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12 Must-Have Tools For Freelancers

Being a Freelancer is tempting for many reasons, but mostly because you can do what you love and choose the projects you want to do. You can work with clients you want to work with and there is nobody breathing behind you expecting from you to make more money for them.

However, freelancing is not all sprinkles and rainbows. You need to find clients yourself, you need to take care of your finance and legal stuff, manage your time wisely and many more.

Gladly there are many software, some free, some may cost a bit of money to make your freelancing life more comfy.

Softwares for freelancers

Workshop. This software scans the internet for freelance gigs and sends best ones to your email each morning. Workshop will save you a lot of time and help you find clients.

ProposifyThis software offers its user beautiful templates for creating proposals. With Proposify you will save a lot of time creating proposals. You can control the typography, layout, it is mobile friendly, you can even add videos to the proposal. A cool feature is that they provide feedback on how much time did the client looked at your proposals and if he accepted it.

Surfshark. Working a freelancer jobs means you can work from any place you want, for example coffee shops. This also means that you will be connected to public wifi, this means you can be in danger of becoming an easy target for hackers. Of course you can become an easy threat for hackers even connected to your safe wifi at home, since the internet is quite a scary place. For this a VPN is a useful tool since it encrypts your data and secures your connection. Surfshark is perfect for keeping your online identity safe.

Harpoon. It’s a financial goal-setting, time-tracking and invoicing app. Harpoon is made to help freelancers set, track and achieve financial goals. It also helps to break your tasks into manageable pieces and create invoices. On this app you can also track your spending and control it.

Google calendar is the best tool to track deadlines of your tasks and organize appointments with clients. Since Google calendar is widely used by many people, it is the most comfortable tool to use for scheduling.

Slack is widely used by many big companies and no wonders why, it is a very user friendly program that makes conversations with clients and coworkers easy. You can create public, private channels, send direct messages, set reminders and find contacts.

Keeper. Being a freelancer you often have a lot of accounts, websites and it is hard to remember all the passwords and using one for all accounts is not secure. For this you can use Kaspersky password manager which will store all of your passwords in a secure way and you will only need one password to access Kaspersky.

Pocket. We often browse the internet and find some interesting content like articles, videos that you really want to read but do not have time. Using pocket you can easily save content on the internet and when you have time find it on the pocket app.

Buffer. This app will help freelancers manage their all social media accounts in one place. On this app you can schedule posts, check analytics for all accounts, you can also invite your coworkers and make plans on the app, collaborate on projects and manage permissions.

Hemingway. It’s a free writing app that check your grammar mistakes, offers a number of writing insights and also judges if your content reads easily and if it fits online audience.

Dribble. This software is for freelancers who do designs. In this website freelancers can showcase their work and create portfolio to reach potential clients. Also you can find other Freelancers and maybe future coworkers.

Canva. This software has become one of the most popular design websites that lets people who have nothing to do with design, create beautiful things. They have a lot of templates, fonts, images and shapes you can work with.


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