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What's your growth rate?

Guys! During the YC Startup School I gradually started to implement different ideas to track primary metrics and I have involved my team to set OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and track their important metrics too. Eventually it has been structured on a dashboard using just google spreadsheets and formulas and charts.

I'd like to share this framework with you and hope you'll find it helpful:ย https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zKKajgd1YUom4oiALpxWA87eiJxllx_MCzx78_HFcwk/edit?usp=sharing

Just make a copy of this spreadsheet and you'll be able to edit and play with numbers.

What you can do with this spreadsheet stuffed with automatic formulas:

* Choose your CWGR (Compound Weekly Growth Rate) and get your Point B after 10 weeks.

* Weekly update your primary metric and see your weekly change (with color coding) + CWGR (an answer to investor's favourite question - "What's your growth rate?").

* Track your 10th week prediction given your current CWGR. Track your min, max range of weekly growth fluctuation.

* Track your Point B threshold, ideal growth curve and current progress - all in one chart

Another benefit is as a motivational system. If your employees hit their weekly target growth rate, they earn scores that turn into $$ depending on how many times they hit the target during the 4 week period. You will find details in comments to the specific cells.

Also, I've programmed 2 calculators:

Calculator A: What CWGR do I need to get from A to B for N weeks?

Calculator B: How long will it take to get from A to B given my CWGR?

I would appreciate your thoughts, feedback, critics and comments!

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