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Your Go-to Programs to Master Web Development


In this day and age, faster always wins. Tools can make or break any job. Tasks that you do everyday shouldn't become a hassle. This is a list of tools I use when I develop websites, logos and anything else when I'm making content for the web.

5. ColorPicker - https://colorpicker.fr/

This is a simple program that I find myself using alot. It can color "pick" any color on your screen and get the HEX code. This is useful when creating palettes or want to know what color a certain company is using.

4. Affinity Designer - https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/

A program that has a rare price model these days. Pay for it once - own it for life, including all the updates for the lifetime of the software. Whenever you want to make pixel art or fancy SVG's, this program is versatile, fast and very easy to pick up.

3. RunJS - https://runjs.dev/

Working on something in JavaScript? Need to work out something quick without setting up a web-dev environment. Meet RunJS. A simple program that allows you to tinker with JS without the need to set up a full blown coding environment.

2. Animista - https://animista.net/

CSS Animations made easy! Just use the visual animation maker, copy the code and apply the appropriate class name. Get professional looking animations in minutes without the hassle.

1. VS Code - https://code.visualstudio.com/

If your not using this for your main code editor, you should highly consider. This is the one that you need. With robust plugin support and cross platform, this is the only choice you should consider.


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