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Goals in life!

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Murtaza Amin

Being young and naïve, I made some stupid (yes, I consider them as plain stupid) decisions in life. One of them was getting enrolled in a good-for-nothing single window road size Engineering college :( After wasting 3 years I realized my mistake and moved to Bombay while still being in college and according to me it was the best decision I made then.

I started with some ‘odd’ jobs in Mumbai which enabled me to harness the true potential of the Internet. Following which, I started a website named mbakakeeda.com that received over quarter-million views. Eventually, I sold it to my partner to pursue something bigger.

I worked for an HR firm while still being in Bombay and that is where I learnt bits about Data-Mining and Email-Marketing. I was also working online as a part-time freelancer since my college days.

Following this incident, I moved to Nagpur in 2012. I partnered with a friend of mine- Burhan to develop software for retail hardware stores. But, the software didn’t sell. We decided to shut down the whole thing for good well before penalising ourselves with more losses. I then decided to move to Bombay again to search for a job.

During all this hardship I had little to no money or support. A few of my friends helped me financially as well as emotionally which kept me energised to have high spirits. A good thing that happened to me was that I acquired two clients online, one of them was from Dubai through Burhan, and the other one was from California during Obama Care initial days, it was an insurance company looking for warm leads. I worked hard on their respective projects which were Data Mining and Email Marketing respectively. I finally made some money on my own. Meanwhile, Ruqaiya (my sibling), was about to get married in Dec. 2013 so I decided to attend the wedding.

I continued freelancing again and started acquiring clients online. I got connected with a client who assigned me a significant amount of work in the field of Data Mining & Email Marketing, providing me with enough money to start a company. This project helped me leverage my efforts, and I began to build a team of my own to handle the incoming work.

During the year 2014, I grew my team from 1 to 5 then 5 to 10! My work grew further in 2015 when I visited the US. At that point in time, I was doing pretty decent in my life. I finally started making some money and helping my parents financially.

Although it started working pretty good for myself, but deep down somewhere within me, it hurt to know that there are no skilful job opportunities for young talents in my hometown Burhanpur. Most of the talent was underutilized in the town I belong, without proper guidance or ample opportunity to succeed in life. I wanted to provide a good employment source for them. Hence, I started a branch office in Burhanpur around Nov. 2016.

Since then I am doing pretty well with my life financially. I have a good set of clients who hire me to help them on a regular basis, good employees who are hardworking and loyal to me and to be honest I have don’t have many desires left in life, I’ve travelled to 7 countries before turning 25, made enough to survive comfortably for the next few years. I am probably blessed & feel content to achieve what I have today.

Currently, we employ 42 full-time employees working round the clock to offer data mining services to B2B companies.

I’m also going to start an NGO pretty soon (goal 2020) to help financially backwards kids with IT/Basic Computer Training. I have a few friends and relatives in the US who are doing pretty good financially in life and they are happy to contribute to this cause.

So, the goal for 2017 is:

1. Workout more.2. Visit a few more countries to learn from the world and different cultures.3. Grow the team of 22 people to 50 by 2018’s end.4. Lose some more weight (I lost 6 Kilos within three months) & want to lose a little bit more!!5. Help my employees grow in life, both personally as well as financially.6. Enjoy the little joys of life.

Life’s simple, humans make it complicated!


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