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Website Design Strategies for a Worthwhile “Call to Action”

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@faizan4itFaizan Raza

I love HN authors, publishing, and talking incessantly about AI, Tech,Startup,Blockchain & etc.

Dubai is the most populated city of UAE and is home to many ethnicities. Attracting all these people with different tastes to your specific business is not a piece of cake. Having a user-friendly and appealing website plays an integral role in taking your business to heights. With 1.94 billion active websites in the world, how can you make yourself unique and better than the others?

48% of people believe that a website’s design is the foremost factor in considering the credibility of a business. Unfortunately, 70% of SMB websites lack a proper CTA and 64% don’t even have a website. Can you calculate the loss incurred by a vast majority of businesses just because their website couldn’t generate conversions?

Let us share with you the power of strong website design and its ability to reap immense profits through proper CTA:

Creating a Remarkable CTA Button by Focusing on Web Design Elements

When you want your audience to act, the elements and practices of web design become extremely important. Once your website succeeds in luring leads, your next target is to convert them. 90% of users, who read your headline, will also read the CTA, and only a well-designed CTA button can proceed them to the next step.

No matter how strong your CTA appears to be, if the clutter around it makes it impossible for the users to notice it immediately, it will not do any good to you. The negative space on your website gives the on-screen elements room to breathe and removes the risk of overwhelming visitors.

By making CTAs look like buttons, the debating forum CreateDebate got a 45% boost in clicks. USA’s online logistics service, Open Mile, found that reducing the clutter around the CTA button increased conversion rate by 232%.

Sell the Free Trial by Applying the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds doesn’t just apply to photography and fine arts but is also an integral element in website design. By placing the free-trial CTAs at points where the eyes drift naturally, you can make them more noticeable. You need to ensure that the rest of the design must flow naturally around it.

Around 84% of the users will bounce off if you ask them to buy your product in the first encounter, but a free trial will increase conversions by 328%. The “free trial” tactic works best for SaaS companies and is an interesting new feature enjoyed by Dubai-based firms.

The 14-day trial policy of Shopify helped it grow its revenue 3 times and currently, it boasts over 175,000 users.

Gain Familiarity with Users and Give them a Value-Oriented CTA

People immediately feel connected when they see human faces on the website design. If you are the face of your brand, the deed becomes simple. But, you can also hire models to represent your company. The only thing to keep in mind is that these faces should resonate with your brand.

Your click-through rate is going to suffer if your CTA doesn’t offer any benefit to the users. Feeling connected or understood is not enough for any prospect to give you leads without gaining anything beneficial in return.

A fine example is of QuickSprout, which has its CTA button stating “double your traffic in 30 days”. FriendBuy hiked its signups by 34% by stating all the key benefits next to their CTA button and surrounding it by anxiety-free content.

The Bottom Line

To create an effective CTA, it is important that your website can draw and retain traffic. There are plenty of strategies but not all of them can deliver. Understanding the ever-changing underlying trends of website designing and lead generation are essential to generating higher revenue.

From making your CTAs personalized, which convert 42% more users, to creating the perfect anchor text, which increases conversion by 121%, a reputable website design agency will have it all covered for you. If you want to stay on top in search engine rankings, you need to produce quality because Google only ranks superior content higher.

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@faizan4itFaizan Raza

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I love HN authors, publishing, and talking incessantly about AI, Tech,Startup,Blockchain & etc.


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