18 Best Productivity Apps For Remote Workersby@taimoor
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18 Best Productivity Apps For Remote Workers

by Taimoor SattarMay 12th, 2022
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Working remotely means managing a lot of work, and all you want to do is manage your time efficiently.

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Working remotely means managing a lot of work, and to do this successfully efficient time management is key.

I have compiled some productivity apps that will make your life as a remote worker easier and faster.

In the following table, I shared some of the apps that will make your work more productive.

App Name

App description

Website URL

Notion is a workspace where we can create docs, wikis, tables, etc. You can export your work in PDF and other formats.


It is used to transfer data on the internet via unique links.


It is an online PDF editor that lets you merge, split, and convert PDF files.


It is a no-code website builder used by designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites.


Zaiper allows you to connect with different apps, automate your funnel, and streamline your business.


It is a cloud-based typing assistant that checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes.


It is a platform for designing graphics for media, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.


Pexels is the website where to find stock photos, royalty-free images & videos shared by creators.


Iconfinder is a search engine that searches for icons, 3Ds, and illustrations.


It is a simple online tool for creating sequence diagrams.


Airtable is used to store the data in an excel sheet. We can use Airtable to collect data from different sources.

Stripe Payment Link

It is used to create a payment link to sell online without a website.



Alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It is a professional photo editing, page layout, graphic design, and illustration tool.

It is a tool to remove the background or used to extract an object from the image.


Create forms, surveys, and quizzes that people enjoy answering.


It is used to screen capture, file sharing, and productivity tool.

Generate unique SVG design assets.


It is used for wireframes to design user interfaces for desktop software, website, mobile apps, etc.

You can contact me through this form if you would like to add other apps that help you with daily tasks.