[Writing Prompt] What is the Metaverse? : Interview Questions List by@prompts

[Writing Prompt] What is the Metaverse? : Interview Questions List

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The metaverse is quite possibly the future of the internet. To help our readers learn more about it, we've started this metaverse interview series.

These are the questions we've compiled to ask experts in blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and game development, within the HackerNoon community. The series is intended for tech professionals to contribute their insights about the current state and the future of the metaverse.

HackerNoon Prompt: So let’s start! First, tell us a bit about yourself. For example, name, profession, and personal interests.

[Add your answer here]

Please sum up what the metaverse is in 1 to two paragraphs.

[Add your answer here]

Are you currently, directly or indirectly, working on building a metaverse?

[Add your answer here]

In your opinion, is the metaverse inevitable, or is it just another passing trending tech topic that'll lose hype?

[Add your answer here]

Why is the metaverse such a revolutionary concept?

[Add your answer here]

What can people build in the metaverse that we can't build on the Internet, or in virtual reality today? What limitations of our current technology does the metaverse free us from?

[Add your answer here]

How are the metaverse and blockchain related? Can we build a metaverse without blockchain technology?

[Add your answer here]

How quickly do you think the metaverse will be developed? How much can we expect metaverse tech to grow in the next 5 - 10 years?

[Add your answer here]

What is your hope for the metaverse? Do you have any worries or does the concept pose any threats?

[Add your answer here]

Thanks for your time! Any final words?

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