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Ways to Use Images in Your Marketing Campaigns

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People don’t read advertisements for amusement. They read ads to take actions that involve spending money. Anything that involves spending money is a serious subject. Therefore every single aspect of your marketing campaign should add value to a campaign.

Images are critical to the success of your campaign due to their huge impact on emotions. I’m going to walk you through the four most important criteria to check when planning to select an image for your advertisement.

1. Let Your Image Match the Purpose of Your Campaign

Remember the last time you visited a website offering dental solutions or the last ad you read on dental surgery? The image on the website was a young person with clean bright teeth.

What do you think about such an image on websites like that?

Okay, let’s reverse engineer the image.

How would you feel if the image was that of an 80-year-old woman? With bright clean teeth and a proud smile? Surely, that will resonate with you. This image matches the purpose of the campaign. Let me explain.

First, dental problems are more common with old age. Because the image is that of a woman (80 years old) with a proud smile and clean teeth, this will subconsciously register in the mind of your prospect that the solution you are offering is effective.

As mentioned, dental problems are more common with older people. So, most of the people that will engage with such ads or websites may be adullts. Because the image on the site resonates with those more likely to have problems with their teeth, they are more likely to be intrigued. Remember, advertising is all about appealing to emotions!

2. Image of People

Theories and principles are established based on tests and previous mistakes. Laws are established based on working theories and principles of societal trends.

As a result, all the existing strategies vetted by marketing geniuses like Gary Halbert, John Caples, Claude Hopkins, Joe Sugarman, and lots of them are proven to work.

These strategies remain the same year after year. Only the products or the individuals change. Tests on various ads by these geniuses have proven how people react to seeing images of various genders on various ads.

Your prospects of certain products may lead to consciously or subconsciously expecting to see different genders for different ads.

3. Research Your Target Audience

It is all about emotional triggers.

Because you want your prospects to spend their hard-earned money to buy from you, avoid careless mistakes. Don’t break the law, but find ways to fine-tune your ads to flow in the direction of the force.

For every marketing campaign that I’m creating for myself or my client, I’ll carry out thorough marketing research to have a clear-cut understanding of the gender side of my potential customers.

Then. I’ll make a selection of images that will appeal to them. That way, my prospects will engage with my message and take the desired action.


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