Why I Dream Of A One World Government & New World Order by@dok333

Why I Dream Of A One World Government & New World Order

June 7th 2022 1,730 reads
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The True New World Order is going to consist of billions of individuals who get off their A*** and vote for their preferences through crypto staking. The technology is here, we just need to unite and vote for what we want. The new world is actively being built - world leaders continue to be exposed for mass incompetence, which furthers the case for the decentralized internet and DAOs which can replace legacy leadership models.
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Daniel O'Keeffe

Experienced Web3 Copywriter engaged in Stoic Philosophy, Theosophy, Non-Duality, Digital Minimalism, and LOA.

So here we are, on our beautiful earth.

Chemtrails in the sky, floride in the water, mandatory vaccines that don’t work, a failing airline system, war in Ukraine, soaring oil prices, 24/7 digital surveillance, GMO food, declining standards of living, higher taxes, fiscal mismanagement, pharmaceutical warfare that never stops despite the revelations, and much more besides.

And that’s just what has been publicly exposed.

What Is The New World Order And One World Government?

The terms “New World Order”, “One World Government”, and “Great Reset” are more or less interchangeable. You don’t need a PHD in political theory; it means greater control and domination for those in charge. What we have got, except even worse. It’s the difference between the super centralized internet and the decentralized internet.

Conceivably, we will have a global currency with everything tracked and monitored, with all transactions linked on a blockchain and tied to location. Any contrary ideas can result in a suspension of your finances. And there won’t be any independent media to complain to. Justin Trudeau has, by the way, effectively socialized all independent media.

The New World Order essentially means super centralization with a lack of transparency for those on the bottom, but ultimate transparency for those on top, who can see everything. If the controllers can tie transactions to individuals, they can then harass and enslave individuals. This is why they are so fanatical about KYC and compliance in the realm of Web3. And this is why the decentralized, anonymous, Web3 internet is so important.

While the decentralized internet promises interoperability and privacy, the New World Order promises interoperability and domination. It’s the difference between being able to access everything securely, and being able to access everything once you sign your rights away.

Why I’m Excited About The New World Order

Despite appearances, the New World order has a 0% chance of succeeding in its current Orwellian format. We have already won, though few realize this fact. The (True) New World Order is already being built on the decentralized internet of distributed ledgers. And you and I are the ones who are both users and controllers.

The farce that we have all been witnessing on television paints a certain picture, but innovations within Web3 portray quite another. We are building our own financial system, our own governance systems, our own education systems, and our own media systems. All without compromising on the personal information of users. It’s all optional and transparent.

The penny has not yet dropped for most people, but we are literally building a new planet, and the ongoing scandals are necessary to push more people towards blockchain and the decentralized internet. People don’t move unless pushed; that's a sad but accurate fact of human existence.

The Orwellian New World Order takes its power from a centralized internet. The True New World order takes its power from the decentralized internet.

The Benefits Of A Sovereign Planet


As a digital nomad of 10+ years, I have had significant frustrations due to legacy government systems. I’ve got a lot of sim cards, with lots of pin codes. I’ve also filled out a lot of visas, waited in a lot of queues, and lost no small number of bags.

Losing a passport is not fun either, nor is theft or getting your card blocked. Then there is the annoying cost of currency exchange, and the ATM charges. Some countries, like India, have a poor ATM infrastructure and you have to walk miles for cash, then wait in a queue. This was before the vaccine/PCR test fiasco, which adds to the stress considerably.

What has all this got to do with the decentralized internet and the New World Order? Everything. Actually, the core ideals of the New World Order are applicable from the perspective of efficiency. The issue is that there happens to be a bunch of delusional zealots that have strange notions about planetary governance.

The reality is that an international planet makes a lot of sense. Think about it. One phone number, one generally accepted cryptocurrency, a digital passport that cannot be lost; the benefits are huge. It would save on quite a lot of bureaucracy and make travel easier and cheaper.

And I believe this is where we are heading. Imagine being able to book an affordable no-bulls*** flight to a different country with reliable luggage tracking and fast boarding. Moreover, the login code to your apartment would also be tied to a digital key, making the rental process a lot smoother.

A Global Upgrade


Aside from personal convenience, of course, is being able to prevent individuals making decisions that the public are clearly opposed to. The world government recently shut down all business for 2 years in response to a hugely exaggerated virus, putting draconian (and largely unconstitutional) measures in place.

Regardless of your ideological position, these measures were swift, far reaching, and not subject to any sort of individual consent or alternative opinion. In other words, it’s a terrible precedent to follow. Because the centralized powers can define the terms of what constitutes a crisis and then mandate lockdowns based on a definition not subject to scrutiny. It’s a closed door system.

I’m also not convinced that one man should be able to put a nation at war with another, as has happened throughout history and as recently as earlier this year with the Ukraine invasion.

Given that tens of thousands of men will have to fight, why should tens of thousands of men not be able to vote?

A New World Order Based On A Decentralized Internet

There will be a One World Government and  a New World Order. The One World Government shall consist of more than 7 billion people who cast their vote through crypto staking and other mechanisms. Each individual nation can vote to join the wider international nation, with strict bottom up control.

The decentralized internet is the only means to facilitate the birth of the True New World Order. Despite the repeated attempts to control and attack the ecosystem, it is anti-fragile and censorship resistant. All that is required is global and active participation by Earths residents. Passivity is what got us in this mess. Action will get us out.

Imagine if the United Nations actually consisted of nations that were united? The idea is wonderful, though the implementation is clearly corrupted. With the assistance of distributed ledgers where all decisions are subject to review by the many, this dream can become a reality.

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by Daniel O'Keeffe @dok333.Experienced Web3 Copywriter engaged in Stoic Philosophy, Theosophy, Non-Duality, Digital Minimalism, and LOA.
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