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How WordPress Helps you Make Great Websites in 2020

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Many sites are powered by a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. WordPress is an Open Source Software that offers free use of the product. 

This is awesome for a low budget business or individual. To learn more about WordPress or there terms visit their website (wordpress.org).

Before you launch, your WordPress site go through this checklist to get a better understanding

I will assume you have already purchased a domain name and had a hosting account set up with a service provider.

Many service providers are willing to go as far as installing WordPress for you now. 

WordPress is great, but you must also learn about how websites work. Beginners should start by learning HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

These two computer languages basically cover how things are arranged and displayed on a page. 

You should also understand how the FTP protocol is used for transferring files to your HTTP server. 

Once you have got a good feel of HTML, CSS, HTTP, and FTP you will be ready to start exploring WordPress.

It allows you to change the look and feel of your website through a backside control panel.

You will find that WP is very robust and scalable. 

It can provide a solution ranging from a single web page to an expansive multi-page website. 

Another cool thing about WP is how it offers database solutions like pages, categories, comments, etc. 

You can use it as a Blog or you can create static web pages. I am a huge fan. I have tried JOOMLA, but I still prefer WP.

There is a lot to learn when you are considering building a website. 

I have been using WP for about 5 years and I am still learning. There is plenty of documentation available on the net. 

If you are in need of a website, and you are starting this from scratch, I would recommend hiring a developer. But if you can accomplish learning this you will be able to build a good website solution for almost anyone.

3 examples of Famous Sites Built on Wordpress:

The New York Times

The New York Times was one of the primary news sources to completely use the intensity of the client produced content component given by WordPress. 

In 2012, they presented a module for the CMS that permitted various writers to chip away at a similar article it permitted changes to a post to be followed and afterward acknowledged or dismissed. 

Because of their endeavors, they had the option to arrive at 70 million exceptional month to month visits by May 2018. By February 2020, month to month visits moved to 330 million.


We wouldn't anticipate anything short of a modern site from one of the world's driving style and way of life magazines.

Furthermore, that is actually what you get visiting Vogue. Vogue's site draws 3 million remarkable visits every month. 

To pull in and charm these guests, Vogue includes heaps of top-notch pictures and recordings on its landing page. 

This sight and sound have overlayed text depicting the post's title, writer, and class so the peruser can settle on an educated choice about what they need to peruse.

Sony Music

Sony Music's site is as hip as you'd envision it would be. A slide show of inclining craftsmen sits at the highest point of the presentation page and there is definitely no trace of a report until you look down. 

Focusing on a worldwide crowd, the site has in excess of 33 million month to month visits. 

Truth be told, Sony Music Entertainment was named one of the Web's main 10 diversion music goals.

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