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What is Grid Layout? [10 Shopify themes examples]

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Messy structures with elements overlapping each other and jumping all over the page could be very creative and original, but the designer has to invest an enormous amount of efforts to make it look understandable. On the other hand, pages that have an accurate layout with strict alignment and clear organization don’t demand some extra observation skills from the users and thus are more user-friendly. The layouts built in a precise and flat way are called grid layout themes.

The grid is a set of horizontal and vertical lines which help to define where rows and columns will take place on the page. All the content you want to place to the website is placed into those rows and columns and that’s why it looks so accurate.

Despite messy layout could seem to be a great idea (it is like sup of fresh air, it steps out of the line and so on) — I would strongly recommend you not use it for an online shop. If you want your store to be profitable and efficient — you need a grid Shopify template.

Why Shopify? When it comes to building a store Shopify is one of the best CMS to choose. Just think about it — that content management system was originally created for online shops. By this time website building celebrities like WordPress and Joomla have all the functionalities necessary for building an online shop, but they achieve it with the help of plugins. Shopify has all the features a modern store needs right from the start. In some cases, a specific tool is better than versatile, don’t you think?

So, as we defined you need one of Shopify grid themes, let’s take a look at the best Shopify templates with a grid layout.



This one is a #1 Shopify theme on TemplateMonster. Its first and most useful feature is a set of demos that will help you to create any type of online store. The design of the restaurant and clothes shop should be different, shall they? Multifly has 7 demos for various purposes and that is like 7 stores in 1. All of them has an accurate grid layout and a big toolbox, full of useful functionalities and ready-made modules.

With this template, you get a super-convenient AJAX shopping cart, parallax animation effect widget and fully-functional contact form. It is perfectly coded and well documented, which simplifies customization and promotion.

2. Kardone


This theme is multipurpose too, so it has a few skins, fitting for car parts shop, building material store or clothes boutique. Creators do their best to make the template as easy-to-reach as possible — no matter what device you take, PC, smartphone or tablet, no matter what browser you will use, Chrome, Opera or Mozilla, the website will still look attractive and sharp.

The problem of every big shop, troublesome search, doesn’t exist for this theme. All the items are divided into understandable categories, listed in the catalog. Intuitive search bar and perfect sorting options make shopping clear, easy and pleasant.

3. Spare Parts


Just look at this animated and illustrated category tiles, placed right under the big top slider, they focus visitor’s attention like a magnet! The design is rather strict, but bright details make it look very stylish and up-to-date. The template goes with Oberlo plugin — the best dropshipping plugin on the market.

With its help, you will be able to fill your online shop with goodies really fast and start the business without purchasing and storing the products the next day you finish the website. If you have an Instagram account with gorgeous photos, this grid Shopify theme will allow you to add the feed right to the homepage.

4. Dish Constructor


The unique feature of this food delivery template is a special product builder, that allows the client to choose what ingredients he wants to see in a dish (for example, in pizza). It also has an astonishing delivery service module, that will be equally useful for you and for your clients — it will help to calculate the cost of delivery and is bounded to the map.

The theme has an easy-to-use review system, which is very important for all services-based websites and makes clients feel more trust for your company. There’s also a handful of tools, necessary for restaurant business: countdown timer, banners, product carousel module and contact form.

5. Jewelrix


One of Shopify fashion themes, was created to sparkle with precious stones and hypnotize the visitors with expensive luxury. The design is elegant and simple as a thin golden chain — it doesn’t sway the client’s attention and focus all the spotlight on items.

The homepage has a few very important blocks, that make the structure more clear and leads the customer through the shop: featured products block, categories animated boxes and special offer tiles. Impressive mega menu decorated with beautiful pictures will give the visitor a hand in finding the best present for a special person, an engagement ring or just a little something to cheer up.

6. Garden Furniture


Despite its title, this template could become a perfect solution for every furniture (not only the one for the garden) and interior design stuff. Thanks to the Shopify visual builder, it is fairly easy to customize — you just drag-and-drop all the elements to the working field.

The lookbook section in the bottom of the homepage will allow you to attach the links to the product cards of items shown in the picture — it will be both interesting and useful for the client. A set of tags and banners that could match collections, newcomers and sale offer is a convenient and illustrative way to help your customers navigate through the products list.

7. Cogence


If you have a lingerie selling business than you probably have an Instagram account. Modern companies can’t afford to ignore social media marketing and the best possible social media for lingerie is Instagram. This Shopify grid template allows you to add your vivid Instagram feed to the homepage.

The other features are quite typical for a Shopify theme — it has a convenient AJAX shopping cart, a wish list that could be shared to social media and a witty comparison system. The payments can be made in several currencies and the transactions are allowed in different payment systems.

8. Pets Shop


The receipt for becoming profitable is really simple for pets and pet accessories online store — you need cute photos of animals and understandable navigation. This Shopify theme will help you to impress the visitor from the first moment he gets to the page — an illustrated categories grid combines cute photos and navigation elements.

A real combo!

The collection list functionality lets the customer gather all the products he like into a collection and AJAX shopping cart could be conveniently previewed without going to another page. Brilliant sorting options help you to avoid tiresome seeking through the dozens of items, which increase the user experience sufficiently.

9. Bakerix


This Shopify grid theme makes the visitor feel the smell of fresh-from-the-oven bread and beautifully decorated cupcakes! If you have ever been to a bakery (and I’m sure you have), you will understand that that impression is almost the only thing it needs to become extremely popular.

Besides the tasty look, this template has all tools an efficient shop needs — reliably working payment system, convenient shopping cart and perfectly visible contact form.

The theme is compatible with all browsers and completely responsive, which is very important in modern mobile phones era.

Mega menu listing all available categories makes it easy to find anything and product carousel will help is the client is not really sure what he wants.

10. Coffeera


Coffee is such an important product for modern society, that coffee selling business will never become loss-making. It is rather simple to work with — coffee doesn’t demand too much space for storing and is always needed. This Shopify template is good both for selling coffee and tea — it is simple, clear and light in design.

All the stock photos you see in the demo are included in the template pack, so you will be able to them either in your own site design or anywhere else. Product card and quick view tiles contain all the details the visitor needs to make a decision — the short description, a few photos, the price, vendor and availability.

Wrapping up

As you can see, a website built on grid template doesn’t need to look like a chess board, it just helps your shop not to look like a pile of different objects that fell out of the closet when you opened the door.

We all love stocks for their low prices, but what shop will attract more users: the one where all the things and accurately sorted on shelves or the one with the stuff gathered into one big box and mixed there?

I think the answer is obvious.

However, choosing the fitting template don’t forget that all the content you want to put there should comply with each other. The pictures, fonts, color scheme and logo have to look perfect together and that is only your task to make it so.

Any theme needs some customization after you get and install it — you want it to be original and impressive, don’t you? Most of the stores don’t demand some extreme efforts because they don’t need a personal photo session or high-quality articles, so it won’t take too much time for you to launch.

No matter you are a beginner or a professional web designer — you will find something for yourself.

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