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10 JavaScript Apps to Power your Business

by NataliyaMarch 13th, 2022
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JavaScript is widely used in web development nowadays. It helps to create interactive sites and responsive desktop and mobile applications. Besides its convenience, JavaScript also has a wide community of followers. Those dealing with JS are eager to share their ideas and lifehacks with peers. This tendency is useful as there is no need to create a simple app with basic functionality from scratch. Thus, JS demos can serve well when you need something simple and fast, or a quick prototype of a future big project.

In this overview, we have collected the most widely used apps for you. They come from the modern and popular JS libraries that care about their products, update them regularly and provide developers with responsive tech support. Besides, all the solutions provided offer their customers a free trial period. Look through the tools and find the one you've been striving for.


Gantt charts are one of the most effective tools for project management. It allows users to track the progress of the teams, to allocate tasks and resources to the members of the teams, to split tasks, and to show critical paths. GanttPRO unites the features of the Gantt chart with the possibilities for team collaboration, time management, budget tracking, and many others. It is a complete project management platform that can significantly facilitate the working processes of teams of different sizes. You can request a demo, and the technical support will shortly get in touch with you.

Webix Gantt Chart

One more Gantt chart solution in this overview was created by the Webix team. It is a complex widget that serves as a turnkey web application. It is ready for integration into any environment and is compatible with any device, all modern browsers, and popular frameworks. Advanced features include complex scaling and zooming, showing available resources on a diagram, excluding holidays from the working time of the employees.

DHTMLX Scheduler

We now move on to schedulers. Calendars and schedulers can help with arranging all the events and activities and displaying them in a convenient way for the users. The scheduler from DHTMLX has simple yet sufficient functionality. There are three viewing modes. The functions include adding, editing, and deleting the events, as well as setting the beginning and ending times for the events.

Bryntum Scheduler

Another scheduler to compare the functionality of is the product from Bryntum. It is the PRO edition of the scheduler. Thus, it combines the functionality of a calendar with that of a Gantt chart. There is an opportunity to add tasks, to allocate resources, to add, delete, or split tasks, and to set the dependencies between them. The settings of the scheduler offer five different themes and several localization options. The demo is convenient because it shows the code editor, and the links to all the components refer to the relevant documentation, which shortens the learning curve significantly.

Webix File Manager

A helpful JS demo is a file managing solution. It helps with the data arranging and makes the working process more organized and structured. This solution was developed by the Webix UI library. It helps to arrange the files in a handy way. There are Table, Cards, and Split Panels views. Text files can be edited, and video and audio files can be played in the preview pane.

DevExtreme Kanban

Kanban is a software tool that was developed on the basis of a kanban board. It is a board with tickets that are placed in three columns according to their status. The columns are To Do, In Process, and Completed. The titles may vary in different solutions, but the idea remains the same. The tool allows users to visualize the progress, see the remaining tasks, and allocate efforts accordingly. In general, the tool works well for project management tasks. DevExtreme offers JS components for web development and mobile apps. All the components are integrated with Vue, React, Angular, and jQuery

Webix Kanban

This is one more complex widget from the Webix UI library. The app adds cards with tasks. There is drag-and-drop support, and the options of swimlanes and filters. Highlighting allows users to indicate critical tasks that are of the highest priority. Each card has a context menu. In general, the tool is very convenient and easy to learn. It can significantly enhance the performance of the team.

Infragistics Team Collaboration App

The demo shows how the team collaboration tool works. In the conditions of remote work, this feature is highly relevant. The tool from Infragistics unites the tasks for the team members with various dashboards. The tasks are sorted according to the dates on the calendar. Tasks can be arranged into lists, tables, or cards. All the components are easily customizable.

GoJS Diagrams

Now we have come to diagrams that contribute to the visual part of any application. With the help of diagrams, it is possible to show the most complicated data in a clear way. The collection of samples offered by Go JS is wide. All the diagrams are customizable and can be used in any environment.

Webix Diagram Library

The collection of diagrams from Webix includes various types of diagrams and charts. Personal shapes for the blocks can be added. CRUD operations are applicable to both the blocks and the data. Besides, there is an embedded Diagram Editor that facilitates the process of interaction with the diagrams.

To sum up

JavaScript demos of the popular components come in handy for developers. With demos, they can see the app and know what to expect from the functionality. Besides, demos facilitate the process of dealing with customers significantly. Exploring demos, customers say whether they are interested in the product or not. Powerful developers always offer demos of their products together with a free trial period to learn the functionality and get used to the product.