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Why UpWork Is Still Worth Despite The High Fees

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@WDc23V$qR2jBmSXMurtaza Amin

Founder of one of the largest data mining and CRM cleaning KPO -

Hello freelancers,

I am Murtaza Amin, the founder of BizProspex (BizProspex is 50 people strong KPO with 3 offices).

I run my business on UpWork (yes, 100% of it) and I am here to tell you my story of why I find UpWork still worth despite (as few people claim — high fees), I am here to tell you the truth with no bias (like some other people who have vested interest in putting UpWork down).

Let’s talk business:

UpWork is the oldest and most trustworthy freelance website on the internet. Upwork has 5 million registered clients (can anyone come even close and claim a number close to this?)

Per client spending on Upwork is the highest.UpWork has GoDaddy and Google as clients (to name just a few) hiring hundreds of freelancers on a regular basis. (I once bid for an assignment at Google through a third party that came to me through Upwork portal).

A lot of people think that UpWork fees are high, maybe yes, but look at the value it brings!! Millions of people make a decent living sitting in remote locations of the world just because of one website —

I myself employ about 50 people fulltime through BizProspex I have made over a million $ in collective sales in the last 6 years through UpWork and I am a nobody on UpWork, I personally know people who run 500 people agencies through UpWork alone, I hope this gives you an idea of the impact UpWork has on the world, on people’s lives.

Look at my office below, this is JUST one of three offices we have, the camera can’t even fit the whole thing in. LOL.

Also, people who are busy putting UpWork stock going down by 30% in a few months, here, take a look at the screenshot below, the world’s greatest company Berkshire Hathaway went down almost 40% between 2008 to 2010, did it lose it’s intrinsic value, NO!.

It is easy to point fingers when you have vested interest in putting upwork down, but deep down you know that you can’t compete with UpWork head on head by coming up with a NEW IP to move the world and make it a better place, you are just copying UpWork and trying to win its clients, there is nothing new that you offer, UpWork has no competition , it was and still is a one of its kind idea.

Haters, I encourage you to play a fair game, keep your hate with you and work towards helping people succeed, UpWork has and always will be focused on helping people make money and I am happy to pay 30% of my share to UpWork because it needs money to bring more clients on the platform and payback it’s investors.


Murtaza Amin — BizProspex


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