What Is GitOps And Why Is It (Almost) Useless? Part 2by@chep
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What Is GitOps And Why Is It (Almost) Useless? Part 2

August 17th 2023
by @chep 2,763 reads
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The second part of the article explores GitOps in detail, focusing on challenges related to managing multiple environments, handling values and secrets, comparing GitOps with CI Ops, and assessing its practical application. GitOps suggests having a single environment and advises against multiple stages within its scope, while valuesFiles and valuesFrom are considered for environment-specific configurations. Managing secrets involves avoiding plaintext storage, using tools like SOPS or Sealed Secrets, or employing external secret stores like HashiCorp Vault. The article compares GitOps and CI Ops in terms of security, rollback procedures, and managing multiple clusters, highlighting that GitOps introduces complexity and challenges often "out of GitOps scope." Ultimately, GitOps is viewed as not substantially advantageous over well-organized CI Ops, demanding several extra components and accounts. The article underscores the necessity of extra elements for GitOps to function, while CI Ops on platforms like GitLab offers a more streamlined approach with integrated features.
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