Why You NEED to Personalize Your LinkedIn Connection Requests and Messages by@linkedcamp

Why You NEED to Personalize Your LinkedIn Connection Requests and Messages

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“Will you marry me?” is probably the last thing you’d want to hear on your very first date. Just like that, sending a sales pitch right off the bat in a LinkedIn connect request note or message will get you nothing but rejection.

An average LinkedIn user gets several connection requests each day. Most of them hit up with a generic message, “Hi, I’d like to connect with you.” Unfortunately, this has probably become the most boring and yawning template, and prospects no longer pay attention to it.

In turn, many of such connection requests get rejected, leaving a terrible impression. If you’re putting no effort to stand out from the crowd, prospects will tend to pass over you.

To separate yourself from the rest, you need to personalize your connection request and messages.

What Do I Mean by Using a Personalized Approach?

Personalization is a term that has become so popular recently. So many people are familiar with it, but not many of them know what exactly it means.

Many users think that dropping the first or last name in the connection requests or messages can get their attention. However, the truth is that personalization has become much more advanced. Today, successful B2B marketers and other people who want to get maximum acceptance and response rate are using highly personalized outreach strategies.

Adding personalization into LinkedIn connect requests and messages means adding details about the interests, problems, and possible solutions. For that, you first need to understand your target audience and collect useful data about them. You can then use this data to craft invitation notes and messages that will grab the prospects’ attention right away.

According to surveys, prospects no longer like to respond to cut-and-dried templates. Instead, they show interest when they see you have put an extra effort into connecting with them.

How to Personalize LinkedIn Connect Notes and Messages?

To personalize your connection requests and messages, you first need to understand and analyze the profile of each prospect.

It can be done easily if you’re sending a few connection requests. However, personalizing each connect note or message will become difficult if your target is thousands of people. This is where the best LinkedIn automation tools can help you out.

The latest LinkedIn automation tools come with features that enable users to send highly personalized text, along with custom images and GIFs to take personalization to the next level.

Such personalized messages have generated a 90% acceptance and response rate, and several successful B2B marketers and businesses are already using this technique.

Advantages of Personalizing Your Approach

It shows you are a thoughtful person

When you add personal details in your invites and messages, it distinguishes you from the rest as prospects think you have put some thought into connecting with them.

Increases acceptance and response rate

Accepting an invite and responding to a message becomes much easier when you make your prospects feel special. When you add unique details into your message, they are more likely to show interest.

Helps to build strong business relationships

When you adopt a unique approach, such as using custom images/GIFs, avatars, etc., people respond and indulge in conversations, leading to strong business relationships.


Personalization is something that will always have a positive impact on your outreach. When you become more relevant to prospects, you’re more likely to create strong business relationships and generate qualified leads suitable for your business.


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