Boost Your Productivity as a Developer With These 10 Toolsby@karanravval
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Boost Your Productivity as a Developer With These 10 Tools

by Karan RawalMarch 16th, 2023
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Developing a good workflow in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines is crucial. It is, therefore, important to consider productivity as a metric.
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In a high-speed environment with stringent timeframes, establishing an effective workflow is imperative. As such, measuring productivity should be given significant consideration.

Improving your workflow is crucial to be more productive, organized, and efficient in your work. Additionally, it allows you to stay on top of your tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, productivity is a fundamental aspect of a good workflow.

To assist you in working more effectively, I have compiled a list of essential tools.

10 Most Important Tools for Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency as a Developer

1. iHateRegex

"IHateRegex" is a user-friendly website and tool designed to enable users to effortlessly generate and evaluate regular expressions (regex) without requiring any coding or programming expertise. The primary goal is to simplify and democratize the use of regex for searching and manipulating text or data.


2. Justgetflux

Justgetflux is a company based in New York City that developed a computer program called f.lux. This program adjusts the color temperature of computer displays based on the time of day. At night, it makes the display warmer and less blue to reduce eye strain. It is available for various desktop and mobile operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.


3. WakaTime

WakaTime is a plugin that integrates with different code editors and tracks how developers spend their coding time. It provides insights and analytics on coding habits and productivity to help developers optimize their workflow and efficiency.


4. KanBoard

KanBoard is an open-source project management tool that utilizes the Kanban method. It allows users to create a visual representation of their work, breaking it down into smaller tasks and moving them through various stages of completion. KanBoard includes features such as task assignment, project collaboration, and reporting capabilities to help teams improve productivity and streamline workflows.


5. Worldtimebuddy

Worldtimebuddy is a website that enables users to compare and convert time zones around the world easily. Users can input multiple locations and view the current time for each location, as well as schedule meetings and events across different time zones. It also offers customization options like adding or removing locations from the comparison and changing the display format of the times.


6. ILovePDF

ILovePDF is a website that provides online tools for manipulating and editing PDF files. Users can merge, split, compress, and convert PDFs to other formats. It also has features for adding or removing password protection and adding text or images to PDF documents. The basic features of iLovePDF are free, but some advanced features require a paid subscription.


7. Squoosh

Squoosh is a web-based image compression tool developed by Google Chrome Labs. It allows users to resize and optimize images for faster loading on websites and for easier storage and sharing. Squoosh supports a wide range of file formats and offers advanced features such as lossy and lossless compression, color adjustment, and image resizing. It is free and can be accessed through any web browser.


8. Monkeytype

MonkeyType is a tool that helps developers test their code's typing speed and accuracy by simulating users typing the code into a console. It helps identify areas of the code that may be prone to errors or slow typing speeds, allowing developers to improve the usability and efficiency of their code.


9. Prestige

Prestige is an open-source, text-based HTTP client tool for web developers that works inside the browser, similar to Postman. Developers can write their HTTP/REST requests as text, execute them, and view the response in the browser.


10. Screely

Screely is a website that allows users to create and share high-quality screenshots and screen recordings with a few clicks. Users can customize the browser mockup window, background, and much more. Screely provides features such as annotation tools, image editing, and sharing options for social media platforms or via email. It is often used for creating visual instructions or tutorials, showcasing software or websites, or highlighting specific features or elements on a screen.


Pro Tool: GitHub Copilot (Paid)

Co-Pilot is a powerful open-source project available on GitHub which provides a complete framework for building and deploying machine learning models for natural language processing (NLP) tasks. The project comprises a range of helpful tools and resources for training and assessing models, along with a collection of pre-trained models that can be instantly used for a variety of NLP tasks, including text classification, language translation, and question answering.

Co-Pilot is developed by the expert NLP team at OpenAI, with the aim of providing a flexible and modular solution that empowers developers to construct and customize their own NLP models with ease. As a result, users can enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with their existing applications, workflows, and systems.

Individuals can access Co-Pilot for a low monthly fee of $10, while businesses can enjoy team access for only $19 per user per month. Start using Co-Pilot today and experience the power and convenience of building and deploying cutting-edge NLP models for your projects!

#GitHub Copilot


As a developer, it's critical to recognize the significance of using developer tools to manage the software development project. These tools are indispensable for several reasons, such as enhancing productivity, promoting quality, and enabling effective collaboration among team members.

In summary, incorporating developer tools into your workflow can significantly improve your ability to produce top-notch software products in an efficient and timely manner.