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Where to Invest Your Hard-Earned Stablez?

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Hello, young degen! I guess this past bullrun was worth your while, and now you're wondering what to do with all that profits from X's from Shiba Inu, Doge, Flow, and any other shitcoins in your portfolio that grew 10-100X this season.ย 

Spending everything on cars, restaurants, watches, and travel is not a good idea, trust me. Smart money isn't spent all at once, it's reinvested. But where to invest your money so that you don't wake up at night in a sticky sweat every 2 hours checking the charts?ย 

That's what the fabulous world of DeFi is for.

Below I will describe all the interesting sites, reliable and with high returns, which I will not leave a direct link-just type the names in Google.

1.Let's start with the most popular way to store your files now: Anchor Protocol on the Terra network. While the technical complexity of the protocol is high, the user interface is very user-friendly. You make a deposit of $UST, you get some aUST in return, and when you decide to take your stablez back you get them along with the accumulated interest.ย 

The remuneration from Anchor is made up of the money that the smart contract gets for LUNA stacking and the money that you get from paying back your loans in UST. The developers have now also added the ability to pledge ETH and AVAX.ย 

With numerous audits and increased security this platform also has the highest annual return on $UST - 19.4% +\- 1.5%. Now all lovers of such simple money are very upset - the developers of Anchor have announced that they plan to reduce the yield to 15% or lower. Well, all the same - to get 12-15% per annum, doing nothing, it's very good.ย 

2.Next. you can earn a good income, on the famous Compound. Compound Finance is a protocol in which interest rates are generated algorithmically based on the supply and demand ratio.ย 

When you contribute your funds to Compound Finance, you get so-called cTokens in return - cDAI, cETH and so on. When you return these tokens back, you get your deposit back + profit interest

Also, based on the name. your funds are routinely subjected to a compounding percentage. This greatly increases profits. If you don't know what compound interest is, google

What can you find here? From 1.5% to 13% on various blockchain networks. This platform is one of the first in the whole DeFi segment, so you don't have to worry about your money being stolen by hackers. There are a lot of cool programmers working here, and many guys with capitals more than $1B keep their assets.

3.For paranoiacs who think that DeFi is a bubble, you can stake stablecoins on Binance.ย 

Binance is the biggest centralized exchange which respects a lot of laws and if you don't trust e.g. Compound or Anchor, then this is the right place for you. What are the benefits of DeFi-staking on Binance? You can be sure that your funds are safe - there were times when hackers broke into accounts of Binance users, but the platform itself was not broken into once. Just follow the security rules.ย 

Binance DeFi staking makes it possible for ordinary users to participate in decentralized projects with a high entry threshold. At the same time, even in case of a strong market decline, the company guarantees its clients timely payments.

The yield for stablecoins is up to 6% per annum.

4.An unusual guest in this top - WOWswap protocol. This platform is not as popular as the others, and TVL of WOWswap is dozens of times less, but I decided to include it in the review.ย  Why? Because there is a very interesting earning model implemented here - since it is a DeFi leverage protocol, you can invest your assets to provide leverage to other traders. The more demand for this or that asset, the higher the yield. For the stablez, specifically for $BUSD, the yield is floating between 15% and 80% APY. That's a lot. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with security.ย 

As it should be in such cases, I recommend you not to put all your eggs in one basket, and allocate your funds to several platforms - the ones I have described, or some other. I would like to note that there is no paid advertising here - I have described those platforms that I actually use and which have proven their legitimacy over time. In any case, DYOR.ย 

Besides, something is changing in crypto every day, new projects are coming out, so try to be in the know - tomorrow maybe some protocol with profitability more than 100% will be released based on Solana, who knows. If you know about them first - write an article on Hackernoon, the community will thank you!ย 

Profit to all!ย 

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