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Top 7 JavaScript Pivot Widgets in 2022

by NataliyaFebruary 25th, 2022
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Pivot charts are useful tools in the hands of experienced users. Pivot helps to create reports from huge amounts of data and present them in a well-structured and elegant way. In this overview, we will look through the worthiest modern solutions in the domain of pivot charts. We will look at the Webix JS Pivot Table, PivotGrid Grid, Syncfusion Pivot Grid, and Pivot Chart. The list of features includes: filtering and sorting, highlighting cells and exporting data. The Pivot chart is compatible with Vue, React, and Angular.

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Pivot charts are useful tools in the hands of experienced users. Pivot helps to create reports from huge amounts of data and present them in a well-structured and elegant way. Besides, Pivot may serve as a powerful analytical tool providing data sorting, filtering, and exporting. In this overview, we will look through the worthiest modern solutions in the domain of pivot charts.

1. Webix JS Pivot Table

This solution is a complex widget from the Webix UI library. Complex widgets are turnkey single-page applications that can operate by themselves or integrate into other environments and frameworks. The documentation is constantly revised, the updates appear regularly, the forum is lively and responsive. The performance of the Pivot Table can be supplemented with the Pivot


The latter widget will empower users with the ability to create summary reports with charts. The functionality of the Pivot Table includes the following features:

  • operating with huge data sets
  • data export to PDF, PNG, Excel, CSV
  • UI customization
  • easy localization
  • 3 viewing modes (table, chart, tree)
  • filtering and sorting
  • highlighting cells
  • built-in formula calculations

License packs start from $798. The trial period is free.

2. DHTMLX JS Pivot Table

This is a JavaScript/HTML5 component. It is compatible with Vue, React, and Angular. The component includes all the basic features, it is easily customizable and embedded in just a few steps. The DHTMLX library supports developers with all required information, including documentation, technical support, forum, and video tutorials. The features provided are:

  • compatibility with any browser and platform
  • filtering and sorting
  • default and customizable data operations
  • data export to Excel and CSV
  • full localization
  • short learning curve

The license price opens from $299. There is a free trial period.

3. Syncfusion Pivot Table

Another similar solution from a bigger provider compared to the previous two. Syncfusion offers over 1,700 components and frameworks for desktop, web, and mobile development. The resources available include a blog, documentation, video tutorials, white papers, forum, and e-books. The Pivot Table component complies with mobile devices. The style and theme of the tool can be customized. The list of features includes:

  • data formats include JSON, CSV, Excel
  • touch screens support
  • drill-down and drill-up capabilities
  • filtering and sorting
  • various aggregation types
  • calculations
  • conditional formatting

The price heads off from $995 with a free trial period included.

4. DevExtreme PivotGrid

DevExtreme offers more than 50 UI components for building responsive web applications that are integrated with all popular modern frameworks (Vue, Angular, React, jQuery). In terms of support, the library is fully packed. Documentation, demos, code examples, webinars, and blogs provide a wide range of useful information. The PivotGrid tool from DevExtreme offers the following features:

  • fast data processing
  • OLAP services support
  • filtering and sorting
  • export to Excel

The library provides developers with a non-commercial free license without product updates and tech support. The commercial license starts from $499 with a free trial period.

5. Ext JS Pivot Grid

Ext JS is one of the Sencha frameworks. It has over 140 JS components for web development. All components are integrated with React and Angular. Besides standard support, such as documentation and demos, Sencha offers professional training and various technical support plans. Being a popular resource, Sencha has a vast community of developers all over the world. The features of the Pivot Grid embrace:

  • drill-down and drill-up
  • group calculations
  • filtering by label and value
  • sorting
  • automatic calculation of the totals
  • different view modes
  • export to Excel, CSV, TSV, HTML

The community edition license is free. The commercial one starts at $1,295. The trial period is free.

6. Flexmonster Pivot Table

Flexmonster specializes only in pivot tables and charts. They have thoroughly explored the possible requirements and created a robust tool. The project offers demos, documentation, responsive technical support. The features of the table are the following:

  • grouping, filtering, and sorting
  • seamless integration with popular frameworks
  • data summarization
  • export to PDF, CSV, Excel, HTML, PNG

The license starts from $799, and a free trial period is provided.

7. PivotTable.js

We have finally come to an open-source solution in our overview. It is a JS component built on jQuery. The project is supported with a bunch of demos and examples. The features available are:

  • drag-n-drop support
  • additional pivot chart
  • data analysis
  • lightweight


It is obvious from the above-mentioned overview that the choice of the pivot solutions is wide. They vary in price and features. The more features a tool can offer, the higher the price is. However, sophisticated components are not always necessary. A simple widget with the most common functionality may become a strong assistant in the web development process. So, study the requirements of the project you are dealing with first and you will clearly understand what kind of pivot table solution you need.