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Visual Analytics: Exploring Hashtag #KendrickLamar on Instagram

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@shashankgpt19Shashank Gupta

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In our previous blog post of Visual Analytics we discussed Instagram’s #gopro hashtag using AI. In this blog post, we will be exploring #Kendrick Lamar on Instagram. Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN released this April with tons of rave reviews. Christopher R. Weingarten of Rolling Stone writer describing it as a combination of “the old school and the next-level.” It marked his third #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, and the single “Humble” became his first #1 as a lead artist on the Billboard Hot 100. We explored Instagram posts mentioning the hashtag #KendrickLamar to deep dive into what the world has to say for Kendrick Lamar using Visual Analytics.

Our AI-powered Visual Analytics capabilities can extract visual information such as Gender, Emotion, Key Tags present in the picture. Have a look at the analysis of this picture uploaded by a user on Instagram at Rolling Loud Festival 2017 which was headlined by Kendrick Lamar:

Username: anisecrane
Caption: Incredible weekend, incredible company #rollingloud2017 #kendricklamar #asaprocky
Likes: 246
Comments: 4
Location: Bayfront Park
Gender and Emotion: [Man, Happy],[Woman, Happy]*
Tags: [Sunglasses, Pajama, Sarog, Feather_boa]

We ran this analysis on 13,992 images mentioning the hashtag #KendrickLamar. Let’s dive right into the collective insights we got from them.


The hashtag #KendrickLamar was populated by male fans as almost a three-fourth of total humans present were men.

Gender Breakdown

Emotion Detection

Our AI algorithms can detect the emotion expressed by the people in the photos. Here’s a breakdown of emotions detected in the images crawled.

Emotion Analysis

Very few people expressed negative emotions such as sadness and anger. More than a third of the emotions expressed was happiness.


Here’s a distribution of top 10 most frequently detected tags in the photo. You can see relevant tags such as Microphone, Monitor, Spotlight and Stage along with some generic ones such as Jeans, Jersey and Sunglasses.

Top Locations

The top locations were all cities in the United States with Los Angeles occurring the most with 883 mentions.

Such an analysis can help brands, marketers and researchers to understand what is being shared about their hashtags on visual social media without going through the pain of analyzing each image.

Visual analytics opens up a plethora of analytics opportunities ranging from market research stage for a product launch to analyze the performance of promotional campaigns. You can check the demo here.

At Karna, we do customized in-depth text and visual analytics research for multiple brands. You can reach to us here for any similar analysis for your brand.

The above study was carried out by Karna AI, Market Research division of ParallelDots Inc.

ParallelDots AI APIs , are a Deep Learning powered web service by ParallelDots Inc, that can comprehend a huge amount of unstructured text and visual content to empower your products. You can check out some of our text analysis APIs and reach out to us by filling this form here or write to us at


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