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167 Stories To Learn About Developer Tools

by Learn RepoApril 24th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Developer Tools via these 167 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Developer Tools via these 167 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. We Need Some SPACE: What Is Missing From DORA?

The SPACE framework offers a holistic approach which takes into account wellbeing, collaboration and satisfaction alongside the usual performance metrics.

2. Supercharge your Software Development Productivity by Using these 5 Tools

5 Tools to Boost Your Productivity While Developing - but you probably haven’t heard of before.

3. The 3 C# PDF Libraries Every Developer Must Know

This article is about the top 3 C# PDF libraries for automating the process of creating and customization of PDF documents.

4. Kubernetes Secrets and ConfigMaps

In this article we will discuss about the applications of Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets.

5. Onboard New Developers with Better Coding Practices

Onboard new developers take time, so you need to set up an efficient process to boost their appropriation of your technical culture and your best practices

6. RE: "39 Web Developer Tools You'll Want to Take With You Into 2021"

I think many people forget to appreciate how much complexity dev tools mitigate for us. I can't imagine code collaboration without Git 😄for example.

7. 18 Best Productivity Apps For Remote Workers

Working remotely means managing a lot of work, and all you want to do is manage your time efficiently.

8. Test Impact Analysis - What It Is, How to Test It, and Everything Else You Need to Know

Test impact analysis can help speed up test cycles but not properly managed it can become unruly. Learn how to effectively utilize this method here.

9. 5 Best Augmented Reality Tools For Web Development Projects

Presently, AR (Augmented Reality) is not just a technology, as it is now used for creating brand applications and building customer relationships. Almost every brand has started using AR as a tool for building apps and web apps for their own brand image.

10. How to Manage Configurations Easily Using TOML Files

Central configuration files are a plus for modern Python project structures. TOML files help us store project parameters in a beginner-friendly way.

11. An Essential Guide to Code Quality

Just like quality assurance is done in manufacturing, testing code quality is also done in software development. While developing software or if you're inspecting code written by your team, you need to make sure you verify its quality at every level of development before it gets more complex. In the world of software, the phrase code quality can be interpreted in different ways by different industries and teams.

12. You Don't Need An Expensive Laptop For Coding

You don't need an expensive laptop to start learning to code. Here is how much money you'll need to spend on a computer for it to work properly.

13. 12 Great Free Tools For Developers in 2022

Free developer tools are the best option for small teams and startups that are on a tight budget. Download any of this software for free.

14. 5 GitHub Repositories That Will Change Your Life

Pratham Kumar goes over 5 GitHub Repositories that will make your life easier.

15. The Best JavaScript Tools in 2022: An Essential Guide to Better Development

A breakdown of the most important JS dev tools in 2022, including their most relevant tradeoffs, and some opinionated advice sprinkled on top.

16. My Guide to the 8 Best Dev Tools in 2021

As developers we are always worried that we might be missing a trick to do things faster and better. It’s developer FOMO and probably made you click on the link to this article. Here is the list of development tools I will be using in 2021. Perhaps there is a trick here that you want to try in 2021.

17. Text Editor vs IDE: Which is Best for Beginner Programmers?

As a newbie coder, using a text editor is preferable because when we use a text editor, we learn many things. On the other hand, an IDE makes it easy to code.

18. Comparing The Top 10 Kubernetes CI/CD Tools

In this post, we provide a list of the 10 best Kubernetes CI/CD tools that will help you decide which tool is best for your Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline.

19. Top 10 VS Code Extensions to Boost Productivity

A curated list of my top ten VS Code extensions that will supercharge your productivity and make you more effective as a developer.

20. The Collaboration Tools that Support on-premise Deployment

Read this blog to discover the relevance of the On-Premise deployment model, as well as collaboration tools like Troop Messenger, AnyDesk, etc. that support it.

21. Application Scenarios of Pylon CLI — A Client Tool that Controls the Dev Environment Locally

As a front-end engineer, Node is an essential development tool for java.

22. Installing a Developer Workstation from Scratch

How to automate the installation of a developer workstation, keeping it quick, maintainable and easy learn

23. Get Notified When There are Commits to Pull in VS Code

With the help of GitLive’s new pull reminders, you can now pull sooner, reduce the chances of conflicts, and merge faster!

24. Here’s Everything You Should Know About Upgrading Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365

We examine all we need to know before upgrading Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 in this article.

25. How to Setup the WiX Toolset

WiX Toolset creates Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolkit offers both a command-line environment and the newer MSBuild technology.

26. 3 Excel Libraries Every .NET Developer Must Know

I compare the 3 best .NET Excel libraries that we can use in our .NET projects for commercial use.

27. Building a RESTful API Service in Go Without Having Repetitive Boilerplate

How to build a RESTful API service without repetitive boilerplate and hassle.

28. 5 Tips to Align Your Remote Engineering Teams

With only 4% working full time on-site, more and more companies are moving forward with fully remote work models. Check out our tips below

29. Six Basic Tips To Reduce Software Development Costs

Reducing operational costs is always a goal for every business, no matter the industry that they might work in. For many companies, the development and ongoing maintenance of essential software that keeps their business operational is one of the most significant expenses that they face.

30. Top 5 VS Code Extensions for Remote Working

A list of the best VS code extensions.

31. Introducing Docketeer 3.0: A Helpful Tool to Manage Docker Containers

Docketeer is an open-source, distributed, monitoring service for maintaining Docker container health

32. 25 Useful Websites Developers Don't Use Enough

There are many websites to make the work of developers easier, even if they are as basic as helping you share your code. Here are 25 useful websites for devs.

33. Habits Every Software Engineer Should Imbibe

Good habits are important for a software engineer. They help you write maintainable code that your future self will thank you for.

34. 5 Developer Tools Worth the Money to Boost Your Productivity

Tools that help you develop faster or more efficiently can easily pay for themselves in terms of time saved, because, as they also say, time is money.

35. How to Boost Your Coding Productivity with Plop

I can’t remember when I first heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my coding productivity and get the most out of my time, especially when writing code or managing projects. I recently discovered Plop, a micro-generator framework, and now I wonder how I ever managed without it!

36. 5 Tech Tools to Sharpen Your Creativity

Creativity is important today because it helps us innovate and think outside the box. Knowing how to use your creativity can open up a world of opportunities, so it's worthwhile taking the time to sharpen these skills with the right tools.

37. Everything you need to know about Helm – Part I

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. In this tutorial we will explore Helm tasks, components, charts, and installations.

38. I Built A Handy Browser Plugin To Search Docs And Packages Directly From The Address Bar

Hi all. I'm so honored to introduce my product: Go Search Extension, a handy browser plugin to help every Go developer search docs and package in the address bar instantly.

39. Cherry-picking Your Teammate's Locally Uncommitted Changes in Git

We are all familiar with Git Cherry Pick — it allows us to pick arbitrary Git commits by reference and append them to the current working HEAD. This can be extremely useful for team collaboration, bug hotfixes, or restoring lost commits. However, this feature would be even more useful for collaboration if it would allow for cherry-picking your teammate's locally uncommitted changes! Sounds like a dream? Keep reading!

40. 5 Low/No-Code Tools For Freelance Mobile App Development in 2020

In the growing world of low-code and no-code, dozens of app building platforms claim to offer the best solution for building native mobile apps.

41. How We Eliminated Regular Expression Denial of Service and How You Can Too

At Superhuman, we make the fastest email experience in the world. We must therefore process massive amounts of text very rapidly. We need to find links, validate emails, parse invitations, and much more.

42. Android is Better. This is why.

To move forward with clarity, companies need something to relate to, for their purpose and for the greater good of the customers.

43. Winning At Web Accessibility in 2021 With These Tools for Developers

The quality of the tools you use defines the speed with which you can diagnose and resolve problems.

44. How to Design an Effective Dashboard: The Essential Guide

Effective dashboard design helps DevOps, SRE and developers easily understand the system and quickly troubleshoot incidents. Here's how to do it right.

45. CodeNotary provides a Free Open Source Timestamping Service for Developers

CodeNotary's trusted timestamping tool securely keeps track of the creation and modification time of a document.

46. 8 Open-source NLP Tools You Should Try

The write-up is about various free open-source NLP tools available in the market which any developer can use as per the requirement.

47. Microservices and Frameworks, All You Need to Know

We will look at the benefits of developing in microservices, the concept of frameworks and why you should consider them, and more.

48. How to Configure Useful User Snippets in VSCode for Golang

In this article, I'll show how we can configure some useful user snippets in VSCode to make our life easier.

49. Understanding Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A Guide to CGM Devices

Understanding Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A Guide to CGM Devices, and how developers can build solutions on such data

50. Top 6 PHP Development Tools For 2022

PHP tools help improve your website and web applications. We have compiled the list of the best PHP tools used and recommended by many PHP developers worldwide

51. 4 Google Chrome Extensions That Improve My Coding Workflow

The four Google Chrome Extensions that I base my coding workflow around are YouCode, Web Developer, Window Resizer for Developer, Wappalyzer all on the store.

52. Online Playgrounds to Learn Every Tech Stack on the Web

53. From Cook to Code: My Journey of Becoming a Software Engineer

After graduating high school with a degree in Food Technology, I dove headfirst into the world of restaurants and hospitality.

54. Treasure Hunt: 5 Juicy Repos on GitHub

55. 5 Fantastic Developer Tools for Asynchronous Communication 🎯

As dev teams are looking for new ways to stay productive and communicate effectively, asynchronous communication gains popularity. Asynchronous communication doesn’t require planning, reduces context switching, and allows recording, rewatching, and rereading the information — which is great for long-term projects.

56. The First Dedicated IDE for React Web Applications - ReacTide 3.0 Beta is Finally Here 

In addition to the teams behind Netflix, eBay, Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, and Facebook, there are currently over 1.3 million websites and applications built on React, making it one of the most powerful and ubiquitous frameworks of all time.

57. No-Code? No, Thank You?

“No-Code? No, Thank You.” – What Developers Say About The Latest Trend In Software Engineering.

58. How to Become a Team of Elite Developers

The Accelerate State of DevOps report ranks performance into Low, Medium, High and Elite.

59. A Guide on How to Use a Keyboard Tester

A keyboard tester is an online application that allows users to test their keyboard keys to ensure they are working properly.

60. Implement Authentication & Security Using SuperTokens in Your React and HarperDB App

61. Considering Low-code in 2022? Here's Why Linx Should be Your Platform of Choice

Low-code and no-code tools are in vogue at the moment, but many professional developers still consider these tools as ‘toys”.

62. ObjectBox: Empowering the Edge

An interview with the CEO of Berlin-based Startup solving local on-device data storage and decentralized data-flows out-of-the-box to empower Edge Computing.

63. 5 JetBrains Plugins to Take Your Productivity through the Roof

5 great JetBrains plugins that will make you and your dev team more productive in a remote setup: GitLive, Code Time, Git Machete, Stepsize, Smart Search.

64. How to Create Beautiful Images from Markdown Text and Tweets

Create beautiful code snippets using markdown text with the help of tweetlet tool. You can also convert tweets and other images with beautiful backgrounds.

65. How to Choose a Kubernetes Container Registry Solution

Organizations that want to scale their container initiatives require a private container registry that meets enterprise standards. Here is what to look for.

66. Top 5 WebStorm Extensions For Productivity

Since I like experimenting with cool plugins, I thought I would share with you my pick of the extensions that really improved my productivity in WebStorm.

67. 9 Productivity Tools Every Dev Should Look Into

Here is a short list of some great tools I've discovered over the past year.

68. Introducing CatalyzeX: A Browser Extension for Machine Learning

Andrew Ng likes it, you probably will too!

69. 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Develop Video Games

If you ask any software developer, there’s a decent chance that they have tried their hand at game development. It seems like a natural fit since it uses many of the same skills. What’s more, programmers come into it with the knowledge that most aspiring game makers lack: how to write good code and create effective software.

70. 9 Useful Interactive CLI Tools for Linux

9 text-based interactive CLI tools for Linux that you must know.

71. GKE vs. EKS: Comparing Google Kubernetes Engine and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

There are key differences between GKE and EKS. While EKS is a market leader, read more to find out why GKE can give EKS a run for its money.

72. 21 API Monitoring Tools That Will Make You a Developer Superhero in 2023!

A new wave of API tools to answer the global API security threat.

73. How To Improve Code Quality With Code Reviews and Refactoring

Originally published at Managing Technical Debt.

74. Cross-Blockchain Implementation on A Decentralized Service Node Network

Blocknet Protocol is a blockchain-agnostic platform designed to help developers launch new applications using features from various blockchains. If developers want to build on EOS but use smart contracts from Ethereum, they can with Blocknet.

75. I Think pipenv Is Better Than venv

Yeah, you read that right. I actually think that pipenv is better than venv for there are multiple reasons and a whole lot of thought behind it.

76. 5 Artificial Intelligence Tools to Simplify Your Life: No Cost Required

Dead-simple AI tools to help you in your daily life.

77. 5 Most Effective Productivity Tools If You’re In Tech Or Software Engineering

Everyone wants to be more productive without burning out. So, how do you get more done without working more hours? And how do you help the rest of your team improve without taking on the role of taskmaster? The answer: use effective tools.

78. The Best JetBrains Plugins For Remote Working

Let’s take a look at the best JetBrains plugins that can seriously improve your remote working routine.

79. What is Customer Data Platform?

Customer data platform (CDP) aggregates and organizes customer data across various touchpoints to build customer profiles, which are then used by other systems

80. 17 Killer Web Apps to Increase Productivity 🚀💯

81. Top Tools for Rapid API Development

From design to deploy, these tools will have your API and microservices up and running in no time.

82. Low-code Programming Through the Ages

A short tour of the best low-code tools over time.

83. How To Increase Efficiency With DORA

The Google State of DevOps claims that following DORA's "State of DevOps" report can help improve efficiency. This is how it worked out for one company.

84. The Markdown Test

As an investor, I am focused on what I think of as ‘technical tools.’ That is, tools that either help developers build or deploy code, or tools that help pseudo-technical users do developer-like things. There are some edges for this where it’s hard to delineate what is/isn’t a tool for a technical user, especially in the collaboration space. In fact, much of my thinking here stems from the question, “so does this include stuff like Slack?,” which comes up a surprising amount in conversation.

85. AI Facts Every Dev Should Know: Artificial intelligence is older than you, probably

The hype around AI is growing rapidly, as most research companies predict AI will take on an increasingly important role in the future.

86. Creating a New Website? I Have Nuttertools for You

With this website, you get to run performance, lighthouse, core web vitals, visual comparison, and traceroute tests on your website.

87. What is MLOps and How Kubernetes can Help

Why is #Kubernetes so important for MLOps? Find out in our blog post below.

88. Cloud Collaboration Tools for Engineering Teams

It's a story about how I set up a development environment in five minutes

89. 7 Websites That are Useful for Web Developers

As web developers, daily we try to solve some problems and to solve those problems we may need to have some handy tools/websites where we can look up to.

90. 10 GitHub Repositories to Follow

GitHub is a well-known platform to share all kinds of technologies. The following article contains the 10 most widely used GitHub repositories.

91. 3 Tools to Make Growing and Scaling your Side Projects Easier

Growing a side project is hard. Ex-Clourflare dev shares 3 easy to use tools to help you get more signups, analyze user data, and monitor production errors.

92. 3 Non-Monetary Ways To Incentivise Your Developer Team

In a world where the fight for talent is fierce incentivising your developers in non-monetary ways is key to retain your best employees and encourage them on.

93. A Decentralized "Internet of Blockchains:" Blocknet Protocol

Blocknet is moving to the v18 base chain and gearing up to support business customers with the release of XRouter 1.0. In this article, I take a look at the inner workings of the Blocknet Protocol and what it offers.

94. Kubernetes Distributed Performance Testing using Locust

Docker and Kubernetes are powerful tools that can help you in aligning your Machine Learning production cycles with the business operations requirements.

95. 13 Tools To Try On Your Next Javascript Based Project

On every project, there are always tools that can help your team align, standardise, and increase productivity and quality of code through their use.

96. How To Create a Developer Blog on DevDojo

Nowadays, creating a blog is easy. But, with all the different options available, you might go crazy by just doing the research.

97. Essential Productivity Tips Every Software Developer Should Know

Here are the game changing productivity hacks, tools, and tips that have helped me most as a software developer.

98. What is the Best Way to Measure Developer Productivity in 2022?

DORA Metrics are a great start, however Nicole Forsgren from Github recognises the need for Collaboration and Wellbeing to become part of developer performance.

99. A Simple Guide to API Development Tools

APIs can be as simple as 1 endpoint for use by 100s of users or as complex as the AWS APIs with 1000s of endpoints and 100s of thousands of users. Building them can mean spending a couple of hours using a low-code platform or months of work using a multitude of tools. Hosting them can be as simple as using one platform that does everything we need or as complex as setting up and managing ingress control, security, caching, failover, metrics, scaling etc.

100. Why you Should Get Started Building Containers on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is ideal for container orchestration. Because of its features, it also comes with complexity. In this article, we will discuss when to use Kubernetes

101. The Hidden Potential of AI for Developers: Increasing Productivity & Shortening Time-To-Market

This story talks about how AI can benefit developers by increasing productivity and as a building block to implement otherwise complex applications quicker.

102. Helm — Everything You Need to Know Part II

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Helm versions (v2 vs. v3), and a practical example of how to use it.

103. JMXTerm-An Open-Source Debugging Tool

Monitor your application in production or locally. Understand what's going on under the hood while debugging & change application settings on the fly.

104. 6 Incredible Productivity Tools for Programmers

Productivity is key when it comes to getting work done with a smile. Burndowns are natural, here is how to minimize them and keep hustling.

105. 10 Best JetBrains IDEs Plugins to Boost Your Productivity in 2021

I asked devs who use IntelliJ IDEA: what are your favourite plugins to ship quality code fast? Here are the 10 most popular plugins most of the developers mentioned.

106. Pet Projects are Fun

I love pet projects, they are great excuse to use libraries and other technologies that you can’t use at work. Lately I’ve been working on a bigger pet project that needs to parse Go files, I’ve used ANTLR before to make this kind of things but unfortunately, ANTLR’s Go target has poor performance. So I began to search for alternatives written in pure Go and came across with this one, which took a different approach on creating parsers with Go, but before we’re going to understand how this library is different from others, let’s cover some basic concepts about parsing.

107. The Best 7 Coding Tools Powered by AI

7 most innovative AI (and especially ChatGPT) powered low-code code tools.

108. API DevEx Portals: A Definitive Guide

A definitive guide to building an API DevEx Portal for your API users.

109. Avoiding In-House Development Tools Now May Pay Off Later

Software engineers are builders - so it’s only natural for them to want to build in-house proprietary software tools, customization and integrations. But that instinct can often be problematic for businesses. Here are some reasons you should think twice before letting your engineers build their own internal software:

110. Great Developer Blogs to Follow in 2023 That Are Informative, Entertaining, or Both

Remember, there are many other great blogs out there, so don't be afraid to explore and find what works best for you.

111. Automating Pull Request Merges with Mergify

Mergify is a tool that helps prioritize, queuing, and automatically merge your pull requests.

112. How We Released a Product And Got To #1 On Product Hunt

With a combination of careful planning and – to be honest – a smidge of luck on the day, we made it a reality. Check out exactly how (and why) we did it below!

113. How to Hire a Developer in 30 Minutes

At Adadot we hire people, not paper. We don’t look for the highest mark or the most prestigious degree, but for the person behind the CV.

114. How to Debug Like a Senior Developer

My new online course is launching with the first video ready to view. Many more are coming in the coming months, also my book is ready for preorder!

115. Setting up Atom as a Python IDE [A How To Guide]

In this article, I demonstrate how you can setup and maintain a python friendly development environment from within Atom.  Ideally, a developer wants to reduce the amount of window/application switching as much as possible and create repeatable workflows.

116. What You Can Learn Next in Your Journey as a Developer

In your software development career, you’ll never run out of new things to learn.

117. 10 Free Courses to learn Docker and DevOps for Programmers and Software Developers

As software development (both frontend and backend) is moving towards automation, good knowledge and experience about the Docker could be very valuable for your career.

118. Why You Should Automate Your Code Review

It's 2020 and there are plenty of tools to help you develop better code. The emergence of DevOps tools and the rise of Artificial Intelligence open up opportunities to automate many aspects of the code review process. In this article, we explain why you should automate your code reviews (even if you develop solo), what are the limitations of these tools and what comes ahead!

119. Important Aspects of using GitLive

I’m Sunny, and I’m a junior developer at GitLive. Since we are making a tool by developers, for developers, I wanted to share how I use our own product on a day to day basis.

120. With Enough Data, You Can Predict Asset Price Movement

With “enough data” asset prices, as with the weather, can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy.

121. The Best Form Builder List for Developers

Creating forms for your website or mobile app can be unnecessarily time consuming. However, there is a simple solution. You can create your form and integrate it into your page in just seconds using anything form builder.

122. Microsoft Tools Every Development Teams Should Use

If you are developing on the Microsoft these are the most useful software development tools.

123. Solid Benefits of Authentication Without Passwords: Passwordless Identity Platforms Simply Explained

First take a look at the current state of password-based authentication, and then we’ll dig into various technologies that can enable passwordless.

124. Pinpoint Those Pesky Minified Javascript Errors With Sentry

Source Maps to the rescue.!

125. Etherspot Multichain SDK: Enabling Agile Web3 Development

How to onboard your users to the entire multichain world of EVM-compatible chains. Etherspot SDK helps Web3 dapps save cost, time and increase user adoption.

126. How to Build a SMS Surveys App with Twilio, Airtable and Standard Library

We live in an era of collaboration and teamwork. Meaning that even the most straightforward task in this day and age (think ordering lunch, for example) is often brought before a committee vote. Thankfully, ours is also an era of great technological achievement, and there is perhaps no better way to arrive at a consensus than through the use of polling and surveys. Today we are going to see how we can use Build on Standard Library to deploy a quick and easy-to-use polling app that uses your Twilio number to dispatch SMS messages to your group, and then logs their replies in one convenient Airtable Base.

127. Your Docs Are the Gateway to Your Devtool

Writing good documentation is crucial. While working on Appwrite, documentation is one of the essential parts of our development life-cycle. When we are building tools designed for developers, our docs are where developers first meet our product. Complex, unclear, or unorganized documentation site can drive developers away even if your product is great. It doesn’t worth a lot if your code is awesome or neat if no-one can use it.

128. How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform For Your Developer Blog

Learn how to choose the best blogging platform for your developer blog. See what are the most important things to look for when choosing a blogging platform.

129. Boost Your Productivity as a Developer With These 10 Tools

Productivity is one of the important metrics for developers. Stay organized with this list of the essential tools for a developer to increase your productivity.

130. Kubernetes Cluster Must-Haves To Be Production Ready

What you always have as a Kubernetes cluster is usually always the bare minimum.

131. Ubuntu Hacks for Higher Productivity

A few great tools to improve your productivity on Ubuntu desktop.

132. 10 NoCode Tools to Help You Build Your MVP 🚀

A list of 10 free Nocode tools for creating and launching a successful startup ✅🚀

133. Startup Interview with David A. Smith, Founder & CTO, and John Payne, CEO of Croquet

The Croquet Collaboration Library and Frameworks are the easiest & most powerful way for developers to create instantaneous shared experiences.

134. The Placeholder Tools that Boost Productivity for Developers and Designers

135. Pieces: A Bookmarking Tool for Developers

Saving code solutions by using bookmarks in your browser is pretty painful when you want to find and revisit that solution later. An easy hack is to save snippe

136. Things to Think About When Debugging [Part 1]

Learn the methodological way to debug your application as well as some lesser known debugging tricks to narrow down those pesky bugs.

137. On Dynamic Observability and Team Culture with Liran Haimovitch, Rookout CTO

Rookout Co-Founder and CTO, Liran Haimovitch, shares the origin story of their debugging tool, what excites him about the startup life, PLG, and more.

138. Empowering Professional Developers With Low-code

Professional developers are skeptic about low-code platforms, read this story that breaks the myths.

139. The Best Error Ever: Firebase Errors for Humans

I'm working on a system for positive behavioral recognition and metrics using Firebase and React. This is a hobby/side project that I work on usually on nights and weekends.

140. Eliminate Friction in App Delivery to Kubernetes

The last two decades have seen a sea change in the way software is written and delivered. Waterfall to iterative to agile, native to hybrid to responsive interfaces, monoliths to microservices, installed to pay-as-you-go SaaS, data centers to private and hybrid clouds, and virtual machines to containers.  As the market constantly evolves, enterprises are facing a ton of choices with increasing complexity.

141. How To Get Accurate Feedback From The SonarQube Ecosystem Into C++ Directly

Late feedback is a pain in the butt. Regardless of how it comes, hearing "that thing you did two weeks ago was wrong" is unwelcome at best. Good feedback is immediate, actionable and at least dispassionate, if not compassionate.

142. Using An Existing Blogging Platform vs Building A Blog From Scratch

The article aims to answer the question whether developers should use an existing blogging platform or build a blog from scratch

143. 17 Apps to Boost Developer Productivity

To help you build the ultimate workflow, we went looking for the developer productivity tools that are currently trending in coding communities.

144. Illustrate Your Work With 3D Modeling

A technique for developing three-dimensional objects, 3D modeling can be applied to various industries, including manufacturing and animation.

145. Debugging Angular Applications: The Tool You Need to Know

Angular DevTools is a great tool to make app development faster and more efficient.

146. The Engineer's Guide to Creating a Technical Debt Proposal

This article will guide you through the process to craft a technical debt proposal to justify the time spent solving technical issues.

147. GitOps. GitOps? What is GitOps?

In this blog we will try to answer all your pressing questions about GitOps and find out how it can help you in the software delivery process.

148. "Make Other Developers’ Lives Easier" Valerio Barbera, CTO at Inspector

The Inspector founder's story: a journey from developer to SaaS founder. How their software development tool is making developers' lives easier.

149. We Got to #1 on Product Hunt in 2022 - Here's What Happened After

Getting number one spot on Product Hunt gives your product unprecedented exposure and legitimizes your release as one worth watching.

150. Introducing CropScore: An Image Cropper for Content Creators ✂✨

If you are a content creator, the chances are you have come across stretched, shrank, non-centered or pixelated images after the posting of your material.

151. The BitBucket vs GitHub Breakdown You Should Read

I’ve created this “BitBucket vs GitHub” content piece to help you make a better decision when picking between the two.

152. Top 7 Project Management Instruments That Facilitate Remote Work

Project Management for a team is an important task at the best of times. Many processes make a project successful- scheduling, planning, executing, and other stages. However, project management can get trickier when your team is distributed across the world and working remotely.

153. Useful Tools To Make Working on HTML and CSS Easier

Programmers and Developers are lazy people, they always want to make their jobs easy. They do not want manual and repetitive tasks. They want to automate tasks.

154. Top 13 GitHub Alternatives in 2020 [Free and Paid]

If the black cat doesn’t seem cute enough, and you are looking for a reliable yet powerful GitHub alternative, this article unveils some of the top GitHub alternatives you can find today.

155. Top 13 Professional Web Design Software & Tools for Beginners

To help businesses choose the right web design software, we’ve made a concise and easy-to-understand guide for you.

156. Using OpenApi to Ship APIs Faster

Writing an API from scratch can be quite fun and informative for developers. Yet, maintaining dozens of APIs in a company is another kettle of fish.

157. 10 Must Have Chrome Extensions for a Web Developer

A list of browser extensions made for web developers to help them debug, test, and make their applications reliable.

158. An Introduction to AWS SSO VS Cross-account Role-based IAM Access

Considered to be the best practices in AWS, one of the most popular ways to maximize AWS's potential is to utilize multiple accounts.

159. How to Tackle Developer Burnout

An average scrum squad that has 5 developers, at least 4 of them will be suffering from burnout. Burnout affects 83% of developers.

160. The Difference Between Data Backups and Snapshots (and when to use them)

Learn the difference between server snapshots and server backups with the pros and cons of each, and some examples of when to use them.

161. 10 Most Useful Code Editors Hotkeys

Do you know what percentage of people do not use Ctrl+F when searching text on pages?

162. All 14 Slides from the Deck We Used to Raise Seed with Accel in 13 Days

Here's Airbyte deck for their Seed round with Accel in early 2021. This could be useful to startups in the open-source and dev worlds!

163. Top Web Development Tools for Building Business Applications in 2021

In addition, web technologies help to automate business processes within a company and enhance the overall working efficiency of employees.

164. Valuable Insights About The Fundraising Process

We Raised a $26M Series-A to Change How Data Is Moved with our open-source ELT solution. Here's how we did it, deck included

165. Machine Learning in Static Code Analysis

Machine learning has firmly entrenched in a variety of human fields, from speech recognition to medical diagnosing. The popularity of this approach is so great that people try to use it wherever they can. Some attempts to replace classical approaches with neural networks turn up unsuccessful. This time we'll consider machine learning in terms of creating effective static code analyzers for finding bugs and potential vulnerabilities.

166. 39 Web Developer Tools You'll Want To Take With You Into 2021

In this article, we will review 39 of the best software development and programming tools, ranging from web development and interactive development to rapid application development.

167. 29 Asana Alternatives: The Ultimate Breakdown

Most people’s story about looking for Asana alternatives:

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