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Web Weekly #22

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@emil.billbergEmil Billberg

Critical Request

Sending down some files down to the browser is not very hard but to send them down fast and efficient is a bit more complex. In order to evaluate what the fastest way for your app is you need to know how the browser request files. The critical request is important and will give your users a great experience and fast time to interaction.

Get started with V8

Have you ever thought about contribute to V8 and learn some more about compilers? It is a huge project with many different files, lots of tests and complex code. This article gives you some help to get started if the thought of learning more about compilers sounds interesting to you.

HTTP2 Push with Node.js

HTTP2 Push is hard and it could add some complexity to the app’s server logic. It also promised to give performance improvements but it is still early days and more tests have to be done to determine how we should push down files to the browser. I think now when server push has arrived to Node.js we will see more benchmarks and comparisons with server push. I really look forward to see some results here and cannot wait to the days it is not necessary to bundle files!

Node.js Forked Again

For the second time in three years Node.js has been forked again. It is due to some complaints over the projects validity of its Code of Conduct that has caused this move. The Github project has already been setup and it is called Ayo. Let’s see if this move will get some momentum or if the Node.js will look over its Code of Conduct in order to follow it better as some of the community seem to disagree with.

Safari Technology Preview 38

Safari released support for Payment Request API this week! Wow! I actually never saw this one coming but it is really exciting. Apple seems to push new technologies quicker to Safari lately. Recently, they introduced Service Workers as well in Technology Preview. I’m not sure if it has to do with some of the criticisms they have got during the last year but it is very cool to see! Keep it up Apple!

Polymer Summit

This week Polymer Summit in Copenhagen was held and it had some new exciting news about Polymer. They announced that they will now ditch HTML Imports and go all in on ES2015 Modules. The decision is made because they want to use the platform and HTML Imports does not get enough love. This means that they will now move to HMTL in JavaScript and they are doing some experiments there that they want to make standard in the platform. Watch the talk by Justin Fagnini here. This talk by Rob Dodson shows how to implement Custom Elements in other famous Frameworks (Angular, React, Preact, Vue). He also tries to answer the question what makes a good Custom Element? Watch the talk here.

What’s Next forPolyner

My name is Emil Billberg and I work as a Fullstack Web Developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Follow me on Twitter or check out my GitHub account.


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