Crypto States & Constitutions - Let's Build A World To Be Proud Of by@dok333

Crypto States & Constitutions - Let's Build A World To Be Proud Of

We are currently in a transition stage from centralized authorities towards distributed ledgers. While most remain unaware, this technology will pave the path for a new world in which all citizens are fairly represented. It's not as ominous as people think; the vampires are dying, we just have to watch it play out and get to work in actively building our own version of reality. Exciting times, thought expect some short-term turbulence!
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Daniel O'Keeffe

Experienced Web3 Copywriter engaged in Stoic Philosophy, Theosophy, Non-Duality, Digital Minimalism, and LOA.

It was President John F. Kennedy who made the iconic statement: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Like all timeless principles, this statement is as true today as it was when first announced.

The current political failures are not just due to corruption at the upper echelons of society. As a nation and a globe, we have all failed as one world citizens to keep the 1% honest and to hold them accountable for numerous atrocities.

It All Starts With Individuals

The starting point of any sovereign state is individual rights. The individual is the atom or cell of the wider state/republic. When the rights of individuals are guaranteed, those citizens can uphold the value of the state, promote it, and protect its interests. If there are no high-quality citizens, then there is no real state; all you are left with is an ideal.

This is the precise scenario that the USA finds itself in. There are precious few citizens who believe in the “land of the home and the free” anymore. And there are very few people willing to uphold the values of a state they no longer trust. In other words, the cells are no longer functioning, and the organism is dying. At least in its current form.

A lack of authentic individuals who stood for the values imbued in the constitution contributed to the mess. Passivity has been the hallmark of the 21st century. Stoic values are harder to maintain with no seeming aggressor; it's harder to take the threats of sugar, technology, gender distortions, and immediate gratification as seriously as a horde of barbarians at the gates.

Yet the results are in many ways just as devastating, with a population that is sluggish, lethargic, confused, hypnotized, and losing the battle to keep the 1% accountable. They are mostly struggling to make ends meet, which is paradoxical in the richest country in the world.

The Crypto Option

Thankfully, the solution is already quite clear, if not the exact steps or form. The system of democratic election has failed and there is too much kept behind closed doors. The rot has festered too deeply, all the way to the roots of the political establishment, with its ties to the military, pharmaceutical, judicial, media, and educational complexes. We need a complete spring clean - antioxidants to revitalize the cells the cells. This can be done with a global constitution.

This is what distributed ledgers can provide. Few people see that distributed ledgers provide the perfect answer to entrenched interests. Nation-states can operate on distributed ledgers. Meaning that every single institution and activity (voting, politics, education, science, medicine, legislature, travel) can be tied to a distributed ledger where people vote on topics. This can be done through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Currently, all individual candidates that have integrity face the weight of disapproval from many powerful actors in different fields. Put plainly, it's quite easy to coerce or bribe a single figure, no matter who it happens to be. Instead of electing officials, how about every single person voting on given topics, online? It’s utopian right now, but miraculous things can be achieved when people work together. Many fail to appreciate just how much resources are wasted by those on top, who need to manipulate public opinion.

Obviously, many incremental steps need to be taken in a decade-long transition to a world of distributed ledgers. But the steps we need to take as a collective. Otherwise, we deserve our faith.

Crypto States And Constitutions

Crypto States are a probability, not a possibility. It has already started in the sense of (small) regions making Bitcoin legal tender, such as El Salvador and Prospera in Honduras. Currency is the first step; when you take away the power to arbitrarily print money, you take away quite a lot. It also means that your money is not subject to scrutiny by government agencies.

What is likely to happen is that distributed ledgers will replace industries on a small-scale basis, piece by piece. But a formal constitution is required that highlights the sovereignty of individuals. With the ongoing demise of the USA, the leading ‘country’ in the world, we are in a prime position for a new constitution. This constitution will feature digital privacy and digital rights, as well as a quick and easy passport. It will reinforce the sovereign rights of individuals.

But this constitution will be special in the sense that the ideals will be incorporated into the digital architecture. Federal agencies will not be able to hack your data because there are no back doors in open source code subject to many eyes. Most likely, within the next 10 years, the global population will have to get together and sign a new digital constitution.

Did you know that 80% of all US dollars was printed in the past two years, and this fact is not heavily advertised by the Centralized Authorities? No, it’s not the Ukraine war causing insane price rises. Inflation is caused by money printing, but it can take a while for its effects to appear.

What Can You Do For Your Country?

Indeed, there is something that you can do for your country; kill it.

Vote for a new one built on blockchain, that actually values your rights and upholds them. If there are no cells, no individuals, there is no country. Countries are built on individual rights.

You matter, but you need to value yourself first by voting for a system that votes for you. Your conscious action is required to build a new world.

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by Daniel O'Keeffe @dok333.Experienced Web3 Copywriter engaged in Stoic Philosophy, Theosophy, Non-Duality, Digital Minimalism, and LOA.
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