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Velocity delivers a streamlined, single-source approach to managed services for over 15 years – continually earning the trust of its growing client base in the retail, hospitality ...

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751 employees
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Since 2005
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25444 at Alexa

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Why focus on Velocity inhibits Agility
Published at Feb 20, 2019 by
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Past Velocity and Prediction
Published at Jul 20, 2018 by alexaitken
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Measuring Sprint Velocity
Published at Mar 31, 2022 by alex-omeyer
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The Early Velocity Trap
Published at Mar 31, 2021 by skawaguchi
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4 Tips to Improve Your Engineering Team's Velocity in Scrum
Published at Mar 19, 2021 by alex-omeyer

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Study reveal new way to find stress in complex fluids
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