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106 Stories To Learn About Website

by Learn RepoJune 16th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Website via these 106 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Website via these 106 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. A Call-to-Action in pure HTML and CSS

Use this boiler plate template to design a call to action in any website using HTML and a little bit of CSS

2. 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Gatsby JS for Your Website

Gatsby JS is a static site generator that is used to create high performance websites. Built on top of React, it weaves together some of the better parts of GraphQL, react-router and webpack for a brilliant developer experience. This means a much faster site, taking a lot less time to build! Perfect for users, business and developers.

3. Designing a Website for Data

It’s complex to create the right design when the only visuals you have are based on data. Here’s how we did it.

4. 10 Features of a Secure Website

Website security is a primary consideration in web development but it is often not taken seriously by a lot of website owners. If you have built a secure website, then you must have sought out the services of a security expert who spots areas of weaknesses in your system and also carry out routine maintenance checks for new flaws and vulnerabilities. These are the minimum requirements for any safe website and I have grouped them into 10 must-have features for your website.

5. An Introductory Guide to Building a Website with Good Quality Code

Guaranteeing code quality when your website is in the development stage is a colossal task. However, even with a steady number of programming designers, keeping up code quality can be daunting. Without code quality tools and a reliable framework, the entire task can amount to enormous technical debt, doing more harm than good in the long haul.

6. 24 Best JavaScript Blogs and Websites

In this overview, we have compiled a list of popular sites, as well as JS blogs that are worth reading and keeping in your bookmarks.

7. Has Become the Pawn of A Huge Data Theft Scheme

Wanna know tomorrow’s temperature? Don’t visit to find out, especially if you’re on a mobile device: the website has been compromised by a malicious advertising (malvertising) attack that is scraping personal information from its mobile users. While its purposes are not yet known, security searchers who have already identified and named this strain of malware — alternatively called “IcePick-3PC” or “eGobbler” — theorize that it originates from a group of organized criminals who are collecting the information for a future attack, or selling it on the Dark Web.

8. 5 Benefits of Having a Personal Website

Not long ago, the internet was a luxury, reserved for the select few. Today, anyone can establish an online presence with under $10 USD. And nowadays, with tools like WordPress and Wix, you don’t even have to know how to code. But do you really need your own website?

9. You Are Not Worth Tracking, Sorry

I do not track you. I don't have to, and I don't care to.

10. 8 Tips to Develop a Robust Website Design for Your Business

Website design has utmost importance because it combines everything on a web page and collectively uses all the elements on the website to achieve one objective.

11. How To Add a Favicon to Your Site

Adding a Favicon to Your Site

12. Introducing Neuron Lang: A New Language For Frontend Development

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are combined in this elegant language.

13. Testing Website Localization and Why It's Important

Are you thinking about expanding your business globally? Find out what localization testing is and why it's a critical step in reaching a new audience here.

14. Everything You Need to Know to Create a Free Website

See what you need to know before you decide to get a free website!

15. The Great Comeback Of HTML Widgets

Do you remind those web widgets all websites have been using in the 90s? Guess what, they're coming back.

16. Here's Why You Should Never Blindly Accept Cookies from Every Website

17. eCommerce Site Essentials for 2019

If you are running or going to launch an eCommerce business, you need to understand the behavior and preferences of your target audiences. Selling products is an increasingly challenging endeavour, given the competition online.

18. How to Build a 1997

The web was fairly new, and digital publishing was far from the norm.A lot of information about the early web was being distributed through books.

19. How WordPress Helps you Make Great Websites in 2020

Many sites are powered by a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. WordPress is an Open Source Software that offers free use of the product.

20. Stop Infinite Scrolling on Your Website - Now!

Do people love infinite scrolling on the websites they visit or are theyfine with clicking on ‘Read more’ or ‘View more?’ Infinite scrolling eliminatesthe need for pagination which is the process of separating digital content into different pages. Here’s my view on infinite scrolling and why it is a recipe for disaster.

21. David Bowie Was King Of The Metaverse

Why David Bowie's predictions of the internet were far more reaching than he realized.

22. 5 Best Free eCommerce Website Builders in 2022

An eCommerce website builder is a tool that allows you to build your own website without any coding knowledge. It’s like a WYSIWYG editor, but for websites.

23. How I Create Websites: The Process of Web Development

Many people, especially beginners, think that developing a website is purely about coding, but it’s not like that. There a lot of other things that you need to do if you wanna create at least a decent website. The part when you actually make a website with code or with WordPress or some other CMS is just a small part.

24. 10 Websites That You Should Know About

Gurwinder goes over 10 little-known websites.

25. Using HTTPS to Render Blocked Mixed Content on a Website

Starting with Firefox 23, Firefox blocks active mixed content by default. This follows a practice adopted by Internet Explorer (since version 9) and Chrome.

26. 6 Tips to Stay Within Budget While Designing a Website

How to get prepared before designing the website? Here are 6 easy tips we have benefited from.

27. Choosing Web App Architecture: 3 Tier Architecture and Cloud Architecture

What's the best modern web app architecture for you? Read about major front-end web architecture types available in 2021 and peculiarities of implementation.

28. Top 10 UX Design Principles to Use with Visually-Appealing Websites

UX design principles help build durable solutions through new design patterns, interaction models, and standards.

29. How To Build A Portfolio Website with React, ChakraUi and framerMotion

Create or build a beautiful portfolio website with react, ChakraUi and framerMotion

30. UNCTEC 2021, My Journey As A Programmer And My Biggest Success So Far

UNCTEC is the UN Model of Tec de Monterrey Cuernavaca and had its first vitual edition in March 2021.

31. 7 Wordpress Maintenance Procedures Every Webmaster Should Know

Having a WordPress website and uploading regularly is not enough. There are some maintenance procedures that must be carried out regularly to ensure that the website is attractive for visitors while it is easy for the person who runs the website to keep track of the posts and comments. A properly maintained website is good for both parties.

32. Resources To Level Up Your Front-End Developer Skills

10 Best Sites and Apps for Front-end Developers.

33. FAQs For a Software Engineering Hiring Manager - Part 3 of 5: Portfolios & GitHubs

With over 10 years of experience as a hiring manager for software engineers, I've compiled a list of the many recurring questions I've received from job seekers

[34. Go-Daddy Gone Wrong: What Happens to Your Domain if

Your Co-Owner Dies?]( One day you receive a call from a mutual friend and hear unbelievable stories, when your friend is out of his mind, and harms himself, and others.

35. What Are Cookies and How Do Websites Use Them?

Cookies are text files created by the developers of a particular website, which are stored in the user’s computer. They are widely used on almost every website.

36. Static vs Dynamic Website with JAM Stack Website in Between

The web has been around for a while now. I have been building websites for 20 years now and I started by building static websites. Later I worked on many dynamic websites and web applications. This post is a quick rundown on the major difference between dynamic and static websites. There are some details about the JAM (Javascript API and Markup) stack. It also has some explanation of the technologies and costs associated with each of the 3 options.

37. How Connected Data Can Change the Way Agency Developers Manage Sites

The doomsday predictions have yet to come. Despite the rise of “free” platforms like WordPress and “walled garden” site builders like Wix, web development as an agency specialty has yet to be killed off by DIY.

38. Taking On Computer Science

ʺDon’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself. ʺ -Bill Gates

39. 10 Tips to Make Your Website More Attractive

There are billions of websites, ranging from the humble static page to the massive e-commerce platform. But whatever the field, not all sites are created equal. Far from it. Indeed, there are big differences from one site to another - disparities that have an impact in particular on the interest of Internet users.

40. How to Rank for Multiple Keywords and Explode your Organic Traffic

Here's how to rank for multiple keywords and explode your organic traffic.

41. The Essential On-Page SEO Checklist to Rank Higher on Google

A complete On-page SEO guide for beginners to rank their website page and posts higher on Google.

42. Hosting Providers That Can Help You to Upload Your Simple Website Online For Free

There are many hosting service providers available in the market, but the central part is all the hosting company does not provide the best service. Moreover, if you want to go for free hosting service, then also you can get chance as many free hosting service providers are too available over the internet nowadays.

43. Using Shopify 2.0 to Build a Successful Online Store

Selecting a suitable platform to establish your online business is a monumental effort in the world of E-commerce.

44. Why Healthcare Facilities Need Professional Websites

Medical centers, hospitals, dental care facilities, and specialists in private practice need a professional website. Learn why.

45. The Pirate Bay Is Still Alive: Words From One of the Co-Founders

Peter Kolmisoppi explains why The Pirate Bay is still alive and some websites aren't.

46. 5 Web Design Tips for Beginners

Here is a list of 5 things you didn't know you didn't know about designing a website.

47. What Is WordPress Multisite? All You Need to Know

Here is all about WordPress Multisite, identified its benefits and drawbacks, and examined which sorts of users and websites gain the most from it.

48. Launch Your Website Development Career in 2021

We cover the fundamental concepts to kickstart your career as a web developer in 2021, such as learning the basics, connecting to the backend, and more.

49. There Are Web Products Everywhere You Turn

Brian Mayer launched a website which listed reservations for sale to popular restaurants in San Francisco.

50. An Introduction to Static Site Generators

Websites can be of 2 types: static and dynamic. For static types, when user requests a file, server sends the file and user can see it. Every page is hand coded in html. In a dynamic type, When user requests, content is generated and server builds the page then sends it to the user. Generally managed by CMS like Wordpress or Joomla.

51. What to Do After You've Deployed Your WebApp

When your web app is live, it’s definitely worth checking how search engines will like it.

52. 10 Reasons Wordpress Sites Get Hacked and How to Avoid Them

WordPress, the most popular CMS platform among business owners, and hackers' most favorite platform to mess up. There have been a lot of data breaches in recent times. Beyond the big names, even small business owners lost their value. Security breaches, unfortunately, are quite real.

53. Using Your Organization's Website to Build a Donation Funnel

A donation funnel is the journey a user, or potential supporter, takes through your website with the end goal of making a donation.

54. What You Need To Build A Custom Alexa Skill For Your Website

Do you know how many people are asking Alexa about your website/business?

55. Building A Company Website Using ORM and SEO

Every Business Needs an Optimized Business Website to represent their business and services.

56. 25 Useful Websites Developers Don't Use Enough

There are many websites to make the work of developers easier, even if they are as basic as helping you share your code. Here are 25 useful websites for devs.

57. How to Get the Perfect Domain Authority for Your Blog

When your website has a lot of high-authority backlinks pointing to it, it is a message to Google that the reliability and integrity of the site is acknowledged

58. How To Use The Enhanced Search Feature To Drive Higher eCommerce Conversions

In this article, I discuss keys techniques to building enhanced search functionality into your website. This includes designing the search bar and more.

59. Dealing With ICANN: My Experience

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi talks about his experience dealing with ICANN.

60. Why You Should Scrape Data from Social Media Websites for Brand Audit

Social media scraping involves automating the process of extracting data from social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram through web scraping.

61. Talking intelligence: How AI is changing the way we use WordPress

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, in the case of artificial intelligence and WordPress - they synergise.

62. What do You Need to Get Your Website Off the Ground?

The rise of technology trends has gathered in a way that to gain the attraction of a product or service a website seems to be essential to gain traction.

63. Top 10 Practical Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website With WordPress

Whether for a startup, big business, or personal space, WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites on the Internet. While there are other options for content management online, many consider WordPress the best among all.

64. Tips for Building a Great Brand Image Through Blogging

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think of blogging as more of an entertainment than a tool for increasing sales and generating website traffic. When launching an online store, businesses mainly focus on product and category descriptions, and try to lure prospective customers by offering discounts and gifts. While it is understandable for a new business to be all about the money, offering low prices, free shipping, and other bonuses is not enough to hit high sales and build a positive brand image.

65. Fast, Secure and Inexpensive: Basic Tips To Choose A Web Hosting Service

A website is the lifeline of every online business. And there is no ambiguity to to how it should work like. Fast, Secure and Inexpensive.

66. Growth Hacks to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

In this digital world, having a business website is no longer an option but a necessity. However, there is a huge difference between creating a website and driving traffic towards it, and this difference turns out to play a vital role in the success of different businesses.

67. 7 Ways to Achieve a Faster Core Web Vitals Score

Core Web Vitals is one of the ranking factors and learning how to achieve a faster core web vitals score is a good way to get your website to rank higher.

68. 5 Fundamental Steps to Deploying a Website

5 easy steps to deploying a website from getting it properly hosted, to setting up its DNS and finally completing the process by having the infrastructure set

69. Creating an Angular Blog With Scully and Deploying on Netlify

Learn how to make your personal site from scratch using Angular and Scully. Top it up with an easy deployment via netlify.

70. The Exciting Journey Of Creating My First Portfolio📂🎉

For the last few months, I've been working on a personal portfolio. I've always believed that a separate portfolio is important for any dev since it connects you to future opportunities and it helps you to grow your network.

71. Launch a Website Within 2 Days For 1M Users With 0 Costs

All the magic began on 26th Jan, 2020. The original idea started with a simple question. “Why don’t we build a website that gathers ALL information about the coronavirus in Hong Kong?” together with a list of bullet points of how to achieve an MVP. Shortly after, a telegram group was formed and some of us from the group spent their Chinese New Year holiday with the stacks of Gatsby and Kintohub, at 11 pm, on 28th Jan 2020 our site went online… Within 24 hours we reached almost 1M users (983k to be exact) and our stack didn’t crash and was completely free!!!

72. Turning Your Website Into A Mobile App Really Fast With React Native

Every day more and more people spend their time on mobile platforms, especially when it comes to shopping and entertainment. Successful companies such as Amazon that initially launched only a website, have now also established their mobile presence.

73. Building Websites Using Templates vs. Developing From Scratch

Is it true that a website template cannot provide you with excellent SEO and the freedom to modify it? Learn how a website created from a template really works.

74. Websites Censored In Venezuela And How to Access Them

Venezuela's government has been clamping down on the internet in an attempt to control what Venezuelans know and understand about the world, including websites.

75. How To Link a Third-Party Hosted Website using Cloudflare Services

Cloudflare configuration

76. Internet Archive's "Silent Killer"

A thread by Jason Scott detailing the "silent killer".

77. 16 Best Crypto Blogs to Read in 2022

The top 16 crypto blogs that can keep you up to date with cryptocurrencies, including crypto news, product releases, new regulations and product reviews.

78. cPanel and File Transfer Protocol

FTP is a great tool often neglected these days with more developers using in build dashboard features and file managers

79. Website vs Web App: Which Is The Right One For Your Business

Yes, there are differences between websites and web apps – some subtle, others quite distinct – and you do need to understand them to get those tasty benefits.

80. Why AVIF Support in WordPress is Important?

WordPress is a popular open-source CMS (Content Management System) Developers, designers, digital marketers, and most importantly end-users interact with WordPress on an almost daily basis. One of the most common issues they all have to deal with is the slow web-speed that is very common to WordPress. Various techniques can improve performance, but of all such techniques, businesses should start looking forward to AVIF. AVIF is a new, ultra-efficient image optimization format that developers can easily integrate with a WordPress site to render it super fast and super reliably.

81. How Website Personalization Makes Account-Based Marketing More Effective

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of account-based marketing personalization and discuss some of the benefits you can expect from using it.

82. The Evolution of Google and Website SEO

Shipwreck Kelly was a legend in his day. His face was on the front of many newspapers, and people would drive for miles to see him What made him so special? Kelly could sit atop a flagpole, sometimes hundreds of feet in the air, longer than anyone else.

83. 9 Security Tips to Protect Your Website from Hackers and Data Breaches

Here are 9 Security Tips to Protect Websites from Hackers. A secure website will establish your position in the cyber-world and let you do more business.

84. SaaS Landing Page Optimization: 5 Hacks To Get More Conversions

Here are 5 hacks to help you optimize your SaaS landing page for more conversions. A landing page is a webpage that initiates a conversation and closes a deal.

85. 6 Types of Web Hosting to Consider

When it comes to web hosting, you’ll find that there are plenty of options out there. However, each of these has its own pros and cons. Usually, they’re all tailored for the specific needs of the website owner. And while all of them are basically storage space you rent for your website, there are plenty of differences between them; ranging from the required technical knowledge to reliability and server speeds. With that in mind, here are the six basic kinds of web hosting you should consider!

86. 3 Tips to Drive High-Quality, Pre-SEO Small Business Web Traffic

By now, there's little mystery left in the world of digital website marketing. Long gone are the days when it was still possible to find loopholes in Google's search algorithm to exploit or to rely solely on black-hat SEO techniques to drive traffic. Instead, the field of SEO has settled into a fairly predictable and stable rhythm where content creation, keyword targeting, and old-fashioned hard work now rule.

87. You know a site has its shit together when…

  1. The highest z-index is 4

88. How Properly Configure Nginx Server for TLS

This is a follow up on a story that I've published a few years ago. It still receives a huge amount of traffic so I decided to update it with the latest information.

89. Technical SEO: Website Auditing and Optimization

Technical SEO is an important element of owning your website. Find out more about it here.

90. What is the TL;DR Feature at HackerNoon?

What is the TL;DR feature at HackerNoon and how can both readers and writers make full use of it?

91. 6 Types of Web Hosting to Consider

When it comes to web hosting, you’ll find that there are plenty of options out there. However, each of these has its own pros and cons. Usually, they’re all tailored for the specific needs of the website owner. And while all of them are basically storage space you rent for your website, there are plenty of differences between them; ranging from the required technical knowledge to reliability and server speeds. With that in mind, here are the six basic kinds of web hosting you should consider!

92. Why the Security of Websites and Web Applications Is Vital

Security of websites and web applications is becoming more and more vital because hackers evolve and methods of hacking too. Here website security is discussed.

93. Web Design Mistakes that Just Won't Die

In this thread, the Slogging community discusses the most common web design mistakes that just won't die.

94. How to Build Proffesional Websites Using Flexbox

95. Unlocking The Secrets of Your Website Traffic: Understanding What Reports Indicate

The success of a website’s performance is directly tied to the amount of traffic it receives. While the number of visitors to a website is not always indicative of success, it is essential to understand the data and insights behind each traffic report. By unlocking the secrets of your website traffic, you can gain a better understanding of when, how, and why visitors arrive.

96. Understanding Your Customer Journey Map For Better Website Performance

The most important question that project managers should ask themselves is, “How do I help my customers achieve their goals on my website while still achieving mine?” Focusing on that question is the starting point for improving your website experience and building a customer journey map.

97. Launching DDos Attacks Using Various Programs and Methods

DDoS attack or Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attack aiming to destroy the service of a website by crashing its server by sending a lot of packets and requests to the server. The hackers usually use tools like the low orbit ion cannon, ping of death, SYN flood, HTTP flood & more.

98. Choosing the Best Builder to Create A Perfect Website

A perfect website does not only create a good impression, but it also helps in increasing your customer retention rate. A properly built website considers multiple factors- User Interface, Navigation, Icons, and Menu are a few among them. Now, as you see, the number of businesses going digital is increasing, thus, website builder services are increasing in number as well. It does not matter if you are one of the top app development companies in the USA, or, you sell groceries. The modern era is dependent upon technology and loves comfort. Therefore, you have to get dependent upon the internet as well. Of course not entirely, but for a major part of the business.

99. De-Google-ify Your Website [A How-To Guide]

Did you know that 94% of sites include at least one third-party resource while the median page requests content from 9 different domains? These third-party resources represent 35% of the total network activity and 7 of the 10 most used resources are owned by Google.

100. Basic Guide to Creating a Page Using Velo by Wix

Velo is a brand-new Wix full-stack development platform. This essentially allows you to add custom code to your website.

101. Top 13 Professional Web Design Software & Tools for Beginners

To help businesses choose the right web design software, we’ve made a concise and easy-to-understand guide for you.

102. How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Website

WordPress is the most in-demand CMS in the world that accommodates a huge number of information and business blogs. It allows for launching and managing full-value websites with minimal coding, exempts bloggers and entrepreneurs from the need to hire a webmaster or learn complex programming technologies.

103. The 100% correct way to split your chunks with Webpack

Working out the best way to serve up files to your users can be a tricky business. There’s so many different scenarios, different technologies, different terminology.

104. 13 Smart Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website

A lot of website owners are concerned about online security.

105. The Future of Cryptocurrency Futures and where Bakkt Fits in the Equation


106. Welcome to the Jamstack

JAMStack or JavaScript, APIs and Markup Stack is a modern shift in the FrontEnd Space to develop fast web applications.

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