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192 Stories To Learn About Nft Economy

by Learn RepoOctober 16th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Nft Economy via these 192 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Nft Economy via these 192 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. The Koinos Co-Founder Discusses The Inconvenient Truth of NFTs

Blockchain architect and co-founder of Koinos Group reveals the "dirty secret" of NFTs.

2. An Intro to 'Breedable' NFTs and Social Connections in the Metaverse

NFTs can now grow, breed, and evolve to add more value to your original purchase.

3. NFT is a Game Changer for the Ticketing Industry

NFT for ticketing is evolving vertical attracting sport event organizers and music festivals worldwide with FlashBack being a pioneer in the space.

4. Play-2-Earn Gaming is Taking Over DeFi

Combining playing with earning has massive potential to become one of the largest industries in the world.

5. How to Break Down Barriers Of Entry To The Crypto Market

There are still considerable barriers to entry for the crypto market. But these hurdles are rapidly being surmounted.

6. 4 Elements that Make Some NFTs More Valuable Than Others

A brief introduction to what makes NFTs valuable.

7. The Future of NFTs In The Web3 Economy

The role of NFT in the Web3 economy

8. Play to Earn Vs Play to Burn

We created a web3 game and asked our players if it was OK to burn their character tokens if they died. They signed up.

9. I Don't Like Big Butt NFTs and I Cannot Lie

The human body is an endless source of inspiration for art. But are there too many ass-themed NFT art out there? I certainly think so.

10. Manifold Accused Of Classic ‘Pump-and-Dump’ Amid Bungled Pak NFT Drop

Twitter users allege Manifold is guilty of perpetrating a classic crypto “pump-and-dump” following its latest NFT drop.

11. Why NFTs Are The Future of Invoicing

It's just the beginning for NFTs, which can revolutionize invoicing. NFTs are immutable, transparent, and fraud-proof - making them perfect for invoicing.

12. Digital Ownership Will Soon Be More Important Than Physical Proof

When Bitcoin was first created, no one knew that it would change the world.

13. Why Watch-to-Earn will Outshine Move-to-Earn

14. What Makes NFTs Valuable and Why Are Some Worth Millions?

NFTs are the most versatile form of digital assets. Your NFT could even be virtual real estate, virtual worlds, fashion, and much more. Research shows that 83%

15. 1 Year Review: Where Do NBA Top Shots Fit into the Larger NFT Ecosystem Now?

A review of NBA Top Shot 1 year after their release, where they stand in the NFT Economy, and whether or not using Flow was the right choice.

16. NFT DeFi: NFT Lending, Renting, and Staking

The more NFTs you collect, the less liquid your portfolio becomes. How can NFT lending, renting, or staking solve your illiquidity problem?

17. How Distributed Ledgers Are Generating New Career Opportunities For Younger Generations

Blockchains are disrupting the world - younger generations might want to think twice about the legacy education system.

18. NFTs are Democratizing the Art Industry for Everyone

This interview talks about NFTs and why it democratises the art industry by bringing digital art to the masses.

19. How Weedbits is Bringing 420 Culture to the Metaverse

20. 5 Best NFT Generators to Create an NFT Collection (No Code)

The NFT industry is setting a new threshold for secure asset classes, property rights, and profitable careers for artists.

21. Is It Too Late to Jump Into the NFT Space?

The story introduces different perspectives, acknowledges the state of the growing NFT ecosystem and the way artists see it and the challenges they face.

22. A New Wave of NFTs are Finding New Ways to Extract Value

Learn more about how new projects are inventing new ways to extract value and add utility to NFTs

23. Can NFTs Sustain as the Backbone for Digital Ownership?

Can the success of NFTs in the fine art, blockchain gaming, and venture capital space expand to the rest of the digital economy?

24. How to Responsibly Invest in Crypto & NFTs for Your Long-term Future

There are reliable and safe ways to make long-term and sustainable profits in the new era of cryptocurrencies and NFTs; get familiar with them!

25. What The Future Holds for NFT Lending — Making The Case for Fast Loans and Pool Lending

What The Future Holds for NFT Lending. Making The Case for Fast Loans and Pool Lending

26. Bored Ape Yacht Club Set to Transcend Rarity-Based Valuations

NFTs have typically been valued largely on a trait-rarity basis. However, Bored Ape Yacht Club is on the verge of revolutionizing NFT valuations.

27. NFT Copyright Protection for Beginners

Demystifying ownership and legality of NFTs. What NFTs are--they are representation of ownership. But what does it mean for copyrights?

28. Getting in on the Ground Floor: Why the NFT Market is Still in its Infancy

In many ways the NFT market of today is a parallel to the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, albeit with some key differences. With only 300k users, it's so early.

29. Recapping NonFungible's Q2 Report So You Don't Have To

NonFungible recently came out with their quarterly market report and so here's a break down for what it means for the average creator, collector, and investor.

30. 5 New NFT Platforms Riding Crypto’s Latest Wave

Here are five new platforms hoping to become mainstays of the burgeoning NFT landscape.

31. Building a Community Around Your NFT Project is Critical

This article talks about NFTs and how to market and build communities around NFT projects.

32. Will Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) Become a Trendsetter in the Industry?

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) are a special type of crypto token backed by an asset. They are non-interchanged with each other and are non-divisible.

33. Metablaze to Introduce NFT based Perpetual Royalties on Ethereum

Metablaze is introducing perpetual royalties to the Binance Smart Chain.

34. Web3 and the Meme Economy

The memification of web3 is pretty inevitable, and meme coins and NFTs will always be important. Can these drive universal adoption?

35. How to Airdrop NFTs

Learn how to airdrop your NFT in the easiest and most cost-effective way. Airdropping to thousands of addresses is only a matter of minutes!

36. The Spice Must Flow: Why Crypto Brokers Spent $3Million to Buy a Rare Dune Book

Cryto investors use DAO built on the the Ethereum blockchain to purchase million dollar copy of Jodorowsky's Dune

37. 1 Book = 1 NFT

A tokenized book that You can buy throght an NFT; is not magic is already a reality.

38. 5 NFT News Publications You Should Follow to Keep Up With the Industry

5 NFT News Publications You Should Follow to Keep Up With the Industry

39. How a B2B NFT Platform Can Help Businesses Retain Customers

NIFTYZ is the new NFT for business platform created by female founder & CEO Sara Simeone, based in Manchester UK. Early adopters wanted!

40. Dapper Dan, a Legendary Harlem-Based Fashion Innovator Debuts His First NFT Collection With GAP

Gap announced the global launch of the next iteration of its foray into the metaverse.

41. Top 10 NFT Sales In 2021 That Broke All the Records

NFTs have become a creative and commercial revolution. Here are the top 10 largest NFT sales of 2021 that broke all the records for NFT sales in the past.

42. NFTs Are Gaining Traction With Communities That Crypto Couldn't Reach

For many, cryptocurrency represents just another economics class. Regardless of how powerful and transformative it may be, money isn’t always very exciting.

43. Epix Industries' CBDO, says "in just a few days we gained 3,000 [NFT] collectors"

Interview with Epix Industries. Epix Industries is building solutions, tools, and multiverses for the future of the professional NFT industry

44. A Beginner's Guide to Creating an NFT

In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an NFT as a beginner.

45. Far Beyond the NFT Madness

Let's get through the NFT hype to all the questions and concerns about the future of NFT and digital art

46. Are NFTs Dead - What Does the Global NFT Market Growth Rate 2022 Tell Us

the current state of nfts in 2022

47. 4 Reasons Why Artists Should Create Art NFTs

Many artists hesitate to create NFTs, here's why they should.

48. NFT Games: The Potentials of Building Evolved Communities and Economies

The non-fungible token is not about the trading of useless digital carbon copies.

49. Games Built on The Blockchain Are Allowing Gamers Earn As They Play

Decentralized gaming is the new frontier for the gaming economy.

50. The NFT Economy: Non-Fungible Tokens Paired with DeFi

In April, the market capitalization of non-fungible tokens exceeded $25 billion for the first time. And this is just the beginning.

51. NFT Utility is Waiting to be Unlocked

NFT utility is waiting to be unlocked! All hail the new 'Input Economy' -

52. What Good is a Metaverse in Which You Do Not Truly Own Your Assets?

If you can tokenize a deed of ownership, why not tokenize documentation like driver licenses, passports, insurance policies, memberships, etc?

53. NFT Tools for Building a web3 Game

How can web2 games seamlessly include web3 elements like NFTs in their games?

54. Why NFTs Need Cross-Chain Technology and Blockchain Agnostic Markets

Day by day, NFTs are making the case for cross-chain technology stronger. At the very least, they make a case for blockchain agnostic NFT marketplaces considerably more compelling for those in the know. As the market has grown, it has expanded across multiple chains from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and layer two solutions such as Polygon and Immutable X.

55. Viral Memes and NFTs: How Monetization Would Shape Communication on the Internet

An image or a video eliciting humor while portraying the thoughts and feelings of a specific audience is a meme.

56. 9 Factors Behind the Recent NFT Crash

The rise of NFTs sparked numerous opportunities. The most expensive nft sold was worth $91.8M. But data says NFT crash is near so we find out 9 factors.

57. The Story Of An Emmy-Winning Duo On How To Bring Pro IP Creation To NFTs

Adam Jeffcoat shares tips on how to make an NFT collection stand out in the oversaturated market with the GORECATS series of NFTs and his own experience.

58. "NFTs Are The Perfect Bridge Between In-Game Items & Real-World Value" - Nick Rose of Ethernity

In this article, Nick Rose discusses the future of NFTs and the collectables industry in the context of blockchain-based innovations.

59. Increase Engagement in Your NFT Discord Server With These 3 Methods

How do you increase engagement in your NFT Discord server? Find out how you can get people to interact with your project on discord.

60. How Turkey is Trailblazing NFT Education and Regulation

In 2019, popular Ankara University in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara organized the inaugural lecture on NFTs education.

61. Who is USER221?

user221 - the Opensea monster

62. Blockchain Game Ethermore: The Value Proposition According to the Community

Blockchain game Ethermore: The Value Proposition according to the community.

63. MixMob a Solana Powered Metaverse Game raises $7 million in funding

MixMob is a Solana-powered Metaverse Game on Remix Culture that combines play-to-earn with user-generated content, raising $7 million USD.

64. 5 Less-Known DeFi and NFT Projects Promoting User Protection and Funds Security

There are many concerns when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest concerns is security.

65. How NFTs Will Disrupt These 5 Major Industries

The ticketing industry is ripe for disruption. Tickets will eventually be sold as NFTs through the event directly instead of ticket marketplaces.

66. There's More To NFTs Than Just Collectibles and NFTfi

It is important to study the NFT space as a whole when considering investing in or creating new projects.

67. A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating an NFT Real Estate Marketplace

The market for non-exchangeable tokens, more known as NFT, has grown significantly - and it’s about time that NFT is about to change industries!

68. 7 NFT Use Cases That Will (Probably) Survive the Hype

The hype for NFTs has slowly fallen off in 2022 but the use cases for them still remain exciting. Find out about the NFT use cases that will survive the hype.

69. NFTs and The Metaverse, The Next Big Step For Art and Culture

Have you ever held onto an event ticket from a memorable night?

70. The Value Proposition of an Ethermore Character

Ethermore is a web3 RPG on Ethereum, we explore the value of being a player character.

71. Top 3 VR Tokens Powering the Metaverse

As the Metaverse race heats up, the VR crypto niche is still extremely small, with CoinGecko's VR filter pulling only 3 tokens with any MarCap to speak of.

72. How NFTs can change Steam Community Market?

Steam community market is considered an outdated trading platform for gamers, but NFTs can change this. I discuss the importance of NFT implementation in Steam.

73. How Biometrics Can Solve the Issues With NFTs

Are there any NFTs drawbacks or pitfalls that need to be looked at and addressed? Can biometrics be the solution to the main NFTs problems?

74. The Impact of Smart Contracts in Africa

Looking at the nearest future in Africa where smart contracts take up the export/import trade system of sugarcane as a private manufacturer.

75. Most focused top 3 NFT projects - Why - “Utility as an in-game avatar to DeFi”

Since the start of the pandemic, people have embraced virtual lives. Video games have been major beneficiaries of this shift, particularly online games where people visit to spend time and have fun. These games, many of which are free to play, make money by enabling players to purchase extra in-game virtual assets such as “skins” (costumes for their avatar) or upgrade specific powers or experiences.

76. Tangible Assets That We Can Record, Possess & Exchange Will Eventually be Tokenized: Unhashed #26

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

77. A Game-Changing Platform to Discover NFTs tries to solve the fragmentation and the market flooding in the NFT space, offering a powerful non-fungible-tokens metasearch.

78. What NFT Wallet Are You Sporting?

A review on the pros and cons of the best nft wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase, and Trust Wallet.

79. Building Authentic Brands with NFTs - The Inside Scoop

how media and fintech have become unexpected partners in a wave of innovation that will redefine how brands and communities are built.

80. Greener Pastures: Why EOSIO-based Systems Hold the Future of NFTs

NFTs are here to stay, but the constraints of Ethereum are holding NFT markets from becoming sustainable. EOSIO-protocol platforms can enable them, though.

81. Understanding the State of Crypto with DappRadar

DappRadar is now the World’s Dapp Store, leading in all areas of dapp analytics and discovery.

82. FIFA Launches Digital Collectibles That Aren't NFTs

FIFA+ Collect allows you to collect previous football moments, just don't call them NFTs.

83. The Future of NFTs and Metaverses: Big Brands, Metaverse Law, and More

The key thing about these NFTs, regardless of the metaverse, is that they have a value outside the game and can be transferred to anyone on the blockchain.

84. SundayMonday: A Renowned Pixel Artist Talks About His NFT Journey

SundayMonday is a renowned pixel artist who has made a name for himself by selling his art as NFTs on the blockchain.

85. Non Fungible Token (NFT) Standards: An Overview

Learning about Non Fungible Token standards will help users better understand the nuances of each type of NFT and the blockchain protocols they are built on.

86. How Adult Content Creators Are Shaping the Future of NFTs

Adult content creation is about to become more equitable and safe on the blockchain through NFTs

87. NFTs for Dummies: A Complete Guide to the World's Biggest Trend in Art Business

NFTs are the hottest thing in art right now. This book is your guide to understanding the technology and business behind these exciting new collectibles.

88. SolPunks is a Great Example of How to Build a Thriving NFT Community

What is it that makes the SolPunks community so unique? How did an entity without a roadmap become a force to reckon with in the NFT community?

89. Examining The Viability of The Play-to-Earn Marketplaces

There is a real chance that playing video games could become a career for more and more people.

90. On-chain Transactions: Should Enumerable Data Structures Be For On-chain Use Only?

One reiterating mistake that keeps being overlooked is the use of data structures intended for other protocols interactions and on-chain discovery.

91. I Organized An Entire Conference In 30 days: Take That, Gary Vee

This summer I run my first own conference using NFTs as tickets and it was epic. This is how I did it (and how you can do your own!)

92. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs): A Guide for Beginners

Distributed ledger technology, including blockchain, is an emerging technology that can compete with traditional business models. Their models rely on slow and costly third parties to build trust between two parties who do not believe each other. However, to make the process easy, instant, and cheap, distributed ledger technologies have led to the concept of cryptocurrency that will eradicate the need for intermediaries.

93. 🎮 NFTs are Coming to Instagram

94. NFTs: What Is Dead May Never Die

There is a lot of misinformation with NFTs and the way that they work. People don't understand that trading doesn't mean adoption nor does it equate to growth

95. NFTs, The Metaverse, and The Case Of A Misunderstood Market

As headlines in 2021 bubbled with stories about pixelated images being sold for millions, the NFT bubble gently curated its eventual burst.

96. Trust - The True Innovation in Blockchain?

Is trust is the major innovation of Blockchain technology. Can this technology help build trust again?

97. An Intro to D-Commerce with Geoffrey Frank

Geoffrey Frank is the founder of Myntist, a startup that combines e-commerce and d-commerce platforms into a digital hybrid ecosystem.

98. How to Build an NFT Marketplace in 2022

The potential of NFT to upend numerous industries has helped it gain ground swiftly in development.

99. How to Become an NFT Artist: a Step-by-step Breakdown of an NFT Plan

Looking to become an NFT artist? Here is how you can become an NFT artist and fulfil your dreams to live a good life!

100. What Makes an NFT Valuable? An Interview with Elena Obukhova

NFTs in Ticketing, Real Estate, Gaming, Entertainment, Education. New NFT use cases in supply chain and NFTs for authenticity in wine industry

101. Eight NFT Platforms That Empower Creatives and Developers

Along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs have been highly successful in bringing many new investors into the blockchain world of digital assets in a short amount of ti

102. 🎮 Bloomberg's Top Finance Writer On NFTs and The Metaverse

103. Having Revolutionized Art, NFTs Are Now Coming for Photography

NFTs are transforming the world and building the virtual economy. Here, we look at the industry where NFTs could bring about the next revolution, photography.

104. A Beginner's Guide to Virtual Real Estate

This beginner guide tells you why people are buying virtual land for millions of dollars. If you want to know why people buy land that doesn't exist, read this.

105. NFT Lending is Trending

Crypto investors have noticed that NFTfi has facilitated significantly more lending in the last two months, reaching a high of $3.5m worth of NFT trades.

106. Decoding the Popularity of NFT Trading Cards in Recent Times

An NFT trading card is a digital trading card that exists on the Blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone can verify the authenticity and ownership o

107. My Love For "Drop Bears" and Collecting Specific NFTs

Why the High Demand for PFP NFTs and logic of several collectors collecting a specific NFT - in my case “Drop Bears”.

108. Unlocking Value Stored in NFTs – An Introduction to NFT Finance

While 2021 has seen the explosion of NFT collections, 2022 will possibly start to see their value being leveraged to deliver financial solutions.

109. Project Deep Dive: Is Valhalla Worth the Hype?

Does Valhalla have the merit to back up the hype it has garnished? I completed a full deep dive to find out. These are my findings...

110. Interest in Play-to-Earn Games Soars as Covid-19 Fallout Fails To Deter Gamers

In an economy suffering from low wages and pandemic lockdowns, play-to-earn has become an attractive option for those sitting at home.

111. As the Pandemic Rages, Lifecycle Events Must Go On… in the Metaverse

The COVID-19 zeitgeist seems to be moving away from masks and restrictions, as many U.S. states lift mask mandates and ease restrictions.

112. Some NFT Projects Have Weathered the Storm but the Majority Failed

There have been poor outputs from much-hyped projects. Thankfully their day in the sun is over, making space for projects with tangible and intrinsic value.

[113. Is This NFT Project a Rug Pull?

A Few Things to Look For!]( How to Spot an NFT Rug Pull is a skill anyone in the NFT ecosystem needs to know about.

Rug pullers are getting smarter daily but they leave clues.

114. AdRunner Mints 10,000 NFT's for its User-Owned Metaverse Ad Platform

AdRunner, a metaverse advertising platform has minted 10,000 NFT's as part of their plans to create a decentralized, user owned, digital advertising ecosystem.

115. MetaBlaze Brings NFTs to Life With Story-Telling, Games, and More!

MetaBlaze is an ecosystem of intergalactic and immersive games powered by their utility-driven and reward-driven $MBLZ token. Jump into Galaxia Blue through the

116. NFT are Officially on Instagram with the NFT Toolkit 📱

Let’s dive into what we can expect from this NFT toolkit and also touch on the rise of web3’s native social media ecosystem

117. Web3 Needs Careful Implementation To Avoid the Mistakes of Web2

Web3 is exploding, but if we aren't careful, we could re-create the pitfalls of Web2 in our haste.

118. 5 Top trends and Stats in the NFT marketplace

NFT journey on Ethereum began (Yr 2015) much early than the birth of Cryptopunks. It was not until late 2017 with the launch of Cryptokitties that created public awareness around NFTs and excitement on its future prospects. The entire scope of Cryptokitties gameplay revolve arounds collecting, breeding, and auctioning kitties.

119. A Getting Started Guide to Collector DAOs

Collector DAOs are buying NFTs for their collections. Learn how do they work under the hood. Get inspired and create your Collector DAO with XDAO

120. What are NFTs and Why Should I Care About Them

Understanding NFTs, knowing what they are, what they are used for and how to buy or sell them

121. How NFTs Fuel Innovative Businesses

NFT technology has created innovative businesses. We outline a few successful ones so that you can create your own business opportunities.

122. Splyt’s Reconceptualization of Affiliate Marketing: Top Trends Simply Explained

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way for web users to leverage their network to generate additional income through third-party sales. Until recently, these partnerships were hard to establish in a way that proved mutually beneficial for both parties. Now, there is an alternative way for sellers to increase e-commerce sales and for independent marketing intermediaries to earn a commission. Splyt takes the guesswork out of affiliate marketing, creating a way for sellers to gain access to affiliate marketers without taking on additional monetary risk.

123. The DeFi And NFT Spaces Have A Problem: FIAT

In order to enter mainstream water, DeFi and NFT spaces need to find a way to incorporate fiat, some say, as an essential onboarding requirement even.

124. Here's Why I'll Continue Buying NFTs

Tech investor, Visa Kannan, reflects on becoming a new NFT-owner. What the upside scenarios look like, the value NFTs bring and also if she would buy another.

125. A Beginner's Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, have become the craze of internet users. They are unique, provably scarce, digital assets powered by blockchain te

126. NFTs are Not Dying, They are Evolving

NFTs are now transforming into a useful instrument that can solve pain points in different industries and generate new opportunities for companies.

127. Generative Art is Here to Stay. Here's Why

Generative art intersects the art and computer science worlds. However, is it true art, is it here to stay, and which projects should you follow?

128. NF(royal)Ts: Building NFTs that Pay Creators Forever

Once an NFT leaves the marketplace where it was sold, there are no guarantees that the original creator will ever see another penny again. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

129. Here's Why NFTs Are The Hottest New Trend In Town: The Layman Edition

You know, if there’s one thing I do like about the internet, it’s the potential. Nearly everything is possible when the web is involved.  We’ve seen some strange things come out of the internet that have already proven to be successful. Immediate ideas that come to mind are things like crypto currencies and NFT’s. The NFT is a groovy way to own art but not have to worry about whether it fits on the wall at home. When you consider just how popular digital art is, it’s not hard to connect the dots and figure out the power of an NFT.

130. How a Warm Beer Defined the Notion for Non-Fungible Tokens in 2015

From the inventors of NFTs and a historian that's been in since inception, here's the real story of how Smart NFTs or Niftys came to be-

131. Faster, Cheaper, and More Secure Real Estate Ownership with NFTs

The 21st Century has certainly been a time of incredible technological advancement. In just a few years, we’ve seen the rise of the internet, social media, and mobile devices. These technologies have transformed the way we live, work, and play.

132. The Metaverse is Not Real, Yet

Until a true "metaverse platform" publicly launches, the metaverse is not real. Dive into what a metaverse platform is and what the future of Web3 looks like.

133. The Basics of NFTs [Infographic]

NFTs are certificates of ownership on digital collectibles, including but not limited to digital artwork.

134. Unique NFT Use Cases: What’s Beyond NFT Art?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been popularized through selling art. However, what's beyond NFT art? Let's take a look at other industries NFT can transform.

135. Why Knights of Degen Belongs on Your 2023 NFT Watchlist

Don't have time to read the full Knights of Degen whitepaper and uncover the crypto-infused sports gambling platform they're creating? I've got you covered.

136. Staking NFTs – A Beating Heart Among Stillness or Clinically Dead?

The genuine features of NFTs make them ideal for wait-and-HODL strategies but has the era of staking NFTs come to its end? Some don't think so.

137. Industry-Specific NFTs Will Bring Next-Level Growth

NFTs are quickly breaking out into the real world in surprising ways.

138. The State Of NFTs From April 2022

April was an exciting month for NFTs after several big announcements from major players in the industry disrupting it and creating new opportunities in there.

139. How do NFTs Create Value?

This blog explains how any physical asset is turned into a valuable NFT and many more things about the Non-Fungible Tokens.

140. Where Might NFTs Evolve Next? A Deep Dive into Exciting Use Cases

Let's take a look at some interesting new use cases for NFTs.

141. Will Blockchain Technology Unlock the Metaverse’s True Value?

Metaverses are inter-connected virtual worlds where people can do things they can't do in real life. Do you think blockchain can unlock its true value?

142. 5 Female Empowerment NFT Projects Breaking Bias in the Cryptosphere 

World of Woman NFT Project has surpassed 300 million in trading volume, here's why celebrities are jumping into it

143. NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna is Helping Creators Reach New Heights

New NFT Accelerator Launchpad Luna encourages innovation in the NFT space.

144. Predictions for the Art NFT Market

Taking a look at current trends, this piece looks into the future of the NFT market.

145. 2 Exciting Ways NFTs Can Influence the Music Industry

NFTs have garnered a lot of attention in the last two years, mainly due to PFP projects. However, NFTs have a much broader scope for adoption.

146. Aping into NFTs: Here's Why You Should

A 12-year-old coder from north London has made headlines around the world selling nearly $400,000 worth of programmable NFT artwork. The success of Benyamin Ahmed has now won positive press from major outlets including The New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC, The Telegraph, BBC, ITV News, Mirror, NY Post, and Decrypt.

147. The Future of Gaming is NFTs - Robbie Cochrane, Co-Founder of ChainGuardians

The article discusses how blockchain applications disrupt the gaming industry. Robbie Cochrane throws light on NFTs, in-game tokens and the future of gaming.

148. This App Measures the Value of an NFT Based on its Environmental Impact

I built an app that measures the value of an NFT based on its environmental impact, rather than its artistic value.

149. NFT and Intellectual Property: What Do You Get When You Buy an NFT?

One of the most confusing things about NFTs is intellectual property rights. When you buy an NFT, do you really get all the rights to an item or not?

150. How the NFT Breathes New Life Into Branded Content Marketing

How companies can protect their branded content and take their brand marketing to the next level by tapping into the NFT space.

151. How to Build an NFT Marketplace App

Numerous people utilize numerous online NFT marketplace to buy and sell goods using Blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies.

152. The Quest of Investors for the Next Bored Ape NFT Project

The success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club has proven that big NFT successes can exist. These projects have the potential to match the BAYC's success in the future

153. A Detailed Guide to What NFT Means

NFT stands for non-fungible token. That's not surprising, but what does it mean and what sort of effect might it have on the future of the internet and world?

154. NFTs & Traditional Art - Can They Co-Exist? The Daring Venture of MunchiesNFT

I met an NFT artist on a flight to the US. Here's what he taught me about NFTs.

155. NFTs and The Sports Industry: The Perfect Pair

In this article, let’s find out what values NFTs bring to the sports world and how they contribute to the development of the sports industry.

156. 5 Trends Shaping the Future of NFTs

Let's take a look at 5 NFT trends that are positioned to transform the gaming industry, how we manage our identities and even how healthcare will work.

157. Will NFTs Continue their Bullish Run in 2022?

2021 was a memorable year for non-fungible tokens. Several highlights were responsible for this, just as we witnessed their mass adoption around the globe.

158. Slogging Insights: Let's Talk About NFTs

NFTs have blown up in the past year. Are people using NFTs the wrong way? Also, should NFTs have a use case?

159. How to Build a Digital Community of 1,000 True Fans

NFTs are a new way to create and sell digital art, and they're gaining popularity due to their ability to get rid of the traditional intermediaries

160. What Do You Really Get from NFT Ownership?

So, why the hell are peeps all across the globe spending millions of dollars on a piece of an image? Why god, why?!

161. Owning Yachts With An NFT

One company is making it possible to own part of a Yacht with an NFT, letting people hold them like other fractionalized assets such as houses and art.

162. Fractionalising NFTs — Platforms Review

What is an NFT fractionalisation and what platforms offer the best way to do it?

163. NFTs Don't Work The Way You Might Think: Misconceptions About NFTs

The thought that NFT is dead to me is a misconception. Let's walk you through 10 misconceptions that I see often.

164. As Traditional Economies Freeze, NFTs and DeFi Show Promise

2020 has seen economic contraction on an unprecedented scale. Collectively we have been plunged into unchartered waters by events outside of our control with little insight as to how to right the ship.

165. NFTs: The Simplest Explanation You’ll Ever Read

Learn what an NFT is and why anyone would want to buy anything from this blockchain technology niche.

166. How to Succeed in the NFT Art World as an Artist

This article talks about NFT based digital art and how artists can succeed in the world of crypto art by selling their artwork to users.

167. Getting a Job in Tech: The CTO Experience

Crypto, blockchain and KISS, what have this terms in common? What it means being a CTO of a startup?

168. The Ultimate Guide to Create and Sell NFT Art

The Ultimate Guide to Create and Sell an NFT Art: Blockchain, NFT, Bitcoin, Crypto and more. Discover your inner artist and learn how to create, market and sell

169. If You Don’t Know About NFTs then You’re ngmi

What is NFT? Why everyone is mad about the non-fungible tokens? What's the point? Check this article for the answers

170. A Novel as an NFT: Elle Griffin and the Author's Challenge

How Elle Griffin used NFTs to fund her novel

171. Why Are Non-Fungible Tokens Becoming Popular?

NFTs are a mega craze and they are said to be the next big thing- but why? Is the hype over?

172. This NFT is Untradeable ...

With Soulbound NFTs, NFT's can represent much more of who you are and not just what you can afford. Projects like Seed Society and POAP are doing it right.

173. 10 Metaverse Projects I'll Be Watching In 2022

Metaverses have grabbed the spotlight in the crypto stage. These fascinating metaverse projects are the future of gaming and virtual engagement.

174. Meet the Metaverse: Adam From Portals

A browser-based Metaverse, Portals is an immersive social space where you can explore, make your own, and gather with others.

[175. How Developing Communities

Find Economic Opportunities in Digital Assets]( NFTs are becoming all the hype, with some NFTs sold for millions. But could they serve as uplifting financial opportunities in developing countries?

176. What Would the Next Go-to NFT Marketplace Look Like?

The profit-sharing mechanism, reward system, and creator's royalty would probably be the future go-to features NFT marketplace wanna be equipped.

177. Are NFTs Here to Stay?

Limarc Ambalina, Ellen Stevens, and Amy Tom debate the future of NFTs. This Week On Planet Internet - are NFTs here to stay? Will the hype die down?

178. Creators' Economy: Market Size, Scope, Social Validation, and NFTs

“I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man!” - Jay Z

179. NFTs Will Upend Nearly Every Industry and Category of Commerce: Unhashed #25

Unhashed is a QnA series where I speak with top execs of new and established blockchain projects to unravel the mystery of blockchain & crypto.

180. How NFTs Are Overhauling the Creator Economy

Creators generate an enormous volume of content. Here, I discuss the detrimental effects of centralization and how an NFT-enabled creator economy can help.

181. Mining the Next NFTfi’s Treasure Trove of Data Value Measurement and Circulation

DeNet is a multi-chain ecosystem that offers fully decentralized storage based on DeFi tokenomics and monetization services for every participant.

182. Interview With an NFT Collector - What You Learn by Buying 4,000 NFTs

Benjamin Leff shares his story in collecting over 4,200 NFTS and how the blockchain and NFT space has changed in the past 8 years.

183. NFT: Is GIFs Selling For Millions of Dollars The Economy of The Future?

NFT tokens are the blockchain trend in 2021, first of all, are related to the very industry’s most vibrant progress.

184. Easy Way to Find Your NFT’s Metadata

With the use of blockchain explorer or by retrieving it from the smart contracts that manage them, you may locate the metadata for your NFTs.

185. The Hashmasker's Dilemma

The Prisoner's Dilemma in modern game theory explains why the Hashmasks on-chain naming participation levels are so low. How can the Hashmasks community escape?

186. What Happens When You Own an NFT?

NFT's legal issues as well as NFT-related policies and legal documents are always concerns of NFT buyers and sellers. This article will not go into technical analysis, but presents an easy-to-understand presentation so that investors, NFT traders, and those without professional legal knowledge can also understand and find it interesting.

187. Large Companies May Take Metaverse Market Share from Small Startups

The large game companies with all the capital, user base and creativity are probably in the best position to take the metaverse to the next level.

188. NFTs Are Inextricably Linked to the Metaverse, and There's No Way Around It

There will be no metaverse without NFT integration because NFTs are the only way to prove ownership of digital assets.

189. Minecraft Chooses Classic Gaming Over NFT Hype

Minecraft released a statement on its website emphasizing its lack of interest in integrating any form of NFTs into its games.

190. What Do You Know About Centralization vs Decentralization

The mainnet launch of Oases has exceeded our expectations, and we are happy to see the results from everyone's efforts.

191. NFTs Are Playthings of the Rich, not Democratizing Art

NFTs only make sense if you see them as playthings for the wealthy.

192. "The fundamental value of an NFT is not just dollars and cents," says the Founder of Hornicorn

I made Hornicons a community-driven project, so everyone has an equal voice, with the guidance from my expertise...

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