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126 Stories To Learn About Online Education

by Learn RepoAugust 20th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Online Education via these 126 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Online Education via these 126 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. Roblox in Hot Water, Sony Buys Bungie, and Some More Stories to Get Those Writing Juices Flowing!

Some food for thought.

2. Read Quotes From the Brilliant Minds of the #Noonies2021 Nominees

 “My joy comes from building and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves.”- Lomit Patel

3. Hacking the Higher Ed System for a Free Online Education

There's a better way to skip the 4 year traditional college model by educating yourself online for free.

4. Future of Technology in Modern Education: Hallway Conversation

5. From Media Production Lead to Full Stack Engineer in Six Months

Story and advice from a self-taught full-stack engineer

6. Coursera is Giving Out $100 Discounts For New Years

Coursera is giving our $100 discounts for New Years.

7. How TinyTap is Impacting the Education Industry Through NFTs

TinyTap provides a code-free platform that empowers educators to create and share interactive educational content and to receive a revenue share.

8. Reasons Why Should Students Give More Emphasis on Derivatives and Integrals

No wonder in saying that all students are not supposed to welcome the subject of Math with open arms. Additionally, when it comes to Calculus, the reasons for a nightmare for many would-be, Derivatives, and Integrals. Let narrow down the question of why students should give more emphasis on Derivatives and Integrals.

9. How GenZ Is Hacking Education

School has changed a lot in the last decade. Not only are there computers in every room, many schools have computers for every student. Technology is a crucial part of the learning process, and it’s giving students greater access to the world than they have ever had before. They also have a better understanding of the current economic situation than previous generations, and they are preparing to tackle the difficult road ahead with as much preparation as possible. GenZ is doing education differently, and it’s paying off.

10. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education

The use of artificial intelligence in the education sector has transformed pedagogy. It customizes and improves the curriculum for students and teachers.

11. Everything you Need to Know About the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certification

CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification is to provide IT professionals with the knowledge required to install, configure, manage & troubleshoot security system.

12. How to Become a Private Home Trader and 10 Tips to Help You Get There

Trading is a booming sector that today attracts many people. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed as a trader.

13. Top Features When Developing An On-Demand App Like Uber for Tutors

There are already a number of "Uber for Tutors" apps available online. If you're thinking about building your own, here are the key attributes to consider.

14. Activity-Centered Instructional Design Model: An Analysis of Action Mapping by Cathy Moore

Action Mapping by Cathy Moore is an activity-centred model of instructional design, which focuses on what people need to be able to do rather than what people

15. Before You Start Learning to Code, Read This.

How to get started with software development, the easy way.

16. Why You Can't Become a Back End Developer in 16 Weeks or Less

I get really frustrated when I see people and companies online selling unrealistic dreams when it comes to coding education.

17. Why is Technology Underused in Learning

Before, I start I want to differentiate between learning and education. Of course, technology has contributed immensely to make education accessible. However, I am here to talk about learning.

18. To Lead: Develop Reading as a Lifelong Habit in Your Child

Read the post to know the importance of developing reading habbit to lead in life. Online reading tutors helps a lot to success in the same.

19. Non-Fungible Education And Proof of Knowledge On The Decentralized Internet

As blockchain seeks mass adoption, crypto-education is vital to advancing understanding. Free TON Academy is a novel community project addressing this issue.

20. You Can't Run from Math: Applications of Integration & Differentiation

Learn all about Integration and differentiation with examples and understand their role in calculus.

21. How to Design a Powerful LMS Platform: Real Example

They were looking for a custom LMS platform that would be used by teachers, students, and parents.

22. How These Tech Solutions May Solve Challenges That Online Teaching Facing

During these pandemic times, one of the biggest concerns for teachers is how they will continue to engage students and keep an eye on their progress from afar.

23. Humanities vs. Technical Sciences: What Courses to Choose at College

Irrespective of the obvious variations in entry cutoffs, job opportunities for graduates with a bachelor in humanities and technical science subjects are relatively similar. Despite that, however, scholars have always had contentions regarding these two disciplines especially when it comes to choosing which to pursue at university. Occasionally, humanities and technical science courses have been used interchangeably. This has fueled further misinterpretation and poor exemplification of what they really are.

24. Virtual Classroom: Time Management Strategies For An Online Teacher

The COVID19 pandemic has pushed everyone indoors in order to curb the spread of the virus. This has led to schools resorting to an online classroom set up to keep the learning going.

25. What a Post COVID-19 World Looks Like

As our lives are suddenly and drastically changed by the rapid spread of this virus, and my local stores are ignorantly devoid of toilet paper and vodka from panic buying, I reflected on a few societal changes we might see taking place.

26. Snackable Business Model Breakdowns -

Snackable Business Model Breakdowns of Maven is a platform that enables instructors to launch and run their cohort based classes successfully.

27. Don't Panic, Just Make a Plan to Learn to Code

If you are a beginner and trying to learn how to code during the situation we are currently living in, and have no idea where to start let me share with you how I have been doing it.

28. How To Choose The Best Programming Course

If are like most people, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on something that may not even work. The same principle goes with the programming courses. These days there are so many of them, and most people, who are beginners don’t know which one they should pick. Most of them end up spending more time and money than they needed.

So, in this article, I am gonna point out all the things that you need to know to choose the best programming course for your needs. I am going to list courses that will suit your goals the best and will have the best bank for the buck and also save you a quite lot of time. Let’s go!

29. How AI Can Help To Solve Issues In The Education System

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the Education sector can help bring revolutionary transformation.

30. BlockDegree Launches New Online Certification Course on Blockchain Wallets

BlockDegree launches a certification program on ‘Blockchain Wallets’, adding to its collection of online courseware, alongside Cloud Computing and Blockchain for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

31. A Conversation with Roberto Ierusalimschy, Creator of Lua

Roberto Ierusalimschy, world-renowned creator of Lua, talks about creating the language and reflects on how it has affected the way he teaches his students.

32. Are Students Being Entrapped by Fake Test Answer Sites?

There are fake test answer websites that are being used to entrap students looking for answers during online tests.

33. How Will the Metaverse Change Future Education

After the Covid-19 pandemic, education has transformed by changing teaching and learning methods.

34. How Effective is Online Employee Training?

In this article, we will talk about how effective employee training is online, as well as which programs can be moved online and which cannot.

35. Trained by School, Yet Failing at Life

The modern school system is not the definition of education rather education is one of the subsets that come under the school system. Schools teach facts, inculcate discipline in a manner that stops children from questioning and kills their curiosity. Life, on the other hand, requires thinking, colouring outside the lines. Schools, instead of teaching survival skills, developing interpersonal and communication skills, teaching how to negotiate, teach children to memorize facts.

36. How Long Does it Take to Develop an Educational App?

Educational apps are already saturating the market, so let’s analyze basic features for online education and the development time you’ll roughly need for them.

37. How AI Is Transforming The Field Of Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the wonders of the modern world, which isn’t going to cease to amaze the most intelligent of human beings. Like other fields, the field of education is also gaining the maximum amount of benefits out of the promises of the AI-powered technology.

38. What Makes A Good Open Source Learning Platform

Open edX is can be a very powerful tool that needs some expertise to use. Companies like Raccoon Gang, Opencraft and more can help you tailor a programme.

39. Ivy League Schools: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Ivy League colleges are all the top tier colleges that ensure a promising academic career with an abundance of career opportunities at the students’ doorstep as soon as they graduate. They provide a holistic and rigorous experience to their students however if one really breaks it down to its foundation, the purpose of an Ivy League college is the same as a community college or a virtual university; and that is to provide an education to its students.

40. The Future of Education is OMNIVERSITY: The First VR University

Omniversity is the first university in VR, born from the insatiable desire to access forward-looking education in a playful, immersive, sensorial, holistic manner. The initiative combines education and entertainment into edutainment. Designed as a multiplayer VR game app, students of all ages and nationalities can enroll in experiential learning programs across multiple disciplines.

41. The Problem with Education is a Problem of Incentives

There is something wrong with education, particularly higher education.

42. Interested in Learning a New Language? Try Korean

If you need to learn Korean, work with a Korean tutor online, and you’ll see it works. In fact, online Korean tutoring is probably the most economical option you will find. Taking college classes to learn Korean can cost thousands of dollars, plus, you’ll blend into a crowd of other learners, where you may not have your individual needs addressed in the same way you would with a Korean tutor.

43. How Remote Work Has Changed Virtual Schooling

Virtual schooling and remote work are both here to stay. People have been working remotely, or at least semi-remotely, from the dawn of the telecommunication.

44. Important Notes For HTML CSS Beginner Developers

Every time one decides to embark on a new adventure it is inevitable to find obstacles and have a few downfalls along the way. In my case, it was more like one of those people you watch on YouTube getting hurt trying to perform some amazing trick…

45. 5 Tips for Students to Stay Focused While Studying from Home

Quite often, studying of students at home is quite difficult for them. After all, when they came to the university building to the lecture hall, it was much easier for them to focus on their studies. After all, the whole atmosphere and other students and teachers contribute to this. There is no such atmosphere at home, and students need to find the right ways to focus on their studies. If you have such problems, then here you can find some useful tips. that will help you focus on your studies.

46. How to Build a Platform to Sell Your Online Course (A Brief Outline)

I’ll briefly describe how I built a platform for selling my course. We used Gatsby Framework, Sanity_io, and Stripe to build the website.

47. How to Hack Home Learning

COVID-19 has caused schools all around the world to close their doors and send millions of students to start learning from home. This sudden change is bound to cause problems, and parents, teachers, and students are feeling the effects of this change. Parents are concerned about how well their children will react to the new learning environment. Nearly 90% of parents of students that are learning from home are worried that their child may start to fall behind academically and more than 8 out of every 10 parents are struggling to keep their child engaged and paying attention.

48. 5 Upcoming Online Machine Learning Conferences in 2020

Machine learning conferences have always played an important role in the world of data science. They're a place to announce new research, discuss current issues, and connect with the community. They also help to promote new areas of research and development through Q&A sessions, workshops, and tutorials.

49. Hacking College During COVID-19

In the last few months everything about our lives has either disappeared or gone online. Instead of going out to restaurants we order meals through apps. Instead of going to the grocery store we order groceries through apps. And instead of going into an office or school, many of us are working and going to school online. Online school has some implications for the long term, particularly when it comes to college. College is an important time to network and meet people who will be in your field throughout your lifetime, so what happens to college when everything moves online?

50. Why Academic Endowments Need Blockchain

Academic institutions are opaque in their practices, blockchain can bring much needed innovation and transparency to academic charitable giving and scholarhsips

51. Virtual Events - Connecting Minds, Capturing Ideas!

How virtual events and meetings can bring together distributors and customers in direct selling, by enhancing their engagement and retention in events.

52. Instructional Design Models Explained (Part 2)

This article highlights the top 7 new instructional design models.

53. 3 Types of Successful eLearning Business Models

As people are increasingly looking for convenient and flexible options to learn from the comfort of their homes, eLearning has become a viable path toward acquiring knowledge and education. For subject experts and edupreneurs, the rise in eLearning presents a huge opportunity to establish and grow their businesses. Not just to make money but to create a community of loyal students as well.

54. Write Subnet Tutorials. Win Big. Avalanche Launches New Contest With $32K in Prizes.

Create guides on how to build Subnets. Help fellow developers shape the future of Web3.

55. How Useful are Certificates from Coursera, edX, and Udemy?

56. The Rise and Advantages of Remote Learning and Education

Online education is no longer regarded as something that should be criticized by your fellow students. Learn more about the rise of online platforms today.

57. How To Get Assignment help During Coronavirus Pandemic

More than 140 countries have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. According to stats, 85K+ people have been affected and the numbers are expected to rise.

58. Activate: Beast Mode

There’s an astronomical difference between simply writing code and being a great developer.

59. Becoming A Programmer: Starter Pack

How and where to start learning to program. What do programmers do in their work?

60. Becoming a Game Designer is More Attainable Than You Think

The School of Game Design: Lifetime Membership - $49 - is on sale for just $49 for a limited time.

61. The Future Of EdTech May Very Well Be in Emerging Markets

I believe that edtech will continue to develop and grow in the future. Numbers say so, too.

62. 6 Steps to Start Your Online Tutoring Business

Gone are those days when tutoring was limited to offering private lessons to nearby students in the local region. Technology has completed changed the way tutoring was done, Covid-19 also had a major impact on the traditional form of tutoring.

63. AI for Ukraine is a new educational project from AI HOUSE to support the Ukrainian tech community

“AI for Ukraine” is a series of workshops and lectures held by international artificial intelligence experts to support the development of Ukrainians.

64. Does AR Have a Place in Education?

As augmented reality technology becomes more advanced, it might find its way into schools. Is this something we want?

65. Tips To Writing A Successful Cover Letter and Job Application

When used correctly, your cover letter can be a powerful tool that can capture the interest of the employer and can increase your chances of getting hired.

66. From Education to Edutainment: The Evolution of Sharing Knowledge

Edutainment is not a new term, but this term has gained more prominence since the computer and the Internet have become increasingly popular.

67. Teaching is Learning: 5 Perks of a Two-Way Knowledge Transfer

In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.

68. 'Welcome to the Era of Cyber-Education'

The rise of the internet, and also its bubble, has enabled autodidacts to learn more than they ever could.

69. EdTech: 7 Ways to Be Better at Stock Photography in Online Education

Stop using bad stock photos in edtech with these 7 tips on how to get the most out of your imagery choices.

70. The Benefits of Attending College Online

While some will never reach for a higher level of education after high school graduation, there are those who wish they could go to college, yet they don’t think it possible. For one reason or another, they know they could never physically attend classes. The development of attending college online has made it possible for almost anyone to get a college diploma. Here are seven benefits to online schooling.

71. Crucial Features for Customized Virtual Classroom Software

If you decided to develop a customized Virtual Classroom Software, learn what features do you need to provide a great user experience to all the participants.

72. Here's How I Passed The Oracle Certified Professional Examination

In November 2020, I passed the Oracle Certified Professional Java 11 1Z0-819 exam. For me, it was a long journey of 4 months. Sitting with full concentration..

73. Softer, Faster, Stronger: EdTech Startup Building Kids’ Soft Skills

EdTech Startup Building Kids’ Soft Skills | Interview with KIDDIO founder on challenges, perspectives and techniques of online soft skills development

74. A Philosophical Perspective on Education in the Age of DAO

Three philosophers of education whose ideas could help shape the way DAOs operate and behave.

75. The Social Dilemma in 2021: Personal Data Privacy

Big organizations and politicians have a structured data table of everyone's info. They often use your data to get more strategic and sell more to us.

76. Notes on Duolingo's IPO and the Rise of EdTech Unicorns

In this article we will talk about the rise of EdTech unicorns and the Duolingo IPO.

77. Online Schooling Vs Traditional Schooling: Choose Wisely

In this digital age, schooling designs have moved beyond the physical infrastructure.

78. Education: A Brand And Its Consequences

In the modern-day, intangible assets have assumed greater importance as far as modern companies are concerned. A brand is a powerful differentiator indeed. Branding education, however, has both positive and negative implications.

79. BlockDegree Launches New Online Certification Course on Blockchain Wallets

BlockDegree launches a certification program on ‘Blockchain Wallets’, adding to its collection of online courseware, alongside Cloud Computing and Blockchain for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

80. VR Technology and Metaverse Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

The topic of learning in the Metaverse is gaining momentum. This article discusses how much Metaverse is suitable for online learning and what are disadvantages

81. SQL and Database Management Skills Should Be Introduced Into School Curriculums

This article will discuss the wide-ranging benefits of learning SQL, and how we can transform the current curriculum.

82. The Future of Education is Digital

According to WeForum.Org, more than 1.2 billion students in 184 countries are affected by school closures due to the pandemic.

83. How To Create a Useful Educational Product for Adults using Motivational Design

The main metric for educational product is it's completition rate. To improve it, one can use the principles of motivational design.

84. 5 Ways EdTech Startups Are Setting Classroom-Innovation Trends

The way to a better future lies through substantial changes. Technology has changed the way businesses operate many times. It also influences the way people work and starts to affect all areas of our lives, with no exception. Therefore, there’s no surprise that technology has a major influence on education, as well. The U.S., China, and many other countries have already invested more than $16.34 billion in EdTech companies.

85. The role of blockchain in classrooms of the future

Blockchain technology is seeping into every aspect of various industries all over the world and there are no plans to leave education untouched.

86. Skype VS Zoom for Online Tutoring

The global adoption of online tutoring due to various reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to educators embracing video conferencing tools to conduct classes. While there are dozens of choices in the market, the most obvious choice for tutors is either Skype or Zoom.

87. What Did You Think of The HackerNoon Blogging Fellowship?

The HackerNoon Blogging Fellowship is a free remote online writing program where you can get mentored by a seasoned Editor

88. 4 Ways AI Can Improve Online Education

Explore the top 4 online education trends that are shaping the future of online learning and discover how to enhance your eLearning technology systems with AI.

89. Serving Nonprofits Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stories from around the TechSoup Global Network

90. Top 11 Best User Interface Design Benefits for Online Educational Platforms

It’s no longer news that the methods of sharing knowledge are changing. Well, that’s where online platforms come in. They host many of these educational service providers. They also ensure that students can get access to technologically-advanced education in the comfort of their homes.

91. How Lifelong Learning is the Future of Education

Imagine enrolling with an educational institution for a course that lasts a lifetime, with a curriculum covering multiple disciplines.

92. Hacking the Future of School

A look at where the direction of the future of school is going.

93. Smart Teaching: Using Alexa in The K-12 Classroom

In many K-12 classrooms, the ability to access information by saying it out loud is changing the way students experience and interpret things.

94. What I Learned From Ten 101 Courses During Lockdown

These are the 10 that have changed my life for the better

95. How EdTech Increases Student Retention

Students are dropping out of school more than ever. Recent advancements in edtech, provide students with tools they need to succeed despite challenges.

96. Digitizing Learning And Updating Classrooms

How Are we Allowing This?

97. A Complete Overview Of Educational App Development

As a matter of fact, poverty is driven by the lack of education. Education is a potent tool that has the potential to drive a nation towards the path of progress. In this new age, there is an increased awareness among people about the significance of education. Owing to this, coupled with the advancements in technology, educational app development has been gathering the attention of people across the world. Many educational institutions are now collaborating with an education app development company to provide better services to students of all age groups.

98. How to Learn Any Programming Language

All it takes to master any programming language is the right learning plan.

99. The Challenges of Building an EdTech Company in the Post-COVID World

Remote technologies and opportunities were already sweepingly popular before the nasty COVID-19 outbreak. 2020’s global pandemic and the resulting massive lockdown reinforced the industry-wide reach of online education and underlying technologies, boosting the growth of the EdTech industry by an annual 17-25%. The shift of both formal (school and university) and corporate education toward online is now stronger than ever, spawning new tech and business trends and dramatically popularizing the existing market tendencies.

100. How America is About to Change with Engineering Jobs

How America is about to change with engineering jobs. The broken college system and the rise of online courses.

101. 5 Reasons why eLearning Might Become the New Normal

With the rise of the cloud and live streaming services for education, the popularity of online education has grown at an astounding rate. It provides learners with multiple benefits, from reducing the costs of education to adapting to their learning habits. The Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures have also resulted in the faster adoption of virtual learning.

102. The Best Online Platforms to Learn Something New, Today!

Read this post to know the best Online Learning Platforms to Acquire New Skills And Enhance Existing Ones.

103. Education Technology and Smart Classrooms

Education Technology (Ed Tech) and Smart Classrooms have been changing the traditional method of education, teaching and learning methods. Education technology refers to the integration and application of software, hardware and educational theories for facilitating learning in an interesting manner and enhancing the performances through creation, usage and management of suitable technical resources and processes.

104. Train Your Own Neural Network

These days, using Machine-Learning and particularly Deep-Learning solutions to solve many technical challenges has become a norm.

That’s mainly thanks to having access to unprecedented volumes of data, hardware advancements, and academic progress.

Many problems are tackled by modeling Neural-Networks, feeding them with tons of data, and consequently they “learn” and turn artificially “smarter”.

While we, humans, are still smarter than our computers - we do suffer from an inferior processing speed of information.

We can’t read a million books over throughout our lifetime.

105. Decentralized Learning: Debunking Myths About Education

Blockchain will help revolutionize the education system. The concept of "Ongoing Learning Journeys" will change the way have been seeing learning and education.

106. Hosted LMS vs SaaS LMS: How do they Differ?

Are you confused between Hosted & SaaS LMS? On that note, this article delves further into a comparison between two LMS solutions: SaaS LMS versus Hosted LMS.

107. How Not to Give up Studying, and How to Make Any Training Effective

The first question you should ask yourself when buying a course or signing up for a webinar is "Why do I need it?"

108. Already Struggling with School? The Pandemic Made it Worse.

The Pandemic Didn’t Start Educational Disparities—but It Has Made Them Worse. Vulnerable students get hit the hardest via online learning.

109. Understanding 4 Levels of Evaluation: A study on Kirkpatrick's Instructional Design Model

Kirkpatrick`s 4 Levels of Evaluation begins measuring the effectiveness of training from Reaction to Learning to Behaviour and finally learning, identifyi the

110. What Nobody Tells You about Building a Technical Skill Set: The Struggle

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re excited about tech. You read startup stories on Medium, LinkedIn, or Hacker Noon. The idea of creating a product, launching it, and then raising a Series A is enthralling to read about. You may be an “increasingly technical” analyst or young professional with no technical experience at all. All things aside, you are hungry to learn, develop, and grow your technical skills and you can’t get enough.

111. Why and How We Expanded into the Chinese EdTech Market

This is the nuts and bolts of the early results and returns of our startup's expansion into China's EdTech Industry.

112. Holberton's OS of Education Concept

There's plenty of free content, what education needs is an OS

113. Is the Rise of Preschoolers' App Usage a Pandemic Boom or a Paradigm Shift?

In mid-2020, remote jobs, contactless delivery, and social distancing became the new normal. COVID-19 forced even the conservative education industry to change its rules. Children are not the face of this pandemic, but their academic growth, mental health, and social skills were affected, too. This is an overview of how COVID-19 pandemic affected kids' education, what is predicted for the global online education market, and how EdTech apps for children perform now.

114. How COVID-19 May Forever Change the Way Professors Teach

Few institutions were prepared for the sudden shift to remote teaching prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the response has been a real mixed bag. We have seen many institutions embrace this new reality, meeting the challenge head-on by training and supporting educators. But we’re also seeing scrambled and knee-jerk attempts at replicating the traditional classroom experience, which will no doubt affect attitudes towards remote learning.

115. How Learning Management System Revolutionizing the Education Sector

Recently, there has been an international revolution in the higher education system. The process is getting structural and functional reformation with new experiments. One of these is gaining massive popularity amongst students and educational institutes alike: Learning Management System.

116. Create an e-Learning App Without Knowing How to Code

Have a passion for teaching. Here is how to teach the world

117. The Tech Challenges of Moving K-12 to a Distance Learning Model

The global shift to home isolation has unique implications for public education. The era of slow and steady plans to virtualize education was given a donkey kick by this virus and the quarantine, and here's what I've observed.

118. A WhatsApp Chatbot For Sending Programming Challenges to Users Using Flask [A How-To Guide]

Over the few months I have been in the process of building a Data Science online school initially focusing on a rigorous introductory course covering modules ranging from linear algebra to SQL and programming. Without turning this into a 'marketing shill'.

119. Why And Where You Can Learn C Programming For Free

In this post, we will provide the C Programming Course for Free, and you can learn - What you'll learn, the list of Course content, Requirements, Description,

120. Introducing The HackerNoon Blogging Fellowship

The HackerNoon Blogging Fellowship is a free remote online writing program where you can get mentored by a seasoned Editor and build up your writing portfolio.

121. 5 Places to Learn About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Free

Considering that the crypto world is fairly new, education platforms are critical to accelerating the adoption of crypto assets on a global level.

122. How to Design a Web Application: Software Architecture 101

So you’ve embarked on the entrepreneurial journey to build your own web application. You’ve got the idea in place, but the significance of getting the architecture right is extremely important.

123. Disney Doubles Down on Content to Save Its Future

It's often said that content is king. For Disney, content is a savior. That’s the takeaway from Disney’s earnings report for the fiscal year and fourth quarter of 2020.

124. 11 Great Online Learning Platforms to Build New Skills: 2022 Edition

Online learning is a great option to keep you occupied while feeling more productive and purposeful. It helps you polish your skills and add more qualifications to your resume. You just need an excellent online learning platform to find the courses of your choices and develop your skills.

125. 5 Innovations In Tech That Are Transforming Higher Education

Many educational institutions are already using technology in education— whether to make the learning process more accessible and fun or drive cost savings.

126. Top 7 Best Live Video Streaming Services for Education & E-Learning in 2022

In this article, we'll explore the best live video streaming services for education to distribute & monetize educational videos with ease!

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