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Web Weekly #21

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@emil.billbergEmil Billberg

Shadow DOM

I’ve linked to articles about web components and shadow DOM before but I cannot help myself. It is awesome! For most teams it might not be something you can use today. It is still a fairly new spec and not supported in Firefox and Edge. Although, both browser vendors have publicly said they will support it in a near future. Anyway, this article from Monica, who is a member of the Polymer team, is a great article about shadow DOM and the benefits it gives.

ES Modules in Node

Support for ES Modules in Node.js will not be supported, without a flag, until Node.js 10. Most of us probably want ES Modules support today and this package gives you that! It is very new and will most likely improve but the performance benchmark looks promising already!

Node.js hash flooding vulnerability

In case you missed the news in the summer it was an emergency release of Node.js to prevent a security vulnerability. The vulnerability left it open for an attacker to do a denial-of-service-attack. If you are interested to read more about the vulnerability and how it was discovered and prevented read this article.

CSS Hex Colors

This article goes through everything you need to know about hex colors; and when I say everything I mean everything! It is a great article with a little pop quiz at the end to test your knowledge at the end. After this article you will be a hex color wizard.

React Router 4

If you haven’t have time to check out React Router 4 now is a good time. A would recommend to read this article first that will help you avoid some common pitfalls that you might experience. The router is a bit different than the previous version and the most important addition (and exciting) is nested routes. Have a look and try it out yourself!

Polymer Summit

Don’t forget on the 22nd & 23rd of August, 2017 it is the Polymer Summit. Let’s see what plans the Polymer team has prepared for us this fall!

My name is Emil Billberg and I work as a Fullstack Web Developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Follow me on Twitter or check out my GitHub account.


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