Vote for Syook in HackerNoon's Startups of the Year 2023by@

Vote for Syook in HackerNoon's Startups of the Year 2023

June 28th, 2023
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Syook enables organizations to build their own IIoT and RTLS solutions to track assets and people in real time.
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Welcome to HackerNoon’s Startups-Of-The-Year interview series. This section is curated by our Editorial team to spotlight bold and disruptive startups across the globe. If you’ve been nominated, create a brand profile and answer these questions here.

Hey Hackers,

Syook has been nominated in HackerNoon's annual Startup of the Year awards in Bengaluru, India

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Meet Syook

Syook enables organizations to build their own IIoT and RTLS solutions to track assets and people in real time. Syook provides a no-code platform to build customized and high-value digital technology solutions that help companies improve their operations across various industries like oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, defence etc.

I am Arjun Nagarajan, the co-founder (Syook’s other cofounders are Saurabh Sharma and Aman Agarwal) and CEO of Syook with over 16 years of industry experience. I have previously worked in the Oil and Gas sector in various parts of the world and am a graduate of IIT Guwahati, graduating with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering in 2006.

How We're Disrupting/Improving the Real Time Location System Industry

We saw a gap in the market and founded Syook with the goal of enhancing operational efficiency. We created InSite, a location platform that allows businesses to track all of their mobile assets from one place. Users receive real-time location, dashboards, alarms, and analytics with InSite. InSite provides users with many benefits, solutions, modules and features that assist them to grow their business by enhancing their operations, profitability, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Standing Out from The Crowd

Here are some of the USPs we have:

  1. Modular: Our solution comes with independent and interchangeable features with easy integration.
  2. Configurable: Our solution can be easily modified and tailored to meet user needs and requirements.
  3. Cloud Agnostic: Our complete solution has been developed in house, with zero dependencies of any 3rd party Syook InSite can be hosted on any Cloud Network, Private Data Centre or even On-Premise.
  4. Technology Agnostic: From BLE based RTLS for low-cost deployments to  LoRaWAN deployments for larger facilities and moving towards integrating GPS location for citywide or countrywide asset tracking, Syook InSite has all location needs covered. This makes it the best fit for system integrators.
  5. Proven Customer Success: With expansion orders and the addition of user departments our customers regularly show their appreciation. Our customers include UPL, Unilever, Delhivery, Fortis Hospitals, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and more.
  6. Quick deployment: The no-code platform makes it deployable at an unprecedented speed, hence making us grow exponentially across various markets and industries.

Our Predictions/Thoughts on the Real Time Location System Industry in 2023

According to, The Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) Market is estimated to be valued at USD 3.9 billion in 2021 and reach USD 12.7 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 26.5%. We believe the real time location system industry would be booming

What word defines the state of Real Time Location System in 2023?

Exciting and booming!

Why we decided to participate in HackerNoon's Startup of the Year awards

We’re honoured and excited to participate in Hackernoon’s Startup of the Year award.

Final Thoughts

We’re excited to be a part of Hackernoon’s community!

Vote for us today!