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What is the Best Way to Design a Budget-Friendly Mobile App?

Today to build a mobile application is a mandate for businesses. But, when it comes to investing money for that mobile application, most people have different strategies. Many enterprises believe that a quality mobile app development cost higher and that mobile apps developed with a low budget are bound to fail.
I’m a developer by profession with 15 years of successful experience in the industry. I have built thousands of applications and believe me, most people have a wrong belief. There are businesses that are still developing successful mobile applications in a low budget. So, if you are looking to build a mobile app within a limited budget, this comprehensive post will guide you about the important considerations.

Go for ........Golang

Various features and functionalities play a crucial role in deciding the cost of mobile app development. The features you want to incorporate to your mobile app should be based on the factors. 
  • Your target audience
  • Requirements of the client 
  • Type of application
  • Programming language
One more thing to bear in mind that, with each additional feature, the cost of mobile app development will increase accordingly. Hence, you should be very careful about infusing features to your mobile application. 
Golang in the line of budget-friendly programming languages is the best one to use. Although, the programming language Go has been around for nine years in the industry.
Go is becoming more popular among enterprises because of its simplicity, advanced compilation capabilities, modern concurrency, channels, and a strong ecosystem.
Go is the language of future technologies like AI and cloud computing helping businesses to develop web applications in less time and with minimal expenses.
Go is fast and is also not limited to a compiled language. It links all of its libraries into one binary file and allows mobile app developers to become more productive and really fast.
The reason why many businesses adopt Go is its cross-platform support and built-in concurrency, which enables you to carry out multiple processes at the same time. Contact industry's best developers for help on Golang design and development work.

Blockchain Apps For Enterprises

Blockchain is powerfully more secure platform than traditional databases/platforms because it removes the need of middlemen like banks, businesses, and governments. Blockchain technology replacing them with the distributed nodes that are also called computers in a blockchain network. Each node hosts blockchain database to participate in the blockchain peer-to-peer network.
Blockchain is the first technology combining peer-to-peer networks, public-key encryption, and distributed consensus to reduce uncertainty, increase trust and validate data with extremely high certainty. Bonus: all this goodness extends to apps developed on the blockchain.
Developing an app on a blockchain will influence your programming language choice, app design and testing/debugging processes. In turn, you’ll receive transparency, security, and automation (if you develop smart contracts).
Although the blockchain community has grown significantly in the last several years, there still aren’t that many blockchain apps or developers. There’s tons of room for innovation and no better time to jump in on the blockchain revolution than now.
Application development for a blockchain app begins the same way as any other app. What problem are you solving? Who are your users? Will it be open-sourced? How will you differentiate yourself? Who’s your competition? Answers to these questions will guide your blockchain development process from the get-go.
There are three major approaches to building blockchain apps:
  • Platform (Type I DApp)
  • Software (Type II DApp)
  • Specialized Software (Type III DApp)
If you’re a novice or this is your first time developing a blockchain application, we recommend the Platform or Software approach. Forking Bitcoin or Litecoin code is a great way to learn blockchain basics.

Invest In Cross-Platform App Development

There are so many reasons that the world has adopted the cross-platform for app development and investing heavily in cross-platform app development. Let us take a closer look...
Code Re-usability
Cross-platform app development is a beneficial stage for mobile app developers when it comes to choosing the app development platform. The effort becomes easy by reusing the code. Now in place of repeating the same code between platform to platform, cross-platform development services only have to write code at once, which is then used to develop apps across diverse platforms.
This saves time as well as the efforts of app developers, which earlier used to go into repeating codes repeatedly according to different device's compatibility. For cross platform app development you can take some help from the industry's best developers or rent a coder to work on your project.
Not at all like native and hybrid application development where organizations need to pay for the diverse tools and technologies, which are particular to the platform, when you put resources into cross-platform application development you should pay for a particular set of tools & technologies. In one time cost, you will get an app that functions on all the platforms.

Selection of Mobile OS 

For any mobile application, the operating system is considered as the main factor for its success. The question arises here is…... how does the cost of mobile app development depends on the operating system you choose?
Here are some of the best known operating systems for mobile apps:
  • iOS v.9,10,11
  • Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat
  • Windows
That’s why the selection of a particular mobile app is another important factor for determining the mobile app development cost. 

Which One is Right For You? Hybrid or Native App

The mobile apps are categorized depending on their usability, there are mainly two types of mobile app development available:
  • Native mobile app development 
  • Hybrid mobile app development
The hybrid mobile applications can be used on multiple platforms and it’s much more cost-effective than native mobile apps. But, native apps are best in terms of performance because it comes with better UX standards.
However, the choice of hybrid or native apps totally depends on you and your business requirements. So, always make a final decision by taking into account the factors of these two applications. Or, contact the best outsourcing software development company for hybrid or native app development.

Copyright of Your Mobile App

People tend to copy your idea of mobile applications. And copyright is one of the crucial aspects that must be taken into account. Therefore, to avoid any such copyright issue to your mobile app, it is advised you to request the copyright for your mobile application. To register your mobile app for the copyright, you need to pay something and this will add more cost to your mobile app development budget. So, be sure of your selection for the copyright license.

How to Determine The Cost of Mobile App Development?

There are different factors that affect the overall mobile development cost such as:-
  • The choice of OS
  • The complexity of the project
  • The design and the animation work 
Apps with high-end features are based on strong and strategic planning and cutting your cost on any of these factors would risk a bit to your final outcome. In this post, we’ve shared some of the factors that are important before developing any mobile app. Here is the list:

Selection of Mobile App Development Company

You should always look for the best mobile app development company this is because a reliable company always offers the relevant and the best app solutions to its clients. This way you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. In short, a good mobile app development company should have :
  • Team of app developers 
  • UI or UX designers 
  • Quality analysts
If your mobile application needs API, then you will also need a back-end developer for the process.

App Maintenance And Updates

Post-development factors such as maintenance and updates are equally vital while determining the mobile app development cost. With each update & test, there will be some addition to the cost of your mobile app development budget. Therefore, you need to take care of all the regularities. According to reports given by Network World, approximately 30% of mobile apps are updated every month, while 52.8% of mobile apps are updated in every six months.


Developing a useful app for your business will take you ahead of the competitive market. Make sure your next iOS or Android application development should be done with the help of expert mobile app programmers to grab the best design opportunity. 
I hope the list given here is sufficient for your mobile app development strategy also it has a greater impact on making your business successful that too in a budget-friendly price.



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