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129 Stories To Learn About Javascript Frameworks

by Learn RepoMay 10th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Javascript Frameworks via these 129 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Javascript Frameworks via these 129 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Implement Caching Efficiently in NestJS Using Redis

In this post, we’ll look at using Redis to give cache capabilities to a NestJS project. We’ll discuss Redis, what caching is, and the implementation procedure.

2. 2 Quick and Easy Ways to Fix 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module'

In this quick guide we'll look at how you can solve the very common error, "Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module".

3. 6 Reasons why JavaScript is the GOAT of Programming Languages

Often considered as a tool to build applications in your web browser, JavaScript can also be used as a general-purpose scripting language. Discover why

4. How to Use .env Environment Variables in Vue

Vue.js also lets us use .env variables, but it works slightly differently. So let's look at how to use .env variables in Vue.

5. MUI (Material-UI) Releases v5 of its Core React Components

MUI (Material-UI) releases v5 of its core React components - brings advanced styling and customization features, new components, and more.

6. How to Use Type Casting in Typescript

To cast something in TypeScript, we use the 'as' keywords. Here's how type casting works in TypeScript.

7. Integrating a Contact Form with EmailJS in React

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to connect a front-end library, React, with EmailJS to receive user messages on your website or mobile applications

8. 24 Best JavaScript Blogs and Websites

In this overview, we have compiled a list of popular sites, as well as JS blogs that are worth reading and keeping in your bookmarks.

9. Choosing Between React, Gatsby, Next.js For Your Frontend

React, Gatsby, Next.js. Which of the three should you choose for your frontend web development and what should you understand before you make the decision?

10. Javascript Pointers Do Exist!

I bet you didn’t know that Javascript has pointers. Well, it does! Let’s take a quick look at how they are implemented and how they work.

11. 3 Practical Tasks for Your Next React Interview

Here are 3 React tasks to check your coding skills, way of thinking, and ability to create good understandable code.

12. How to Install Node Versions and Upgrade or Downgrade Them

Learn the best way to install Node and keep it up to date.

13. Data Visualization Using Chart.js and Gatsby

Data visualization helps you transform your unorganized data in an organized and valuable way that conveys the right message to your audience without words.

14. Why Do You Need A JavaScript Test Framework?

The JavaScript testing framework enables you to boost your development workflow significantly. In addition, it increases your team’s speed and efficiency.

15. The Main Differences Between Angular, React, and Vue

Gathered review of the major used frameworks: Angular, React, and Vue. We compared them by the most crucial criteria for deciding on one of them for a project.

16. Next.js vs React: Who Wins the Battle?

There are two popular options for creating web applications with React: Next.js and React Router. Both have their pros and cons, but which one.

17. The Best React Frameworks to Help you Get to Production Faster

18. Top 5 React Interview Questions in 2022

ReactJS is the most popular choice, and this lesson on how to answer ReactJS interview questions will help you get the job.

19. Gatsby.js vs. Next.js: The Best React Framework and Its Use Cases

Gatsby.js vs. Next.js: Gatsby.js is better for static websites, while Next.js is better for dynamic or hybrid multi-user websites.

20. How to Declare Variables in Javascript: Let Vs. Var Vs. Const

A brief introduction on Let, Var, and Const keywords in Javascript.

21. Javascript Cheatsheet: Spread Operators

This Javascript Cheatsheet for Spread Operators explains the use case scenarios and the basic concepts behind Spread Operators when coding in Javascript.

22. A Guide on How to Build a Blockchain with Javascript

Although JavaScript is now the most widely used programming language worldwide, it is not usually the first language picked for building a blockchain

23. I Did Not Choose Javascript, JavaScript Chose Me

Nowadays most applications – server, mobile, web – can run on JavaScript. In the last couple of years the popularity of this programming language has been steadily increasing, and today it is used more frequently than PHP and Java. At the height of the language’s popularity, it is worth spending a few minutes to learn about it, and decide whether it’s worth spending the long hours it takes to learn it. To this end we interviewed our JS developer Alexander Podik about his career, life skills and JavaScript tips and tricks.

24. Introducing a New, Lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor That Fits Any Technology Framework

25. Nucleoid: A Low-code Framework for Node.js

Nucleoid is low-code framework for Node.js, lets you build your APIs with the help of AI and built-in datastore in declarative runtime engine.

26. The Best Front-End Frameworks for UI/UX: Future-Proof Careers

The Best Front-end frameworks are future-proof and supply the best design solution to the UI experts. There are diverse options in the market for C++ and Java

27. 10 Reasons to Choose Sencha Ext JS for Your Data Driven Web Applications

28. Why a Majority of Startups Prefer ReactJS

Just like progress in other tech fields, front-end web development is advancing too. Let's try and understand why ReactJS development is a startup favorite?

29. What Is an Array Type in Typescript

Arrays work the same in TypeScript as they do in Javascript, the only difference being that we have to define their type upfront.

30. What Are the Challenges of Learning New JavaScript Frameworks? | GrapeCity JavaScript

Learn about the top challenges developer face when they are learning new JavaScript frameworks. See more from GrapeCity today.

31. How to Pass Optional Parameters in Typescript

If you try to run a function with a different number of parameters than the function actually has, you'll get an error in TypeScript. Here's how to get past it.

32. The 4 Main Principles of React That Made It So Popular

React is popular for a reason. It offers not only a solid paradigm of programming but also makes code much more maintainable.

33. How To Future-Proof Your React File Uploader

Web developers who want to build an application using ReactJS must consider the react file upload to ensure that users can upload any file they need.

34. The Most Progressive Web Apps of 2022

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can be called an intermediate between mobile apps and traditional websites. But, why exactly do we need them? As technology advances, it brings new devices. In turn, this upgrades the requirements of your average user. The success of your business depends upon the ability to provide these requirements.

35. 5 Best JavaScript Chat Libraries

Chats and messengers increase users' interest in the site. With online chats customers may get immediate information about the products they are looking for.

36. Who Would Win Between Flutter and React Native

This Flutter Vs. React Native comparison is going to be fun so stick with me till the end and you will have an answer to which one's worthy of your app idea.

37. Dates in JavaScript are Broken. Who Shall Fix them?

The Javascript Date constructor is known to have a lot of bugs and issues. Let's look at some of its major flaws so you can avoid them.

38. How to Fetch Data in Javascript like a Pro

Fumbling with APIs? Learn how to use the fetch API to get your data in Javascript like a pro.

39. Let's Talk About Vanilla JavaScript: What Is Vanilla JS, and Why Should I Spend Any Time On It?

Know a little JavaScript, but can't do much with it yet? This tutorial, "Vanilla JS in the DOM", will help you understand the background of Vanilla Javascript.

40. 5 Data Visualization Widgets for Modern JavaScirpt Libraries

Data Visualisation is an incredibly important part of conveying information in the world. Getting the best widget types for Data Visualisation is a part of that

41. What are Truthy and Falsy Values in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, things can be true, or false, but they can also be truthy or falsy.

42. 7 Frameworks to Create Ideal UI/UX Prototypes in Javascript

Here is a list of 7 frameworks that can be used in creating prototypes.

43. Understanding Nullish Coalescing (or ??) in Javascript

The nullish coalescing operator is useful in situations where something can be returned as either null or undefined, and helps us tighten up our code.

44. 10 JavaScript Apps to Power your Business

45. What Is The Best Widgets Library In 2022?

An easy-to-use and comprehensive JavaScript framework are of utmost importance if you are a web developer.

46. How to Use Default Parameters in TypeScript

When we talk about default parameters, we are talking about giving arguments values that should be used, if that argument is undefined.

47. If You Think 100 Days of Code is Hard: Try One Game a Month Challenge

A popular challenge that beginner programmers participate in is called 100 Days of Code. Although I never participated in it myself, I see countless tweets with screenshots and progress reports of people sharing bits of apps they made. 100 Days of Code is a great way to keep people in the programmer mindset. It gets them familiar with what it is like to code every day. Still, I wonder if it is the best approach for everyone.  For them, One Game a Month could be a great alternative.

48. Adding a Back Button to your React Navbar

By default, the menu button is shown and the back button is not shown.

49. Why Reading JavaScript Is More Difficult When Default Exports Are Used

How using default exports hurts your codebase readability and refactoring.

50. The Developer's Guide to Updating npm Packages

A simple guide for updating for npm packages.

51. The Battle Between Jest and Mocha for Testing JavaScript Applications

Jest vs Mocha, which one should you chose? What are the pros & cons? All about our experience about making the call between Jest & Mocha.

52. How To Turn Your Static Website Into a Web App in Minutes With A Low-Code Framework

Introducing Remake

53. Philosophies I Learnt From 3 Different React Folder Structures

This article talks about the journey I have about react folder structure and the philosophies I think are important.

54. Next.JS vs. React: What Should You Use?

React is a tool for building a front end. Next.js serves the same purpose. However, both instruments offer a slightly different set of features.

55. How Records Can Help You Implement Complex Data in Typescript

TypeScript Records are a great way to ensure consistency when trying to implement more complex types of data.

56. Think Before You Hibernate

This article explains what the general pros and cons of Hibernate are so that you can better determine your need to add this dependency in a new microservice.

57. Introducing TezJS: The Fastest Website Premix Framework

TezJS is a modern JavaScript framework, allowing you to build a modern Jamstack website by achieving highest website performance & 98+ web vital out of the box

58. How to Use Data Grid to Render Great Info in Your Web Apps

Using a data grid is important if your web application renders a lot of data, such as tracking stats or reports.

59. How to Efficiently Manage JavaScript Monorepos With Lerna

Manage JavaScript 'monorepos' with Lerna, Build a React Icon Library & Publish to NPM

60. Everything You Need to Know About Javascript Arrays

Here is a list of pretty much any action you would want to perform on an array, and how to do it in Javascript.

61. The Possibilities for Innovation Within the JavaScript Ecosystem

Can You Master the Rapidly Evolving JS Ecosystem? Discover how to discover and satisfy users' requirements to remain competitive in the marketplace.

62. Getting Information From The Most Granular Demographics Dataset

Find out how to set up and work locally with the most granular demographics dataset that is out there.

63. Taking a Look under the Hood to See How Jest Finds Related Tests

Learn how Jest finds related tests in an optimal way using the Breadth First Search (BFS) algorithm and how to leverage its API in your local development enviro

64. Using Provide and Inject in Vue

With properties in Vue, we can pass data from a parent element or vue template to a child element. It's easy in Vue to give properties to a child element.

65. My Top Seven JavaScript Frameworks

As the new year unfolds, we must catch, up on the latest technologies for 2020 that can help our businesses grow. Talking about web development, JavaScript plays a huge role in building server-side, client-side, desktop and mobile apps. Known as the primary language for web development, JavaScript can design apps aligned with many features and functionalities to develop interactive user-interfaces. With several numbers of JavaScript frameworks that are available in the market today, it can be a difficult task to choose one for your project. Before you hire a dedicated developer, let’s go through the list of the leading Frameworks that are best to use for your next project in 2020.

66. New Gatsby Plugin Image: One Of The Coolest Innovations At GatsbyConf 2021

March is off to a great start with the coming & going of GatsbyConf 2021 and the big announcement of Gatsby v3.0! Let's talk about the new Gatsby Image Plugin!

67. Debugging Angular Applications: The Tool You Need to Know

Angular DevTools is a great tool to make app development faster and more efficient.

68. Why It's Your Destiny To Become A Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

I've never met a true, passionate web developer who isn't a multi-dimensional specialist interested in a wide variety of topics related to their job.

69. ReactJS: The Javascript Developer’s Guide

This article will walk you through the concepts you would need to know to step into the world of widely used ReactJS.

70. Why Are UI Components Important For Web-Based Development

Organizations are looking for web applications that provide users with many unique functionalities. For example, the User Interface is the essential part of a web application for anything they provide.

71. The First Step to Mastering JavaScript (JS)

JavaScript often referred to as JS, is the most useful and popular object-oriented, interpreted programming language

72. A Kanban Board Component for Project Management

Project management is a crucial domain in the sphere of IT.

73. The Results Are In: How Did React Perform in 2019?

A fight that started years ago - fight for the crown of the most popular JavaScript framework, was intense in 2019. Furious opponents of the React weren’t sleeping during the year. Probably no one will argue that the three frameworks that were constantly “fighting”, were Vue.js, React and Angular.

74. How To Add A Data Grid To A React Application

As a developer, when building a data-driven application, a data table with columns and rows can be what you need to display data to users of your application.

75. 4 Simple Steps to Become a JavaScript Developer FREE

Learning JavaScript can get you into many fields of Programming; Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Web Development.

76. Autonomous APIs are the Future - Interview with Jean Machuca, Founder, QCObjects

QCObjects recognized as Startup of the Year 2021

77. Sencha Announces Release of Ext JS 7.4 at Annual SenchaCon Virtual Conference

Sencha Announces Release of Ext JS 7.4 at Annual SenchaCon Virtual Conference

78. Top 7 JavaScript Pivot Widgets in 2022

Pivot Charts are useful tools that can be relied on to visualise huge amounts of data. These 7 JavaScript Pivot Widgets are some of the best ways to use them.

79. 5 reasons to consider Next.js for your next projects

Next.js is a framework built on React that gives frontend developers the flexibility of creating modern and scalable apps

80. Introducing the at() Method for JavaScript Arrays

This article is about latest ecma script or ES22 update of at() method of array. at() method of array is used for getting the value based on index

81. Setting Default Inject/Provide Values in Vue

Vue uses provide and inject to send data down multiple levels without having to use properties - did you know you can set default values for any injected data?

82. The Fastest Ways to Teach Yourself JavaScript

JavaScript,  the language known for “running the internet,” is entrenched in the programming world. Here are a few of the best ways to learn JavaScript.

83. 3 Things You Will Love About Micro Frontends

3 cool things that will make you love micro frontend architecture - flexibility in managing codebase, a wide choice of frameworks, and independent deployments.

84. Let’s Understand Chrome V8 — Chapter 10: Ignition Execution Unit

"Let's Understand Chrome V8" are serial technology articles that explain the V8 code, it covers many V8 kernel fundamentals such as ignition execution.

85. Top 10 Javascript File Managers to Use in 2022

A brief intro to 10 file managers for software developers

86. Top 10 JavaScript UI Frameworks & Libraries for 2022

From a client-side programming perspective, the language JavaScript has grown into the language of web development.

87. 5 JavaScript Trends To Watch Out In 2020

You think JavaScript will fade away in 2020, wait till you read this study!

88. 7 Best JavaScript File Uploads APIs in 2023

File uploads are a necessary thing for many web applications. They allow users to share their files, photos, and videos on your site with others.

89. How to Build a GatsbyJS Blog (Part 4): Layout and Featured Images

In part 4 of our "Building a Gatsby Blog" series, we will promote engagement and design cohesion by adding images to our pages and blog posts.

90. Beginner in Front-End? Don't Learn React, Angular or Vue

In the first steps as a programmer , people really lose their way trying to find their passion and they keep asking themself a lot of questions like: what should I learn? maybe front-end web development, or maybe Cloud computing, Machine learning engineering is better for me ,nah back-end web development is the one chosen for me .

91. Is Angular Still Worth Learning in 2022? Extended Edition

A fresh perspective on if Angular is dying or if it's still worth learning in 2022!

92. 5 Complex TypeScript Problems Solved Using One Simple Example

I will try to tell with a simple example of how TS can be applied, and how to solve seemingly complex problems step by step.

93. How to Build a GatsbyJS Blog (Part 2): Layout and Pages

In the second part of the "Building a GatsbyJS Blog" series, we will create a page layout and scaffold the main pages of the blog.

94. JavaScript Explained By a Non-Developer

Ever wonder how people on the outside of a specific industry such as software development understand and describe the common terms within that field? d.

95. How Optional Chaining Can Save You From Unexpected Errors in Javascript

Optional chaining is a feature in Javascript which lets us access the child properties of an object, even if the parent object doesn't exist.

96. Crucial React Design Patterns Every Dev Should Know

Checkout the various React Design Patterns to use in building React components that are extensible and reusable for your next React project.

97. What Makes Next.js so Good?

98. Building An Electron App with .Net, JS, HTML and CSS

.NET has two big desktop technologies. They are WinForms and WPF. But we live in a WEB world and we have many tools to create great UI using CSS and JavaScript.

99. Why JavaScript Should Be Your Technology For Startups in 2022

Startups choose JavaScript as main technology in 2022 thanks to impressive number of frameworks, its libraries and third-party APIs integrations.

100. Everything About the Javascript Logical AND Operator

In this complete guide, let's look at how && works, and go through some examples to explain when it returns values, and what values it will return.

101. Building a Sidebar in React with a Higher-Order Component

In this article, I explore one of the use cases of React's higher-order component.

102. How A Full Stack Framework Can Make An Impact In Your Business

It's been a year since the exhibition of QCObjects in the Web Summit and now a lot of people and companies are interested in placing QCObjects at the very core of its enterprise software solution. But why is it?

103. 10 Top Advantages of Node.js in eCommerce Industry

It is estimated that 2.14 billion people will buy online by 2021. Do you want to be the best choice for them?  It is not so easy as the competition in the e-commerce industry is becoming fierce year by year.

104. Shadowed Components & QCObjects

What is a Shadow DOM (shadow tree)

105. Why You Should be Learning about the Remix Framework

Are you looking to build an app with minimal effort? With Remix, you can do just that! Learn how this relatively new web framework compares.

106. 3 Basic Principles You MUST Know Before Using Redux

107. Exploring Bitwise Operations in JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to use & | ^ ~ << >> >>> operators in JS with clear examples. Demystify bitwise operations for a more powerful and efficient code.

108. What’s the Difference Between C++ vs Java

C++ vs. Java programming languages are designed for everyone, no matter if you are new to programming or you already have extensive programming experience.

109. Should You Add React to Existing Projects Or Websites?

React is the most popular JavaScript framework on the planet. You can use it to quickly create feature-rich web applications.

110. Creating an Accordion With Vue.js: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

In this article, we will be creating an accordion with vue.js. It is used mostly for expandable FAQ sections in websites.

111. 6 Things You Should Not Do in JavaScript

In JavaScript, there are many ways to do the same things. But not all of them are equally good. And some of them you should not use at all.

112. Why you Should Choose AngularJS over React in 2022

It's a good idea to use angular development framework in 2022 since it doesn't require any unnecessary antiquated code and has a slew of amazing capabilities.

113. Using JavaScript Grid Tutorial to Solve Issues With App Development

The importance of web and mobile apps that can handle massive volumes of data has skyrocketed over the past few years. As a result, small and large enterprises want to make the most of their data for monitoring and better decision-making.

114. How to Use GraphQL with the Remix Framework

Learn how to integrate GraphQL into your Remix project! Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn about how GraphQL and Remix can be best friends!

115. GatsbyJS: Everything to Know About This React-Based Static Site Generator

GatsbyJS is a fantastic static site generator for React-based websites. I broke it down in this article if you're curious to learn more about this framework.

116. How to Insert Jump Anchors on Headings with PugJS

I'm definitely a fan of cats 😺️ in real life, but when it comes to code this reverses and I've got a preference for Pug 🐶️ For those who aren't coders: PugJS is a JavaScript template engine. It converts Pug-lang into HTML. I know there is more power in PugJS, besides the simple turning the Pug-lang into HTML. At the moment I'm not using the potential of the language - I use PugJS mostly to hold my content. Let's look at some ways to get more out of Pug I've learned about recently.

117. How to start with Create React App?

Due to the numerous build tools, configuration files, and dependencies, developers frequently find it challenging to create React apps. React JavaScript library, which is a creation of Facebook, functions as a tool for designing user interface components.

118. How to Build a GatsbyJS Blog (Part 1): Creating the Project

GatsbyJS is a fantastic framework to use when creating your blog. In this series of posts we will work together to create a blog from scratch!

119. How to Build a GatsbyJS Blog (Part 3): The Blog and Post Pages

In part three of our "Building a Gatsby Blog" series, we delve into the blog itself and create the list and post pages.

120. Angular vs AngularJS: What is the Difference

The fact that Angular is based on TypeScript and AngularJS is based on JavaScript is one of the most significant differences between the two frameworks.

121. How to Choose the Technology Stack for Your Web Application

The right technology stack used for building a web application is a critical element of project success. The reason is pretty simple. The product creation doesn’t only imply making an outstanding user interface design and ensuring high usability. It is also about delivering a stable solution that works as intended and adds value to users.

122. Best JavaScript Framework Alternatives to Open Source

Every organization has different tools to support internal processes. As companies scale, IT teams are faced with the growing complexity of user requirements, which often go beyond the capacity of consumer software.

123. Angular JS or React - What's Best for Client-side JS Framework

AngularJS and React are two of the most popular choices for developing client-side applications. Both offer a variety of benefits and differences .

124. 10 Cool Data Table Libraries with Advanced Features

JavaScript is on the list of requirements for a position as a web developer in any IT company at the moment. It is hard to imagine building modern web applications without JavaScript. This programming language provides IT specialists with an effective and relatively easy way to create interactive applications able to comply with the tastes of any picky customer. The choice of the JS libraries and frameworks adds dedicated followers to this language.

125. HarperDB - How and Why We Built It From The Ground Up on NodeJS

The founding team at HarperDB built the first and only database written in Node.js. Here's the story of this (what some called crazy) endeavor.

126. 19 JavaScript Data Chart Libraries

Javascript charting library is important when you need to present data in the most informative way. Check our top of the best JS chart libraries here!

127. Top Web Development Tools for Building Business Applications in 2021

In addition, web technologies help to automate business processes within a company and enhance the overall working efficiency of employees.

128. How to Improve Website and Rendering Speed with JavaScript Code Optimization

Poorly written code will surely slow down your website loading speed. To enhance the website's performance, let's consider JavaScript code optimization tactics.

129. 4 Reasons Why People Love Web Design And You Should Love It Too

It's so important how web UI is designed because people perceive images better and quicker than words. Luckily, most of the IT heads understand the value of an eye-catching UI, but few of them realize the real power of it. Actually, web design does much more than you used to think.

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