What’s Next For Living Streaming with Peter Yang formerly of Twitch

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Watch the latest episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast, an interview with Peter Yang, former Product Manager at Twitch.

Watch now: The Live Stream Hack with Peter Yang formerly of Twitch

“Live streaming is about long form content, interactive content, content you can talk to your viewers about or talk to other streamers about.”
“It is about creating these jobs for people who might not enjoy a white collar job, or driving Uber or something, who just really enjoy playing videos.”
“Why not make a career out of playing video games? Being able to connect with other people around the country playing these video games and have a thriving career that way; I think that’s just awesome.” — Peter Yang

Watch now: The Live Stream Hack with Peter Yang formerly of Twitch… and don’t forget to check out last week’s episode: Hacking The Tokenization of Assets with Danny An of TrustToken.

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