100+ FREE Resources to Learn Full Stack Web Development by@bmorelli25

100+ FREE Resources to Learn Full Stack Web Development

March 16th 2017 25,999 reads
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Brandon Morelli

A year and a half ago I dove into Web Development. It’s been a fun, but challenging journey. As my knowledge continues to grow, I’ve realized I have a plethora of free information that I’ve saved along the way. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally gone through and sorted them all.

My links focus on JavaScript, React, and Node.js. It’s a mix of articles, tutorials, classes, discussion posts, and courses. **Everything is Free.**

There is also a wealth of information on knowing when you’re ready to apply for jobs, interview prep, success stories, and more.

Whether you’re just starting to learn, or you’ve been learning for a while, there should be a little something for everyone in here.

You can find all 100+ links in my GitHub Repo, or by reading below:

Table of Contents

  1. Start Here
  2. How to learn
  3. What is the Most Useful CS Bookmark You have
  4. Programs & Classes
  5. Learn HTML
  6. Learn CSS
  7. Learn JavaScript
  8. Learn React.js
  9. Full Stack Tutorials
  10. Learn Node.js
  11. Learn APIs
  12. Learn Databases
  13. Learn Authentication
  14. Learn Git
  15. Games & Challenge Websites
  16. Free Programming Books
  17. Open Source Contribution Opportunities
  18. Am I Ready to be a Developer?
  19. Software Developer Success Stories
  20. Resume’s, Portfolio’s, LinkedIn, Interview Prep, & Salary Information

Start Here

How to Learn

  • How to Learn.
  • Coursera Course (Not CS Specific) — Learning how to learn
  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition — A great discussion on study techniques Reddit Post

What is the Single most useful CS Bookmark you have?

Programs and Classes



Assorted Reddit Links

Learn HTML

Anyone have any cool HTML links? Open a PR on the GitHub Repo and add them!

Learn CSS

Learn JavaScript




Learn React JS

3rd Party Tutorials

Medium Links:

Full Stack Tutorials

Cool stuff other people have built:

Learn Node JS

Official Node.js Docs

Best Resources for learning Node.js [Reddit Link]

Learn APIs

Learn Databases

Learn Authentication

Learn Git

Official Tutorial — Learn Git in 15 Minutes

Official Docs

Other Tuts:

Games and Challenge Websites

Games to learn Programming in an easy and fun way [Reddit Link]

Coding Challenge Websites [Reddit Link] [Reddit Link #2]

Free Programming Books

Open Source Contribution Opportunities

Am I Ready to be a Developer?

Software Developer Success Stories

Get The Job

Resume, Portfolio, LinkedIn, Interview Prep, and Salary Information

How to Apply

Resume & LinkedIn

Personal Projects

Interview Prep

Common JavaScript Interview Questions Repo

Salary Information

react to story with heart
react to story with light
react to story with boat
react to story with money

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