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You Can't Run from Math: Applications of Integration & Differentiationโ€‚by@james-johnson

You Can't Run from Math: Applications of Integration & Differentiation

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James Johnson

I am a researcher and a technical content writer. A math teacher since 2007. I love travelling, Love

The foundation of calculus is dependent upon the vast topics of integration and differentiation. Both these fields of study combine to lay the concepts of the fundamental theorem of calculus.

The integration and differentiation are not just limited to theoretical concepts, instead, they have vast applications in everyday practical life. The derivatives are used to study the instant rate of change o=in various objects while the integrals concepts are implied to determine the area within the curved surfaces.

Differential Calculus

Differentiation is one of the most fundamental concepts in calculus theory and forms its major branch i.e. the differential calculus. Aside from solving calculus problems, differentiation has been widely used to investigate the rates of change of many other phenomena, such as velocity and acceleration. Online differentiation calculators help to solve derivative problems.

Some of the major implications of differentiation in real life include the following fields:

1. Physics

Physics is a field where differentiation plays a crucial role. The major concepts of physics including velocity, acceleration, and position are all dependent on differentiation. In physics, the four major equations for kinematics all operate upon the concepts of differentiation.

In the case of a position equation, the derivative is used to determine how quickly an item is traveling at any given point i.e. the velocity. The acceleration or how rapidly your speed changes with time, in the same manner, is determined by taking the derivative again.ย 

2. Healthcare

The differentiation isnโ€™t just confined to physical sciences rather it has its implications in medical sciences too. The implications of derivatives are great assistance for physicists. For instance, differentiation explains tumor growth to oncologists.ย 

Ongoing changes in tumor growth rate can help them to determine whether a tumor is malignant or benign. On the basis of these calculations, doctors can determine what kind of treatment and procedure is required to monitor the tumor.

3. Chemistry

The calculations of chemistry however also require differential calculus in order to be solved. In the same way, it's possible to predict the result of chemical reactions using derivatives. Radioactive decay, the major phenomenon in chemistry, is also calculated through derivatives.

Integration is the process of calculating either a definite integral or an indefinite integral. When a specific interval is not given, it is known as an indefinite integral. A definite integral can be calculated using antiderivatives.

Integral Calculus

Integration consisting of the indefinite and definite integrals is the inverse procedure of differentiation. The integral calculus is the sub-branch of calculus in which the integral of a function is studied. The integration calculator is the tool for solving the integral equation.

Integral calculus is concerned with determining the quantity for which the rate of change is given. This field of calculus is concerned with topics such as the slopes of tangent lines and the velocities of tangent lines.ย 

Some major filed where the integration is applied in real life are mentioned below:

1. Physics

Just like derivatives the integration forms the major portion of concepts in physics. It enables us to take the velocity curve and determine the displacement or to take the acceleration curve and find the velocity curve, as the examples.

The integration is also used in physics to calculate the work done or energy provided to an item by a force. Our understanding of forces and energy is no doubt dependent on the integrals. Furthermore, the electrical and magnetic Maxwell's laws are explained using path integrals.

2. Medical Science

The doctors use integrals to estimate the overall concentration of a drug in the blood when recommending a potent one with severe side effects. For instance, the antibiotic Vancomycin, when administered in treating severe infections is examined via integration calculations.

A medical professional's understanding of integration thus helps them to determine how quickly a medication enters the circulation, as well as how long it takes for it to be converted into potentially dangerous substances.

James Johnson Hacker Noon profile picture
by James Johnson @james-johnson.I am a researcher and a technical content writer. A math teacher since 2007. I love travelling, Love
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