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Web Weekly #18

Node.js Security Patch

A security update was available during the week for all the active Node.js release lines. If you aren’t aware of the security update please read below to see how it might affect you and what release you need to update to.

Coding Interview University

Currently I am personally going through the study materials from this Github account. I have only done about six of the material but I am very impressed by so far. If you have ambition to land a job at one of the big companies I would highly recommend going though the material. I am and I have a feeling it will give me an extra edge in my career.

Wasm Explorer

If you would like to look in to WebAssembly more and dive deeper in to the topic this is a great resource. It shows how WebAssembly compiles to byte code. It will teach you how the code is being compiled. Try it, it is quite neat.

Angular fundamentals video

An introductory video of Angular 4. The video is an hour and goes through the most basic features of Angular 4; how to setup a project and some of the basic fundamentals. A great walk through if you yet haven’t been able to play around with Angular.

Smooth Web Animations

Animations are a critical part of the app and users are demand smooth animations. Therefore it is important to have animations that are smooth and nice and gives the user a nice feeling while using the app. The best animations are the ones the user don’t even notice.

My name is Emil Billberg and I work as a Fullstack Web Developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Follow me on Twitter or check out my GitHub account.

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