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App Design Made Easy

by EliFebruary 6th, 2017
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Here’s how you’ll make working apps so fast it’ll make your head spin
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Here’s how you’ll make working apps so fast it’ll make your head spin

Hey there, I’m the co-founder of UX-App. We’re building UX-App to be the most powerful and easiest to use app design tool on the market. It’s a bold claim which we’re happy to back up. Here are some examples of common app designs that are impossible to express using competing products like UXPin, Balsamiq and Axure.

UX-App makes the impossible, easy, see for yourself!

Expanding Cards

Expanding cards are everywhere and we expect to make them quickly, here’s you can make expanding cards with UX-App:

Progressive disclosure

Going back to our cards example one more time. I set up two break points for progressive disclosure. Useful for comment sections or feeds.

Vertical sub menu

Vertical sub menus are another necessary ui pattern that’s super quick to create.

Advanced inputs

There are a few cool new kinds of inputs being done today, let’s try to simulate two of them

In Place editor

In place editing is a very cool space saver that’s great for profile pages or comment sections. Here’s how we simulate the pattern, we’ll initiate the edit with a click

Thumbnail → full image

To round off the desktop side of this showcase, here’s a simple thumbnail to full image transition

Mobile versatility

Mobile projects in UX-App have a few unique features:

  1. Regardless of the device you choose, the design will scale to fit the height of the device where the prototype is being previewed.
  2. Each page can have a unique resolution, device type, or orientation independently from the rest of the project

We worked hard on those features, and we think they’ll save you tons of project set up time so I just want to throw that out there :D

Moving on from that… here are a few mobile patterns that you’ll probably want to create.

Every icon can be a splash screen loader

Every app needs a “start” and with it a splash screen, whatever element rotates in the middle can often be a big part of your brand identity. So here’s how you set up whichever UX-App icon best fits your design idea to be a splash screen loader.

Don’t like our icons? Upload an image you like better and rotate it instead

Off-canvas menu

Everyone loves a good off-canvas menu, right? Check this out:

Dynamic flowcharts

For our grand finale we’ll set up some dynamic flowcharts! I’m big on flowcharts, Love simple straight forward explanations of what needs to get done, but flowcharts can also be very limiting in how much text you can cram (I’m looking at you diamond) so a side by side demonstration can be fun. Here’s a registration flow set up with a side by side flow chart

If you’re a designer, product manager, developer or entrepreneur, you’ll benefit from the incredible ease with which you can create working prototypes using UX-App.

On top of the array of fully functional components and intuitive actions designer, you can also preview your designs on any mobile device. There’s nothing quite like seeing your design right there, interactive, on your Apple or Android device.

We’ve got some special discounts for people who have read this far :)

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Happy Prototyping,The UX-App Team