers to an E-commerce store?

97. 6 Tips to Stay Within Budget While Designing a Website

How to get prepared before designing the website? Here are 6 easy tips we have benefited from.

98. How to Check Web Accessibility with Lighthouse

Accessibility should be a top priority for developing new tech. There are many tools available to check whether or not your website is accessible.

99. Web Design Principles That Will Take Centre Stage in 2023

A cursory look at the web design principles will become the norm in 2023.

100. Services That Will Help You Run A Website

The idea to create a website came to me in the economics university. I used to make a living as a freelance tech expert and dreamed of monetizing my writings with more profit. A website with mobile app reviews appeared to be the best solution. It matched both my mobile-nerd interests and the rapidly growing market demand.

101. 5 Web Design Tips for Beginners

Here is a list of 5 things you didn't know you didn't know about designing a website.

102. How to Implement Face Recognition in Vue.JS with FaceIO

Learn to add face recognition authentication to your web application

103. Webhooks Are Not the Same as APIs

In this article, we will discuss what makes them different from one another and what is the best case where they should be used.

104. Understanding the Architecture of the Web: A Guide to How the Internet Works

Discover the complex infrastructure powering the internet. Learn the web's client-server architecture, protocols, DNS, TCP/IP and many more.

105. Properties and Events Velo Panel Puzzled Out: Find Answers to Your Questions

The Properties and Events panel lets you work with the elements on your site with Velo. You can use Velo with all the elements on your site.

106. Save time by Generating Sitemaps Dynamically in NextJS

generate sitemap for next.js under 1 minute

107. Choosing the Best Builder to Create A Perfect Website

A perfect website does not only create a good impression, but it also helps in increasing your customer retention rate. A properly built website considers multiple factors- User Interface, Navigation, Icons, and Menu are a few among them. Now, as you see, the number of businesses going digital is increasing, thus, website builder services are increasing in number as well. It does not matter if you are one of the top app development companies in the USA, or, you sell groceries. The modern era is dependent upon technology and loves comfort. Therefore, you have to get dependent upon the internet as well. Of course not entirely, but for a major part of the business.

108. Green Web Hosting Providers, Powered By Renewable Energy

Image Source: Green-Gator

109. How to Make an Online Timer via Velo's GUI or JavaScript Editor

If you have JavaScript knowledge and want to build an online timer yourself with custom code, you can use Velo's built-in coding editor.

110. Uderstanding the Basic Structure of a Website

Webpages can and do look pretty different from one another, but they all tend to share similar standard components.

111. The API fetch Module as the Way to Accessing 3rd-Party Services

Using Velo you can write code to access 3rd-party web services. You can call a 3rd-party service directly from your client-side code. However, if you have security concerns, such as exposing API keys, you can call the service from a backend web module.

112. How To Enhance Website Security

Enhancing security for a website can save it from hackers and online attackers. Read this article about website security to learn more.

113. Most Common Tech Issues to Plague a News Publishing Website — and How to Fix Them

Recently, I helped fix many of the technical issues on No Majesty, an independent UK-based news website. As a relatively new platform, it’s had its fair share of technical hiccups.

114. 10 Tips to Make Your Website More Attractive

There are billions of websites, ranging from the humble static page to the massive e-commerce platform. But whatever the field, not all sites are created equal. Far from it. Indeed, there are big differences from one site to another - disparities that have an impact in particular on the interest of Internet users.

115. Introducing Tailwind CSS: Pros and Cons of Tailwind

As you might notice, Tailwind CSS has become popular among the developer community. I'm a big Tailwind fan and recently, I've built several React projects with Tailwind CSS. In this article, I'll describe why Tailwind CSS has brought so much value to the front-end development community.

116. Everything You Need to Know to Create a Free Website

See what you need to know before you decide to get a free website!

117. How to Detect Malware on your Website (And How to Protect your Site)

Malware will harm the user experience and SEO ranking of your website which makes detecting and removing it a priority that can be done with some planning.

118. How Much Does Website Design Cost in 2022?

Website design costs are something you need to know before you start designing your website

119. How To Adopt TDD In Your Team

This is the first in a series of blog posts in which we outline the benefits of TDD for your organization and what are the projects to consider while adopting this agile process. Link of Part Two.

120. 3 Open-Source Web Development Platforms to Consider for Your Next Build

If you're looking to create a website for your business, blog, or online portfolio, the easiest option is to use an open-source platform to make your website.

121. Making your own personal website from scratch

An introduction to HTML and CSS - the foundation and styling for any website

122. Why Healthcare Facilities Need Professional Websites

Medical centers, hospitals, dental care facilities, and specialists in private practice need a professional website. Learn why.

123. Basic HTML Tags Classification

An HTML tag is a special word or letter surrounded by angle brackets, < and >. HTML tags are the hidden keywords within a web page that define how your web browser must format and display the content. Most tags must have two parts, an opening and a closing part.

124. Top‌ ‌3‌ ‌Drag-n-Drop‌ ‌Page‌ ‌Builders‌

Do you want to build a fast, mobile, and high-ranking website with no coding experience? Hiring a developer would make the grade, but could cost you a pretty penny. So how can you nail eye-catching pages for your website without coding wiz? Well, the mighty drag-n-drop page builder might come to your rescue.

125. A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a CSS Only Minecraft Chicken

There is a surprising lack of articles on how to make Minecraft chickens in CSS though.

126. How To Auto-Translate Websites Without Writing Code

Machine translation has come a long way since the application of neural networks to this task in the middle of the last decade. At the same time, the science of localizing websites to extend coverage to additional markets has grown by leaps and bounds.

127. Wix-Animation Module Implementation: Follow These Tips to Set It Up

The wix-animations module contains functionality for working withanimations. Learn more.

128. Best Front-End Settings To Create a PWA [QCObjects Edition]

Here are some recommended settings for a good result doing your first steps creating a PWA using QCObjects:

129. Decoding the Three Dots (…) Or Spread Operator in Javascript

The spread operator, spread syntax or 3 dots (...), is a type of syntax in Javascript that is used by both function calls and arrays/objects.

130. Web Development Is Still The Wild Wild West in 2023

Web development is still (thankfully) a frontier, where there is little to no official regulation, certification or oversight. Will it always be the wild west?

131. The wix-fetch Module as the Way to Take Your Website to the Next Level

An implementation of the standard Javascript Fetch API which can be used in public and backend code for fetching resources from 3rd party servicesusing HTTPS. Learn more.

132. How to Develop Websites Faster and with Maximum Flexibility

Develop websites and e-commerce faster helps you to increase your productivity getting more things done during the day improving your job.

133. How I built my Digital Garden using Hugo

Digital Garden is a collection of notes, resources, ideas, quotes or summaries shared in public. This article explains how I built a digital garden using Hugo.

134. What Is WordPress Multisite? All You Need to Know

Here is all about WordPress Multisite, identified its benefits and drawbacks, and examined which sorts of users and websites gain the most from it.

135. Music for Work

Photo by Gorodenkoff at dissolve

136. HTML5 Websockets API Introduction and Tools

The WebSocket API is an advanced technology that makes it possible to open a two-way interactive communication session between the user's browser and a server. With this API, you can send messages to a server and receive event-driven responses without having to poll the server for a reply.

137. My Experience Building a Professional Portfolio with Velo

In this article, I go over my experiences building an online portfolio using Velo by Wix. Drag, drop, and finally, add some spice with custom code!

138. Top 10 Best Pivoting Components for Developers

I tested the ten most popular pivot solutions and wrote an honest opinion on every single one.

139. How Businesses Can Embrace Digital Transformation Using Python Web Development

Python is a programming language that can provide a significant boost to the usability and functionality of your website.

140. How to Build a Digital Drum Kit in Vanilla JavaScript

Struggling to convert code into projects? Follow this tutorial to build an amazing drum kit project in Vanilla JavaScript by the time you finish reading it

141. How To Host on the Dark Web within the Onion/Tor Network (Free)

This tutorial consists of 3 steps: Installing & Configuring nginx; Installing Tor; Configuring the Tor server.

142. When and How to Effectively Use Bootstrap

In my journey to becoming a Software Developer, I've seen so many frameworks being implemented and one of them is Bootstrap. As efficient as it is though, so many developers have a strong dislike towards it, myself included. Here's when and how to use it.

143. Intro Guide to CSS: Explore Your Box

When I started in web development, the box model was one of the first concepts that really helped me understand what was going on.

144. A Complete Guide to How the CSS Not Selector Works

In CSS, it's often necessary to signpost that we want to select an element, but not in specific circumstances - like if it has a certain class.

145. 6 Reasons Why A New Web Design Is Important For Your Company

Your website plays a critical role in customer acquisition and improves overall sales and revenue. However, understanding this significance and realizing the be

146. 5 Critical Metrics to Track Your Website' Health

Do you know what metrics you should track to see how well your website is performing? Read this post to learn what you should monitor.

147. How to Improve Website Ranking & User Experience with Core Web Vitals

A complete guide to understanding Web core Vitals and improving them to rank your website higher!

148. Building Websites Using Templates vs. Developing From Scratch

Is it true that a website template cannot provide you with excellent SEO and the freedom to modify it? Learn how a website created from a template really works.

149. Choosing the Right Microservices Framework

Microservices architecture is a methodology that allows you to split a monolithic single application into small applications and services.

150. ReactJS Tutorial: Embed Your YouTube and Medium RSS Feeds Into Your Website

How to Embed Medium and YouTube RSS Feed in Your React Application.

151. How to Install NVM to Manage Node Versions Easily

nvm is used to manage the versions of Node.js installed on your computer, so it's a really useful tool.

152. How to Set Up Azure CDN For Lower Latency and Bandwidth Consumption

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps you deliver your content more quickly. Read more on how you can achieve that.

153. Testing Website Localization and Why It's Important

Are you thinking about expanding your business globally? Find out what localization testing is and why it's a critical step in reaching a new audience here.

154. How-to: Website Benchmarks

Time to first byte, first contentful paint, DNS response time, round-trip time, and the list goes on and on. With all of these metrics, how are you supposed to know which are the most important ones that you should monitor?

155. Web Design Ideas For Startups in 2020

In today’s digital world, businesses have built a dependency on websites and applications. Be it a retail site for buying clothes, food ordering or almost anything you imagine, there’s a website or app for everything!

156. Utilize The Power of NFTs On Your Website

Utilize The Power of NFTs On Your Website

157. 10 Static Site Generators to Watch in 2020

Using a Headless CMS to generate and handle static sites has gained popularity, especially because many of the constraints that made it difficult to develop a static site don’t exist anymore.

158. How to Become a Successful Web Developer in 2021

Alright then, so you have decided your path. You want to become a web developer this year.

159. WordPress vs Bootstrap: Choosing a Web Design Platform for Your Business

In this article, we will speak about two competing web design platforms that are extremely popular in the current market: WordPress and Bootstrap.

160. Web API: Permissions API Documentation

The Permissions API provides a consistent programmatic way to query the status of API permissions attributed to the current context. For example, the Permissions API can be used to determine if permission to access a particular API has been granted or denied.

161. My Experience Using Velo by Wix: Building a Simple Website

Velo is a great platform, used to create both front-end and back-end website bases, it is full stack which is a huge step up from other Wix services

162. Understanding Your Customer Journey Map For Better Website Performance

The most important question that project managers should ask themselves is, “How do I help my customers achieve their goals on my website while still achieving mine?” Focusing on that question is the starting point for improving your website experience and building a customer journey map.

163. 11 Best Website Builders for Small Business in 2022

Modern website builders can help you create fluid websites that can take your business online while looking crisp and beautiful.

164. A Weekend Website Project I Built With $14 and No Coding Experience

The first thing I wanted to do this year was take control of what information I share with the apps and services I use on a day-to-day basis. I did not want my search history and personal conversations to be tracked and was also keen on not sharing too much personal information with the ‘usual suspects’ (You know who!)

165. 5 Web Design Mistakes to Watch out for in 2022

If you're a growing brand, the last thing you would want to be guilty of is web design mistakes. So check out these 5 web design mistakes to avoid in 2022.

166. HTML Forms And Elements And How to Use Them

Whenever dealing with user input, it is advisable to provide a structure so the process can be completed quickly and reliably, also limiting the amount of ‘free form’ input, which can be dangerous to allow in a public site. In HTML5, such a structure is achieved with the use of the form and input tags.

167. How WP-CLI Works: The Command Line Interface For WordPress

In this article, I'll introduce WordPress CLI and show how it helps in making management as well as the development of WordPress sites super easier.

168. The 10 Best HTML Editors Website Designers, Developers Should Know About

In today’s online world, having a website for your business or organization is mandatory if you want to compete with others for people’s attention.

169. 5 Step Guide on How to Set Up Velo Pay API for a Single-Product Online Payments

This article describes how you can use the Velo Pay API to collect payments from your site's visitors for a single predefined product, outside the context of a Wix App (like Wix Stores). Throughout this article we're going to use this site to illustrate the process.

170. Website vs Web App: Which Is The Right One For Your Business

Yes, there are differences between websites and web apps – some subtle, others quite distinct – and you do need to understand them to get those tasty benefits.

171. No-Code Needs To Adapt To Specialists: An Argument

Nobody has time for endless tutorials. To go mainstream, no-code tools must adapt to specialists.

172. Top 8 Practises You Should Implement to Make Your eCommerce Product Filters Well-Optimized

Deep-diving into key practices for implementing optimized product filters

173. What Traits Distinguish An Awesome Programmer

What distinguishes great programmers from good ones?

174. Easy Steps to Create Static Websites Using Hugo-Github Pages

How to create a static web sites using Hugo-Github Pages

175. How to Improve the Security of Your Netlify Site

Recently I've rebuilt my blog,, using Eleventy and Netlify. Being an engineer, I like to enhance and improve my websites. Sometimes I submit my websites to services that check them to identify new areas of improvement. These services are for example broken link crawlers to find links which aren't working anymore or, a service to check the HTTP headers for potential security enhancements/issues.

176. 9 Tips and Best Practices for HTML 5

Read this article to find out the most common HTM5 best practices.

177. 5 Best Free eCommerce Website Builders in 2022

An eCommerce website builder is a tool that allows you to build your own website without any coding knowledge. It’s like a WYSIWYG editor, but for websites.

178. What You Don't Know About CSS

Since I've been learning CSS, I have met a lot of programmers saying or claiming that CSS is not a hard language or it is not a programming language. However it is or not, it's clear that without CSS, the world of web development wouldn't be the same.

179. What do You Need to Get Your Website Off the Ground?

The rise of technology trends has gathered in a way that to gain the attraction of a product or service a website seems to be essential to gain traction.

180. Best AI Website Builders to Make Your Own Website in 2023

In the digital age, it is important to have an online presence to market your business on every social media platform. To sell a brand or represent an organization, you need a website that sets you apart from the competition. A well-organized and responsive website helps you build credibility as a business. Moreover, it costs you less than a designer.

181. 10 Effective Tips To Reduce Website & Mobile App Load Time

Here Are 10 Amazing Tips To Speed Up Your Website or Mobile App and Reduce The Load Time.

182. Building and Managing IPs with Jeff McKinnon

Jeff is the founder of In this slogging AMA, Jeff shares the origins of, web3 design, programming, and much more.

183. Velo How-To: Security Checklist

In general, your site is secure without you having to do anything. Wix takes care of that for you. However, there are certain situations where you have to take some precautions so that you don't expose your sensitive data to your site's visitors.

184. Pointer Events

Much of today's web content assumes the user's pointing device will be a mouse. However, since many devices support other types of pointing input devices, such as pen/stylus and touch surfaces, extensions to the existing pointing device event models are needed. Pointer events address that need.

185. Step by Step Guide to Create 3 Different Types of Loading Screens in React

Here I will show you 3 ways to create cool loading screen or preloader in React.

186. The Lazy Programmer's Guide to Maintaining a Personal Website

A guide for how to build and maintain a personal developer website with minimal effort in 10 easy steps.

187. How to use Javascript's Performance API and measure page performance

The High Resolution Time standard defines a Performance interface that supports client-side latency measurements within applications. The Performance interfaces are considered high resolution because they are accurate to a thousandth of a millisecond (subject to hardware or software constraints). The interfaces support a number of use cases including calculating frame-rates (potentially important in animations) and benchmarking (such as the time to load a resource).

188. 10 Cool Data Table Libraries with Advanced Features

JavaScript is on the list of requirements for a position as a web developer in any IT company at the moment. It is hard to imagine building modern web applications without JavaScript. This programming language provides IT specialists with an effective and relatively easy way to create interactive applications able to comply with the tastes of any picky customer. The choice of the JS libraries and frameworks adds dedicated followers to this language.

189. 13 Expert Tips to Improve Your Web Application Performance Today

From load tests to feature toggling to performance profilers, discover 13 expert tips to build performance into your web application.

190. Choosing Python for Web Development: Top 16 Pros and Cons

Did you know that Python was named after Monty Python?

191. How to Improve Website and Rendering Speed with JavaScript Code Optimization

Poorly written code will surely slow down your website loading speed. To enhance the website's performance, let's consider JavaScript code optimization tactics.

192. The Evolution of The Web as We Know It

Website layouts change all the time, and there are more ways than ever to style a layout, with many frameworks available to help simplify the code, whilst keeping sites looking fancy.

193. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build a Web Application with Velo

Velo by Wix is an innovative product that lets you build robust web applications with zero setup. Work in Wix's visual builder, add custom functionality and interactions using Velo APIs, and enjoy serverless coding in both the front-end and backend. With Velo, your web app can be up and running in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.To introduce you to Velo, we created our own version of a "Hello, World!" example: a simple currency converter site that uses the wix-fetch API to connect to a third-party service. Site visitors choose source and target currencies from dropdowns and enter an amount to convert. The results are displayed in a text box.

194. How To Build A Website With Velo [Beginners Guide]

Excited as you are to get started building your website using Velo by Wix, let's take a moment to plan ahead.

195. Pointer Lock API: How to Control Mouse Cursor

The Pointer Lock API (formerly called Mouse Lock API) provides input methods based on the movement of the mouse over time (i.e., deltas), not just the absolute position of the mouse cursor in the viewport. It gives you access to raw mouse movement, locks the target of mouse events to a single element, eliminates limits on how far mouse movement can go in a single direction, and removes the cursor from view. It is ideal for first person 3D games, for example.

196. How To Clone A Famous Job Board Website using Velo by Wix

Although you won't build a Clubhouse for Gen Z (no offense), Wix is still great for constructing the go-to website we use every day. Any guesses? Job boards. T

197. Velo How-To: API Aggregations

Using the aggregation functionality of the Data API you can perform certain calculations on your collection data, as whole or on groups of items that you define, to retrieve meaningful summaries. You can also add filtering and sorting to your aggregations to retrieve exactly what you need.

198. Static Website Generators: Brief Introduction

Even in 2020 many developers are used to spinning up a WordPress (or similar software) for content websites. Until recently I've been one of these developers. I was willing to develop a website using technology to get done what I could get done without. My choice of framework wouldn't have been WordPress, but at the end the result is the same: building a system to deliver what a static publishing software could have handled easily. In many cases it simply isn't worth the effort to set up, configure and maintain a fully fledged content management system and store content in a database.

199. Using the LDA Algorithm for Websites

Have you ever had to find unique topics in a set of documents? If you have, then you’ve probably worked with Latent Dirichlet Allocation (or LDA).

200. Velo How-To: On Performance Optimization And Data

Using data from database collections or from a 3rd-party source can be a powerful tool to enhance your site's functionality. However, sending a lot of data to the browser from the server can be a time-consuming operation and negatively affect your site's loading time. Therefore, you want to minimize the amount of data that is sent from the server to the browser.  This article lists a number of approaches you can use, whether you're using a dataset or the Data API, to improve your site's performance.

201. The Difference Between Backend, Frontend, Full-stack and Super stack Development

I looked at and found a website I put live in 2001, which means I have been writing some code for 20 years. Of course, I am not going to give a link to that website still it will be safe to mention 20 years back in Kathmandu when people didn’t have an email I had built websites. I uploaded it over a 33.8k modem with a dial-up connection. Kids these days will not even know the sound of that modem (yes I am old).

202. The Difference Between Web Apps and Websites Explained

In this article, you will learn all about the difference between a website and a web application, the intricacies and how much it costs to develop both options.

203. Loaded in 600 Milliseconds: How To Improve Website Speed

Learn how to bump up your website load time and improve performance in less than a day with concrete examples

204. 6 Critical Flaws That Can Crash Your Website or App Under Load

Your website failed under load from online traffic. What went wrong? There’s usually not a single flaw, but odds are 1 of these 6 technical flaws is at fault.

205. How We Localized Our Website in 9 Languages in Under a Week — And So Can You

Want to learn how to localize a website? Look no further. In this post, I share a step-by-step guide to localize your website in under one week.

206. 19+ Javascript Plugins and Data Table Libraries to Make Your Life Easier

This time we want to introduce libraries for working with tables or grids, since tables are an important part of any great application.

207. Create Your Own Full Page Slider Implementation with JQuery [Tutorial]

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple mouse wheel scroller. The following solution is very basic. It can be greatly improved, but it just an example of how fast it can be implemented or a good starting point to create your own slider.

208. Web App Development in 2022: Everything You Need to Know

This blog will discuss the various steps to building progressive web apps.

209. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use External Database Collections for Better Wix Website Performance

Integrate your external databases into your Wix sites. Learn more.

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